William Carr Blake was born in Northfield, Vermont, September 15, 1839.  He followed his older brother’s, Levi Lowell Blake and Abraham Stearns Blake to Montana about 1866.  Both Levi and Abraham Stearns were well-known Montana Pioneers.   

          Levi Lowell Blake came to Montana with the Governor Stevens R. R. Survey.   By 1860 he was living at Fort Owen in Stevensville and taking supplies to John Mullan, who was building the Mullan Road from Fort Benton to Walla Walla, Washington.   In 1870 Levi returned to the East to live, and became the Captain of several different Steamships which plied the Potomac River from Washington D. C. to MT. Vernon. 

Abraham Stearns Blake came to Montana from the California gold fields in 1861.  He remained in Montana until his death at his home in Victor, MT in 1907.  He was a member of the House of Representatives at its first session, 1889-90 and a Delegate of the State Legislative Assembly in its second session, 1891-92. 

William Carr Blake located in Deer Lodge in 1867 and was employed as a horticulturist at a local greenhouse.  In 1872 a quote from the local newspaper credits him with being the most superior horticulturist in the territory.   


*********LOCAL NEWS**********

THE GREEN HOUSE – For some weeks past Mr. Blake has been putting in order Olin’s Green House, adjoining town, which attracted so much attention last year.  He has already sown a great many seeds, and will have radishes, lettuce, etc., in the market in a few days.  Everything grows as if by magic, the beds being heated by hot water pipes underneath them, and the steam furnishing moisture.  Mr. Blake has no superior in the Territory as a Horticulturist, and is also a fine Botanist and converses fluently with the flowers in their different tongues, even though many of them speak by aid of the “dead languages.”  He will have a great variety of flowers, from the largest gardens of the East; and tomatoes, --etc. etc…. for transplanting when the proper time arrives.  Persons having house plants that were cut down by the cold, can leave them in the green-house and in a short time they will revive again.  A number of such are there now, doing finely.

 Another 1872 entry reads as follows:


 Recovering – Warden Gilchrist was removed to his room at the Prison several days ago, and is getting along finely.  He will soon be around all right again.

Mr. W. C. Blake, who was stricken down with typhoid fever some ten days ago, is at the Scott House, improving rapidly.  Disease attacked both these gentlemen with unusual severity, but through the skillful treatment and careful attention of their physician (Dr. Whitford) their friends will be rejoiced to know they will soon be as well as ever.

After seemingly having recovered from Typhoid Fever, William was again taken ill, and died May 10, 1872.



Blake – In Deer Lodge.  Friday May 10, of Typhoid Fever. 
Wm. C. Blake, a native of Northfield, Vermont, aged 33 years.


          At a meeting of the citizens of Deer Lodge City, Montana, at the Court House.  On the 13th day of May, 1872.  For the purpose of paying proper respect to the memory of the late William C. Blake, deceased.  Col. W.L. Irvine was called to the Chair, who stated the object of the meeting, and J. C. Robinson was chosen Secretary. 

          On motion, the Chair appointed Rev. W. H. Stoy, E. S. Stackpole and W. A. Clarke a Committee to draft Resolutions; who reported the following preamble and resolutions., which were unanimously adopted. 

          Inasmuch as it hath pleased Almighty God, in His wise Providence to remove from our midst the soul of our deceased friend and fellow citizen William C. Blake;  Therefore be it. 

          Resolved.  By us.  The citizens of Deer Lodge City, of the Territory of Montana; That, while we bow in humble submission to the Divine Will, we do recognize in this afflictive dispensation the loss of a most worthy and valued man and citizen. 

          Resolved.  That we have beheld in the life and character of  Mr. Blake a degree of virtue, intelligence, uprightness and integrity of life worthy of all honor and emulation:  And that we do here place on record our high sense of approbation of his many virtues and graces of character. 

          Resolved.  That we express to the relatives and near friends of the deceased, who are bereaved by this affliction, our sincere sympathy and condolence. 

          Resolved.  That copies of this preamble and resolutions be transmitted to the relations of the late William C. Blake, and that they be published in the New North West, and Weekly Independent of this city.

Respectfully submitted,

       W. H. Stoy
       E. S. Stackpole   Com. W. A. Clarke

On motion the meeting adjourned. 
       W. L. Irvine, President.
       J. C. Robinson, Sec’y.


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