1. John Hoyt, b. abt. 1565, Dorchester, Dorset, England married Ruth (?) Hoyt, b. abt 1569, England


2. Simon Hoyt, b. 1/20/1590, Upway, Dorchester, England, d. 9/1/1657, married Deborah Stowers, b. May 1, 1593, Dorchester, England, d. 1634


3. Walter Hoyt, b. June 9, 1617 d. 1698-1699, married Elizabeth(?) Hoyt, b. est. 1620


4. Zerubabel Hoyt, b. 1650-1654, d. 1727-1738 Norwalk, CT, married Hannah Knapp, b. 3/6/1642/43 d. 12/11/1674, Norwalk, CT.


5. Calab Hoyt, b. 1686 d. 4/11/1755 married Mehitabel Hoyt b. abt. 1685, d. 3/21/1755, Norwalk, CT.


6. Benajah Hoyt, b. 12/8/1708 d. 12/10/1762, Norwalk, CT, married Dinah Straight, d. 7/30/1803, North Canaan, CT.


7. Benajah Hoyt, Jr., married October 8, 1767 Hannah Green.


8. Jonathan Hoyt, b. 4/19/1772 d. 4/12/1840, CT married Peggy Taylor b. 12/13/1771 d. 7/27/1847. Buried at Turner Cemetery, Scioto Co., Ohio


8 (i). Hiram Hoyt

8 (ii) Anna Hoyt, b. 1/1/1795, Danbury CT

8 (iii) Alanson Harvey Hoyt, b. 4/9/1795, d. 1877 married Sarah Sally Soddard. (my line, in more detail below)

8 (iv) Hannah Hoyt, b. 1799

8 (v) Henry Hoyt, b. 1802, NY married Amanda Combs on 2/22/1827

8 (vi) Harvey Hoyt, b. 1810

8 (vii) Diantha Hoyt, b. 1816

***The above information is not as accurate information as I would like.

Alanson Harvey Hoyt b. 4/9/1792, Norwalk, CT d. 1877 at Mason Co., Illinois.

Wife: Sally Soddard b. 7/8/1800, d. 1/23/1858, Mason Co. IL. 2nd Wife: Lydia Edwards married Sept. 15, 1859, Mason Co. IL

1. Benninger Hoyt, b. 9/11/1817

2. Alanson Harvey Hoyt, Jr. b. 3/24/1820 d. 8/9/1885 NY Buried: Young Cemetery, Mason Co. IL. Married Anna Boser Halley Holly b. 10/16/1825, OH d. 5/10/1904 Salt Creek Township, Mason Co. IL. Buried: Young Cemetery, Mason Co. IL

3. Anna Hoyt, b. 3/1/1822 d. 3/18/1922

4. Jonathan Taylor Hoyt, b. 11/17/1825 d. 10/02/1896, Atlantic, Cass Co. IA
Married: Mary Elizabeth Lamb (Moore, listed on Marriage record Mason Co. IL)

5. Mary Ann Hoyt, b. 3/2/1826

6. William Henry Hoyt, b. 2/27/1828 married Jane M. Devault on July 5, 1855, Mason Co. IL (See Story below)

7. Abigail Hoyt b. 6/7/1830

8. Hannah B. Hoyt, b. 11/30/1832 d. 1/25/1835

9. Amanda Melvina Hoyt b. 1/7/1835, OH

10. Sarah Catherine Hoyt, b. 10/25/1836 married John Enoch Maggard on 8/5/1858, Mason Co. IL, they had 8 children.

11. Peggy B. Hoyt, b. 9/18/1838 d. 3/23/1906 married James W. McCarty on 2/14/1858, Mason Co. IL

12. James Mitchell Hoyt, b. 2/2/1841 Sciotoville, Scioto Co. Ohio d. 10/14/1929.


Family Bible and Courthouse records: James Mitchell Hoyt is a father to George R. Hoyt, Sr. William Henry Hoyt was father of Reason Hoyt who married George R. Hoyt, Sr. sister Mary Ellen (Molly) Hoyt.

James Mitchell Hoyt married Mary Eliza Virgin b. 6/5/1849 at Mason County, IL and she died 2/19/1901 at Bonesteel, SD. Mary's Parents: Kinzey Virgin and Eliza Young. (Mary Virgin was raised by her uncle David Sykes). Both James and Mary Hoyt are buried at Rosebud Cemetery, Bonesteel, SD.

James and Mary Virgin Hoyt's children:


1. Kinsey Alanson Hoyt, b. 9/30/1865, Mason Co, IL died 8/13/1835, Oklahoma. Kinsey Alanson married Martha Harrison Glasgow of Twin Bridges, MT on 2/6/1890. Martha Hoyt died Jan. 9, 1941.

1 (i) Orvil Hoyt

1 (ii) Bob Hoyt

1 (iii) Burnice Hoyt

1 (iv) Dell Hoyt

1 (v) Mary Hoyt

1 (vi) Leona Hoyt

1 (vii) Evelyn Hoyt

1 (viii) Ruth Hoyt


2. Ruth Anna Hoyt, b. 10/18/1867, Mason Co, IL, died 12/6/1838, Prosperity Flats, north of Wood, SD. Ruth Anna married Francis Marion Harrison 2/6/1889 at Rockport, MO.

