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Many of these schools are no longer used, some no longer exist. I hope to be able to add locations, students (for schools no longer in use), teachers and any stories about these schools that I can find. If you have any information about them, and would be willing to share it. Please send me the informattion and I will add it to this page.

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Abel School
Akins School
Alkali School
Anderson School
Assiniboine School
Austin School
Avy L Short School

Bache School
Baker Creek School
Barton School
Beaver Creek School
Bellman School
Bench School
Berg School
Big Bend School
Bish School
Black Coulee School
Bowdoin School
Box Elder School
Brezina School
Broderson School
Browns School
Busy Bee School

Caldwell School
Callahan School
CeeKay School
Central School
Circle Diamond School
Cole School
Colmen School
Community School
Corral Coulee  School
Cottonwood School
Cree Crossing School

De Flyer School
Denoma School
Dodson Public School
Dunbar School
Dunnivan School

East Strater School
Edgren School
Emond School
Ester Lake School

Flat Rock School
Fourchette School
Freewater School
Frenchman Creek School

Garrison School
Geder School
Grandview School
Grass Lake School
Greve School
Grouse Gulch  School
Grove Coulee  School
Grytdahl School
Gunhus School

Hanson School
Haukos School
Hermanson School
Higdem School
Hill Top School
Holman School
Horsecamp Coulee School
Horseshoe Lake  School
Hould School
Hubert School
Hunter School
Huntley School
Hutton School

Joenni Ohson School

Kirkaldie School
Knuth School
Kropp School

Lafond School
Landusky School
Larb Hill School
Latham School
Leedy School
Linair School
Little Ben School
Long View School
Long X School
Loring Colony School
Loring School
Lovejoy School
Lussier School

Malta Elementary School
Malta High School
Malta Junior High School
Mauch School
McIntire School
Midale School
Milk River School
Mountain View School
Murray School

Nelson School
New Deal School
New Minot School
Nordberg School
North First Creek School
North Fork School
North Harb School
North Strater School

O K School
Obach School
Old Whitewater School
Omundson School

Pearson School
Phillips School
Piedmont School
Plainsview School
Pleasant Hill School
Pleasant View School
Poe School
Prairie Center School
Prairie Union School
Prost School

Randall School
River School
Robinson School
Rock Creek School
Rock Hill School
Rock Spring School
Rolling Prairie School
Ruby Gulch School
Rudolf Valley  School
Rustle School

Saco Public Schools
Saint Mary School
Sanders School
Schandeimeir School
Schempp School
Schmoeckel School
Second Creek School
South Bench School
South First Creek School
South Harb School
South School
South Wagner School
Southwick School
Spencer School
Spring Valley School
Strater School
Stratton School
Sun Prairie School
Sunny Hillside School
Sunny Slope School

Tallow Creek School
Tieden School
Trine School
Tucker School
Tuttle School
Twin Buttes School

U L School
Ugland School
Upper Cottonwood School

Valley View School
Vesta School
Victory School

Wagner School
Washington School
West Harb School
White Rock School
Whitewater Public Schools
Williamson School
Woody Island School
Wooldridge School
Wright School

Young School

Zortman School

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