Prairie County, MT

Last Updated:  09 January 2021

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Residents of Prairie County

Last Name First Name Link
Calder Thomas 1874-1951
Cameron Christopher "Chris" Archibald 1933-2019
Cameron Evelyn Jephson "Evie" Flower 1868-1928
Campbell Barbara Jean Speak 1936-2013
Campbell Ferris August 1900-1956
Campbell Flossie Brant Baxter Moe 1892-1960
Campbell Harold Clarence 1935-2009
Campbell Irene C Bagley Gard 1897-1932
Cannon Sherilyn Rene 1955-1955
Carlson Borghild Syvnove Undem Link
Carlson Elenor Link
Carlson Gayle Delmar Link
Carlson Hilding Rudolph "Moe" Link
Carlson Myra Doreen Anderson Link
Carlson Oscar Frederick Link
Carlson Raymond Leroy Jr Link
Carlson Raymond Leroy "Sonny" Link
Carlson Ruth Delila Gaub Link
Carnnie Paddie Link
Carter George Robson Link
Carter Georgie LeRoy Link
Carter Joyce Degnan Link
Carter Mary Alice Link
Carter Timothy Wayne Link
Carter Vietta Ardis Ewing Link
Carter Willard "Willie" Link
Caswell Herbert Eugene Link
Cayso Andrew Link
Chamberland Anna D Lewis Link
Chapman David Keith Link
Chapman Edward McKinley "Ned" Link
Chapman George Henry Link
Chapman Lee Barton Link
Chapman Lewis Benjamin Link
Chapman Merle Edith Smith Link
Chapman Phyllis Martha Reynolds Link
Chapman Renee L Link
Chapman Rose Belle Richmond Link
Chase Adelaide "Addie" Riley Link
Chase George Brown Link
Chilian Stephan A Link
Chillian Stephen Alexander Link
Chism Ina R MacLeod Link
Chittick Eva Marie Ingram Link
Chittick William Leslie "Bill" Link
Christenson Adolph "Chris" Link
Christenson Albin Link
Christenson Anna Gunderson Link
Christenson Ella Margaret Sando Link
Christenson Peter C Link
Christenson Rudolph Albert Link
Christiansen Jens Link
Christiansen Ket Iver Link
Christiansen Peter Carsten Link
Christofsen Charles Link
Cisney Alexander S Link
Cisney Dory William Link
Cisney Nellie Eugenia Link
Citroen Elza Myriam Lehmann Link
Citroen Henry A Link
Clark (baby) Link
Clark (baby) Link
Clark Christina Matilda Anderson Link
Clark Herbert A Link
Clark (unknown) Link
Clarke Charles G "Guib" Link
Clarke Charles G Link
Clarke Gertrude Amelia Hayes Link
Clarke Stewart Stanley Link
Clarke Vida Mae Creek Link
Coil Charles Brenton "Brenty" Link
Coil Georgia V Hamlin Link
Coil Van Link
Coil William E Link
Cole Cecilia Kye Link
Cole Fred Link
Cole Harold Link
Cole Iola Marie McCurdy Link
Cole Neil A Link
Collins Evelyn Fern Link
Comer Lloyd "Spike" Link
Comer Rickie Gene Link
Conner Charles W Link
Conner Zoe Gladys Crye Link
Cooley Ella Mabel Sanders Link
Cooley James Roscoe Link
Cooley William Grant Link
Corneliusen Elsie Viola Dufloth Link
Corneliusen Gregory Van Link
Corneliusen Oscar Melvin Link
Corneliusen Wilma "Kitty" Link
Cornell Charles R Link
Cote Arsene E Link
Cote Hattie K Michener Link
Coughlin Ethel Sweet Link
Coughlin John James "Jay" Link
Coulston Margaret A Link
Coulston Norman Gerald Link
Covert David Burton Link
Covert Lucille M Jones Link
Covert Martha May Thompson Link
Covert Raymond E Link
Crary Eva Fuller Link
Crary Julius Eugene Link
Creek Lemma Cornelia Basham Link
Creek Oscar Richard Link
Creek Richard Sydney Link
Crossland William Weber Link
Crystal Clarence P Link
Crystal Ina A Householder Link
Cullen Chester Daniel Link
Cullen Christina "Tina" Sackman Link
Cullen Eva M Gaub Link
Culver (baby) Link
Culver Norbert J Link
Culver Theron R Link
Curtis Robert J Link
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