2 (i) Harry Harrison

2 (ii) Benny Harrison

2 (iii) Emmett Harrison

2 (iv) Cleo Harrison

2 (v) Frances Harrison

2 (vi) Mary Harrison

2 (vii) James Harrison

2 (viii) Gertrude Harrison, married George Henle of Draper, 2nd Husband: Mearl Hullinger.


Martha Harrison Hoyt wife of Kinsey (Kay) Hoyt is a sister to Francis Harrison married to Ruth Ann Hoyt Harrison.


3. Rozella Maude (Dell) Hoyt, b. 6/26/1870, Cass, Iowa died 7/8/1904. Rozella Maude married Henry Simms 12/25/1888. She was struck by lightening.

3 (i) Basil Simms, b. 7/29/1890, Kerney, NB. Basil married Emma Westfall, Sept. 20, 1908, two children: Henry Beale Simms, b. 5/29/1911, Hazel E. Simms, b. 3/19/1909, died 1949.

3 (ii) James Nathaniel Simms, b. April, 1892, Buffalo, NB. James married Mary, He died Nov. 13, 1942.

3 (iii) Mamie Pearl Simms, b. nov. 14, 1893, Bonesteel, SD, she married Alfred Herick, 1907. Mamie died Sept. 11, 1964.


4. Sarah Eliza (Sade) Hoyt b. 10/28/1972, Cass, Iowa died 3/1956. (Sarah married Oscar Pyle, 1/20/1891.)

4 (i) Herman Pyle, b. 10/31/1891, Torko, MO

4 (ii) Jess V. Pyle, b. 3/8/1893, Kerney, MO

4 (iii) Bertha M. Pyle, b. 3/8/1895, Wirth, MO


5. George Rosencranz Hoyt b. 5/27/1875 Cass, Iowa died 12/18/1952, Cardston, Alberta, Canada.

5 (i) Helen Pansy Hoyt, b. 9/2/1898, Bonesteel, SD, died 7/3/1992 Pittsburg, PA. Helen married Zera Elmer Wheeler on 1/2/1917. Helen and Elmer lived in Detroit, MI until their deaths.

5 (ii) George Edward Hoyt b. 2/10/1900, Bonesteel, SD, died 12/21/1964 at Great Falls, MT. George married Eva Dubray on 12/28/1922, Eva was born 3/14/1902, died 1/21/1990, Cut Bank, MT. George and Eva Hoyt are buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Cut Bank, MT. Children: Ronald Raymond Hoyt b. 3/26/1925 d. 1/8/1958, Cut Bank, MT buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Cut Bank, MT and Lillian Joyce Hoyt Hibbs b. 2/27/1934 d. 2/6/2006, Kalispell, MT.

5 (iii) Clarence Henry (Bish) Hoyt b. 8/17/1901, Bonesteel, SD died 12/21/1968, Browning, MT. Bish is buried at Willow Creek Cemetery, Browning, MT. Bish married Lillian M. Howes, born 7/18/1906, London England, died 11/18/2005, Big Fork, MT. Lilly is buried at Willow Creek Cemetery.

5 (iv) Thomas Albert Hoyt b. 8/10/1911, Kimball, Alberta, Canada died 7/26/1988 Cardston, Alberta. Tom married Edith (Dixie) Howes on 3/25/1929. Tom and Bish married Howes sisters.

5 (v) James Louis (Bill) Hoyt b. 5/19/1918, Kimball, Alberta, Canada died 3/23/1982 Cardston, Alberta. Bill married Joyce Johnson on 4/25/1946.


6. Mary Ellen (Molly) Hoyt, b. 12/9/1881, Cass, Iowa died 5/2/1972. Mary Ellen married her cousin Reason (Reece) Tigurd Hoyt, 9/4/1904.

6 (i) DeVere Hoyt, b. 9/15/1905

6 (ii) Gail Hoyt, b. 6/19/1908

6 (iii) Erma Jane Hoyt, b. 9/9/1910. Erma married Millard Durham.


7. James Enoch Hoyt b. 10/4/1884, Tarkio, Missiour died 11/28/1916. James Enoch married Marguerite Hahn.

7 (i) William Hoyt

7 (ii) Lucille Hoyt

7 (iii) Marquerite Hoyt

James Hoyt and brother Frank Hoyt went into partnership in Idaho. They came west with brother George. They bought three horses and that same night one of the horses died. James returned to Nebraska, where Marquerite's family were.


8. Frank Herman Hoyt b. 3/4/1892, Tarkio, Missouri, died 12/2/1938, Varney, MT. Frank married Cora Schessler Hocum, Laurin, MT on 9/23/1916. There was no children to this marriage.


William Hoyt

William Hoyt is the only one left of the pioneers of Union township. He came here from Mason Co. IL, in October, 1864, and settled upon a farm which had been partially improved by Frank H. Whitney, now of the city of Atlantic, and by him sold to Harvey Hoyt, of whom William Hoyt purchased it. It consists of one hundred and twenty acres, one forty of which lies on section 32, and the remainder on 29. Mr. Hoyt was born in Sciota Co. OH, February 27, 1828. His father, Alanson Hoyt, left Ohio in 1842, and settled in Mason Co. IL, where he died in 1877. His wife Sarah (Stoddard) Hoyt, died during the war. William was reared upon a farm. In 1845 he married Jane Devault who was born in OH. Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt had seven children living--Hiram, James, Alanson, Eliza, Sarah, Reson and Lydice May. (Reprinted from History of Cass County).



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