Prairie County, MT

Last Updated:  11 January 2021

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Prairie County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Falkenstern Aldo Burnet 1922-1923 
Falkenstern Arnold Herman 1915-1992
Falkenstern Diane Caroline Larsen 1928-2015
Falkenstern Edwin Aldo "Eddie" 1923-2009
Falkenstern Emanuel Sr 1886-1951
Falkenstern Madge Clarissa Marston Ayers 1906-2000
Falkenstern Mary Brosz 1888-1945
Farris Elizabeth E Bowling Johnson 1901-1964
Farris Loyd 1896-1962
Faus Anna Olene Steen Link
Faus Walter J Link
Faus Warren Donald Link
Fedder Lulla A Link
Feickert George Link
Feldman Amos Theodore Link
Feldman Elizabeth Marie Steffens Link
Fields Mary E Donner Link
Fields William H Link
Finneman Donald Steven Link
Fischer Anna Marie Ulrich Link
Fischer August Link
Fischer Garfield Richard "Garf" Link
Fischer Leo Gene Link
Fischer Patricia R Link
Fladmo Otto Gerald Link
Fladmo Otto I Link
Fleming James William Link
Fleming Lelia Leone Link
Flint Donald E Link
Flint Dorothy Truman Link
Flint Eugene Allen Link
Flint Frank Rex Link
Flint Freda I Kinyon Link
Flores Brenna DaNae Link
Flores Rylee JoAnn Link
Fluss Irva Booth Link
Fluss James Frederick "Jay" Link
Fluss Lon Link
Fluss Mabel Lucille Barber Link
Fode Alice Marta Koenig Link
Fode Oscar Link
Foght William E Link
Forward Harry Link
Fotland Gertrude Lillian Martin Link
Fotland Lars Link
Fotland Per Carl Link
Foulger Scott Blair Link
Frank Jane Evans Link
Franko George M Link
Franko Mary Virginia Borges Link
Franks Charles Earl Link
Frantz Jacob Link
Frantz Sophia Link
Fredrickson John C Link
Freiboth Henry R Link
Freiboth Jeannine Ann Smith Link
Freiboth Minna Martin Link
Freiboth Ramona June Kaul Link
Freiboth Raymond Carl Link
Freiboth Roberta L Hamlin Link
Frette Christena Freiboth Link
Frette Nels Link
Frette Ramona M Link
Frette Violet M Link
Frost Keith Eugene Link
Frost Mary Ellen Ledford Link
Frost Ralph Eugene Link
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