Prairie County, MT

Last Updated:  09 January 2021

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Residents of Prairie County

Last Name First Name Link
Babcock Plympton 1834-1915
Bacon Grace Viola 1907-1922
Bacon Henry Alexander "Bill" 1909-1949
Bacon Joseph Henry 1875-1949
Bacon Orville Matts 1905-1978
Bacon Ralph Wesley "Ray" 1915-1932
Bader Mrs G E  
Bader Gottlieb Frank 1884-1917
Baker James Franklin 1872-1965
Ban Delaine Joyce "Skippy" Brasseur Link
Ban Frank Martin Link
Ban Hattie Elizabeth Tschaekofske Link
Ban Irene Schmidt Link
Ban Ivan John Link
Ban Joseph Nickolas Link
Ban Lawrence N "Larry" Link
Ban Mary Zundich Link
Ban Nickola Link
Barber Agnes E Ross Link
Barber Sherman Atlee Link
Barnes David A Link
Barry Mildred Link
Bartley Georgia Link
Bates Linda Ellen Bice Link
Bator Mary Janna Link
Beaver Ella Jane Gail Link
Beaver John Link
Beddor Lena Yantes Link
Bell Merle Malvern Link
Bennett Alice Marion Link
Bennett (baby) Link
Bennett Charley Link
Bennett Cora Evelyn Gibson Link
Bennett Darold "Pat" Link
Bennett Fred Link
Bennett George Link
Bennett Harvey August Link
Bennett Kirby Lane Link
Bennett Mary Graf Link
Bennett Wilma Edna Murrill Link
Benson Fred Link
Berberich John Link
Berg Leonard Allen "Len" Link
Berg Sam Link
Berger Adam Link
Berger Matt Link
Berger Mrs R M Link
Berges Goldie Burdette Twedt Link
Berges Howard Anthony Link
Bergstrom Axel Link
Berry Amanda Priefer Link
Berry Jess Dorbant Link
Berry Marshall Morris "Hi" Link
Berry Selina Lee "Lina" Link
Berry William Anderson Ambrose Link
Berzel Frederick Steven Link
Berzel Kay Lyn Link
Berzel Steven Wade Link
Bice Clarence Harold Link
Bice Dale Kay "Pete" Link
Bice Effie Ardell Trusty Link
Bice Erna Ellen Mattoon Link
Bice Glenn V Link
Bice Howard Glenn Link
Bice Lynn Allen Link
Bice Mary Ann Newling Link
Bice Neil Joseph Link
Bice Russell Harold Link
Bice Stephen Karl Link
Bice Vernon Link
Bickle (baby) Link
Bickle Harold Lee "Hal" Link
Bidwell Don Link
Bidwell Mildred Lillian Pierce Link
Bidwell Ray Scott Link
Bidwell Robert Ray Link
Bidwell Shirley Summers Link
Bigelow Roy H Link
Bingham Charles Link
Black James Link
Blehschmidt Harvey Franklin Link
Blehschmidt Harvey S Link
Boardman Elizabeth A Link
Boden Mrs Link
Bolin Russell Charles Link
Bollinger Emma Link
Bollinger Michle Link
Bolton George Leonard Link
Bolton Hubert Link
Bolton William J Link
Bond Ethel Ann Hanson Link
Bond Ira Clell Link
Bond Robert C Link
Booth Mrs S M Link
Borjeson (babies) Link
Bower William Link
Bowlin Andrew Link
Bowman Delbert Stanley Link
Bowman Patricia Ann Link
Boyce Ethel A Rundel Link
Boyce Franklin R Link
Boyce Orval Boyd Link
Boyd Mayne Jane Link
Boyd Orrin William Link
Boyle Alice M Cole Link
Boyle William J Link
Brace Ellery J Link
Brackett Frank H Link
Brackett Luella Vane Hibbs Link
Bradley Donald Clyde Jr Link
Bradley Donald Clyde Link
Bradley Grace Irene Bartley Link
Bragg Benjmain Franklin Link
Bragg Carroll W Link
Bragg Claire M Godsoe Link
Bragg Hannah Marie Hinnaland Link
Bragg Robert H Link
Bragg Terry T Link
Braley John Chandler Link
Braley Johnnie Link
