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Mountain Chief is recorded in history of having five wives and twenty children. At this time (2008), it is not recorded who the five wives were or all of the children.

Some of Mountain Chief's children:

1. Sits-in-the-Middle or Middle Sitter or Many Horses (same man different names)

2. Red Bull or Takes Gun Both Sides (same man different names)

3. Owl Child (man)

4. Loin-Cut (woman)

5. Last-Kill (woman)

6. Little-Snake (woman)

7. Big Brave or Mountain Chief or Frank Mountain Chief (same man different names)

The original Mountain Chief and Sits-in-the-Middle were signers on the Lame Bull Treaty of 1855.

Mountain Chief died in 1872 and is buried at the Sweet Grass Hills.

Red Bull was killed at Fort Benton and that caused the Mountain Chief Band to declare war against the white settlers, freighters and travelers of Montana. Malcolm Clarke was murdered at Prickly Creek (by Helena, MT). The punishment of the Mountain Chief Band become the priority with the military. The military attacked the Heavy Runner Band on the Mirias River, mistaking them for the Mountain Chief Band. This resulting in the Baker Massacre. The Mountain Chief Band had fled to Canada. Owl Child was one of the men indicted for murder of Malcolm Clarke.

Loin-Cut married Joe Lavarro and then Joe Livermore.

Last-Kill married John J. Galbreath. Children: John, Webster, Lizzie, Annie and Mollie Galbreath.

Little-Snake married Polite Pepion. Children: John B, Chester, Frank, Cecile and Louise Pepion.

Big-Brave was the youngest son of Mountain Chief and lived until 1942. He was 94 years old when he died. Big Brave married Fine Stealing woman. Child: Rose Mountain Chief. Big-Brave married Hates to Stay Alone. Children: Walter and Anotine Mountain Chief.

Big-Brave or Frank Mountain Chief was born in southern Alberta along the Old Man River. As a young man, he was active in warfare with neighboring tribes, especially against the Crows and Gros Ventres in 1867; and against the Kootenais the following year. In the 1873, Mountain Chief received a leg wound in another fight with the Crows that gave him a limp. In 1886, he agreed to treaty terms offered by the federal government and ceded Blackfeet lands east of the Sweet Grass Hills in Montana. In 1895, he signed a second treaty ceding what is now Glacier National Park. During the early 1920's Mountain Chief became a well-known public figure in Montana. He made several trips to Washington, D.C. where he met presidents and other officials. He also served as an informant to General Hugh Lenox Scott on Plains Indian sign language.

Mountain Chief died Feb. 1942 on the Blackfeet Reservation.

Sits-In-The-Middle and Antelope Woman had one daughter, her name was Beaver-Eyes, later to be known as Josephine Hall.

Beaver-Eyes was married to three men. The first George Pablo, they had one daughter Mary Pablo, born 1889, and baptized August 20, 1890 at St. Peters Mission, Fort Shaw, MT.

Beaver-Eyes second husband was John Monette. John was shot down on the streets on Fort Benton 1891-1892. They were married March 2, 1891.

Beaver-Eyes third husband was John Hall, they were married Feb. 16, 1898.