Old Montana Menus Index

Updated 05/08/12

These images are of menus from different restaurants and bars in early 1900's Montana.

Coffee Cup Cafe, Anaconda, Montana
Coffee Cup Cafe page 1 Coffee Cup Cafe page 2 Coffee Cup Cafe page 3 Coffee Cup Cafe page 4
Coffee Cup Cafe page 5      
Paradise Bar, Anaconda, Montana
Paradise Bar page 1 Paradise Bar page 2 Paradise Bar page 3 Paradise Bar page 4
Paradise Bar page 5 Paradise Bar page 6 Paradise Bar page 7  
Turf Cafe Menu, Anaconda, Montana
Turf Cafe Page 1 Turf Cafe Page 2 Turf Cafe Page 3 Turf Cafe Page 4
Turf Cafe Insert      
The Club Menu, Butte Montana
The Club Page 1 The Club Page 2 The Club Page 3  
The Luzon Cafe, Billings, Montana
Luzon Cafe Page 1 Luzon Cafe Page 2 Luzon Cafe Page 3 Luzon Cafe Page 4
Luzon Cafe Page 5 Luzon Cafe Page 6 Luzon Cafe Page 7 Luzon Cafe Page 8
Truzzoloni Tamale Cafe
Truzzoloni Tamale page 1 Truzzoloni Tamale page 2 Truzzoloni Tamale page 3 Truzzoloni Tamale page 4

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