Prairie County, MT

Last Updated:  11 January 2021

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Prairie County Residents

Last Name First Name Link
Early Helen Myrtle Yarger 1905-1931 
Earley Stanley Vernon 1892-1935
Eastwood Gladys M 1921-1923
Eastwood Isabella Bonita "Bebe" Perry 1885-1939
Eaton Eugene E 1927-1927
Ebeling Emil Frederick 1884-1944
Ebeling LeRoy Kenneth 1921-1935
Ebeling Lloyd E 1910-1986
Ebeling Martha Helen Braun 1888-1976
Edgar John Duncan Link
Edgar Mathilda Ketterling Link
Edwards George Michael Jr Link
Ehman Emma Link
Ehman Henry Link
Ehman Hildegard Kranzler Link
Ehman Lydia Link
Ehman Margareta Finkbeiner Link
Ehman Mathias Link
Ehman Robert Vernon Link
Elhard (boy) Link
Elhard Christina Link
Elhard Daniel Link
Elhard John D Link
Elhard Marie Kranzler Link
Elhard Samuel Link
Elias Marion K Bard Link
Elias Stavros Dimitrious "Steve" Link
Emerson Maud Doris Alberts Link
Emerson Thomas W Link
Enebak Christian Wigsnes "Chris" Link
Enebak Lena Marie Jacobson Link
Engebretson Anton Link
Engebretson Oscar Link
Erdelt Emma Braun Link
Erdelt Joseph Link
Erdelt Joseph Jr Link
Erickson Lloyd Calvin Link
Eskro Joseph Link
Eskro Rena V Hogmire Link
Eslinger Howard Link
Estabrook Hartha Reuther Link
Evans Grace Conner Link
Evans Mary Louise Paradise Link
Evans Robert Link
Evertz Andrew Gerard Link
Evertz Anna Marie Lemmer Link
Evertz Donna Marie Pierce Link
Evertz Elizabeth Faye Roos Link
Evertz Francis L Link
Evertz George Paul Link
Evertz John B Link
Evertz Josephine A Kauzlaric Link
Evertz Mary Agnes Maude Link
Evertz Paul N Link
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