Braley Leon Dwain Link
Braley Lester Herman Link
Braley Mary Jane Bagley Link
Braley Ray Edward Link
Brandenthaler Peter P Link
Brandenthaler Ursa V Wyatt Link
Brant George Enoch Link
Braun Alexander Link
Braun Elizabeth Meyer Link
Braun George William Link
Braun John Link
Braun Mary Reinhardt Link
Braun Mary Jane Link
Braun Robert E Link
Braunschweig Hadley Louise Link
Bray Guy Stephen "Stevie" Link
Bredberg Freeda A Kalmbach Link
Bredberg Harold "Sunny" Link
Bredberg Harold Berthild Link
Breen Charles James Link
Breen Wynona "Nona" Zehm Link
Bresnahan Michael D Link
Bridenstine Helen Louise Link
Bridge Frederick Link
Bright (baby) Link
Bright Catherine Elizabeth "Lizzie" Weest Link
Bright Edward George Link
Bright Mary Mildred Postlthwaite Link
Briones Maria "Mary" Salmeron Link
Briones Vincente Joseph Link
Broaddus Earnest B Link
Broaddus Nora E Sturn Link
Brockmeyer Wesley "Dispatch Carrier" Link
Brost Edward Adolf "Ed" Link
Brost Emanuel Link
Brost Eugene Roy Link
Brost Fern Agnes Link
Brost Frederick Link
Brost Harry Reuben Link
Brost Helen Roloff Link
Brost Helen Catherine Basta Link
Brost Henry Link
Brost Ivy Jean Link
Brost Leopold "Leo" Link
Brost Lydia Bossert Link
Brost Michael Link
Brost Nettie May Hazen Link
Brost Olenda Harriet Link
Brost Rosalie Heitz Link
Brott Clara Schwartz Link
Brown Anna Helena Williams Link
Brown Arthur Lawrence Link
Brown Bruce Alan Link
Brown Jack Bernard Link
Brown James F Link
Brown Lucille L Warner Link
Brown Marshall Jason Link
Brown Pauline Alice Sheldon Link
Brown Philip Dale Link
Brown Roy Joseph Link
Brown William Henry Link
Brubaker Carrie Evelyn Ferris Link
Brubaker Ella May Link
Brubaker Harold S Link
Brubaker Jack Augustus Link
Brubaker Jessie Evelyn Miller Link
Brubaker John Link
Brubaker Mary Virginia Crossland Link
Brubaker Wilbert Augustus "Bert" Link
Brunson Margaret L Box Link
Brunson Marion Mack "Dink" Link
Bryan Anna Vivian Link
Bryan Joseph H Link
Bryant (baby) Link
Bryant (baby) Link
Bryant George Enoch Allen Link
Buckingham Archie Fred Link
Buckingham Charles Kay Link
Buckingham Clarice Blanch Hendrickson Link
Buckingham Frank Donald Link
Buckingham Gary Joe Link
Buckingham Glenn Lyle Link
Buckingham Henrietta A Tusler Link
Buckingham Kelly Renee Link
Buckingham Lola Calhoun Link
Buckingham Mabel A Link
Buckingham Myrtle Lillian Bice Link
Buckingham Neil Joseph Link
Buckingham Phyllis Shirley Link
Buckingham Robert Jacob Link
Buckingham Roger Link
Buckingham Roy Jacob Link
Buckingham Ruby Lillian Morehouse Link
Buckingham Ruby M Link
Buckingham Susan Link
Buechler Berthold G Link
Buechler Fred J Link
Buechler Jaqualine F Link
Buechler Lillian Hauck Link
Buechler Mathilda Hoffman Link
Buechler Otto Albert Link
Buechler Raymond Erwin Link
Ruechler Reuben Link
Buechler Robert Bert Link
Buechler Rose Pauline Siostranek Link
Bunch (baby) Link
Bunch Estelle Lenore "Tommy" Kampf Link
Bunch George Link
Bunch Willis Arthur Link
Burger Bendine Katherine Asmussen Link
Burger Jessie E Link
Burgner Margaret E McDermott Link
Burke Daniel Link
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