Prairie County, MT

Last Updated:  09 January 2021

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Residents of Prairie County

Last Name First Name Link
Dahl Gunnar Hanson 1888-1983
Dalke Emily Quade 1905-1983
Dalke Henrich "Henry" 1862-1940
Dalke Katherina 1944-1944
Damm Fred "Fritz" 1936-1985
Damm Henry 1920-1990
Damm Katie Korb 1901-1967
Damm Peter Harold 1900-1974
Dann Donald Harry Link
Darling Eliza N Ross Link
Davidson (baby) Link
Davidson Alford E Link
Davidson Alfred Maxwell "Gunny" Link
Davidson Bobbie Link
Davidson Eugene H Link
Davidson Mollie Elaine Link
Davidson Selma M Schauf Link
Davis Adaline Louisa Wood Link
Davis Bertha Martinson Link
Davis Evan William Link
Davis Gertrude Alice Link
Davis Jesse Aaron Link
Davis Kathryn "Kittie" Brasseur Link
Davis Lucy J Bliss Link
Davis Spencer Link
DeCoteau Albert Link
DeCoteau George Link
DeCoteau Max Link
DeGrand (baby) Link
Deigel Anna Amelia Link
Deigel Anna Maria Traister Link
DeLapp Lemuel Eugene Link
DeLapp Lizzie L Shannon Link
Denby Alden L "Digger" Jr Link
Denby Alden Lytton Link
Denby Burton Clarence Link
Denby Donald William Link
Denby John Edward Link
Denby Katherine Ann Link
Denby Mary Frances Blank Link
Denby Vida Anna Monteith Link
Denby William "Bill" Link
Dersham Helen Elizabeth Ross Link
Dersham Jessie Daven Phipps Link
Dersham Robert Harold Link
DeTienne Irene Dukart Lapp Link
Devlin Jane Ann Reeves Link
Devlin Jeanette McDowell Link
Devlin Michael Bernard "Mick" Link
Devlin Susan S Segelke Link
DiCioccio Ruth Marvel Hess Link
Diegel Anna Amelia Link
Diegel Christian Sr Link
Diegel Clara Wold Link
Dirks Leslie Clarence Link
Dixon (girl) Link
Dixon George Eli "Slim" Link
Dixson Donalda Nichols Link
Dobbin Elizabeth V Roos Link
Dockstader Frances Lila Revell Link
Dockstader James M Link
Dockstader Loyd Link
Dockstader Lucy Link
Doffinger Fred Link
Doffinger Katharina Link
Dolatta Adrian John Link
Dolatta Brenda Bernice Welker Link
Dolatta Clifford "Cliff" Link
Dolatta Doris Theresa Welch Link
Dolatta Elsie Otilla Halberslaben Link
Dolatta Ethel Gene Ross Link
Dolatta Jacqueline Sophia DiCioccio Link
Dolatta Raymond Herbert Link
Dolatta Raymond John "RJ" Link
Donlin Alice Georgine Bard Link
Donlin Leo Aloysius Link
Donnelly (baby) Link
Dreyer Jessie Margaret Nichols Link
Drum Louis Link
Drummond Ethel Link
Dufloth Christ F Link
Dufloth Frederick Link
Dufloth Marjorie Leone Link
Dufloth Rosina Horst Link
Dukart Anton Ralph Link
Dukart Barbara Francis Stroh Link
Dukart Daniel Valentine Link
Dukart Emmanuel Benjamin "Manuel" Link
Dukart Eva M Bullinger Link
Dukart Richard James Link
Dunlap Edith I Malvern Link
Dunlap Wallace Dearl Link
Dunnam Harold D "Don" Link
Dunnam Mary Elizabeth "Bette" Clarke Link
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