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Uncle Sam
Please help! This site is only as useful as you make it! Volunteers are needed in the following areas:
Lookup Volunteers - If you have Missoula County materials such as local history books or an old yearbook or business directory- a lookup now and then would be immensely helpful. Give me your ideas here! We would really like to post a transcription from an old Missoula City Directory
Courthouse or Library Research Can you do a lookup at the courthouse or library from time to time? Some people do this as volunteers and some charge a fee - just let me know how to post it.
Indexers Are you willing to index the surnames of a local history? If you are - we will be glad to post them (and give you credit, of course).
Cemetery Transcribers How about taking your daily walk through a local cemetery and transcribing it? Take a clipboard or a tape recorder - you'll be amazed at how interesting and enjoyable this project is.
Vital Records Transcribers If you would like to transcribe early vital records, I will be glad to post them. You will own the copyright on the transcription and will get credit on this site.
Obituary Posting We need someone to play "cut and paste" and post the obituaries from your local newspapers onto our GenConnect boards.
Old Miscellaneous Documents Do you have old letters or stories that pertain to this county? Send em in!
Vintage Photos Yep! I will post them too. Places or vintage people. Just scan in photos and save them as a .jpg file and attach them to an email to me with details. No recent people photos, please. Recent scenery or buildings are fine.
Census Transcribers If you would like to help transcribe Federal or State Census records for posting on the internet, I will post them!
Name of Reference Material Lookup Volunteer
If you have any Missoula County material please volunteer to do a lookup!

Bonnie works for the Missoula County School System. She has access to most of the Missoula High School yearbooks back to the 1930s. She may be able to locate a photo for you. Be sure to offer to compensate her for any copying costs. Here are the available years:
1916, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1927 -1931 then 1935-1942 then pretty much steady from 1945 on.

Bonnie Powell
The Missoula Public Library has data for the following counties in western Montana: Missoula, Mineral, Granite, Ravalli, Lake, Lincoln, and Sanders. The Western Montana Genealogical Society houses their collection at the Missoula Public Library. We have a committee that helps answer the queries. You are welcome to send them to me. We created our files to do this. There may be a bit of wait as we receive MANY queries through our Society's mail, Roots-L, Library mail and e-mail, the Montana State Genealogical Society, etc. Check out the Missoula Public Library's website under genealogy. We have listed SOME of the records that we have to check. We do not have census tapes in our library. They are available at the University of Montana's Mansfield Library and our local Family History Center has the Montana films as well. If the information is not here, I may know where it is. Sincerely, Paulette K. Parpart, Library Technician Paulette K. Parpart, Librarian
Missoula Public Library (website)
301 E. Main Street
Missoula, MT 59802
I would like to volunteer to do look-ups from the following:
Lolo Creek Reflections
Montana, A History of Two Centuries
Dreams Across the Divide: Stories of the Montana Pioneers
The Bloody Deed: The Magruder Incident
Montana: An Uncommon Land by K. Ross Toole
It Happened in Montana by James A. Crutchfield
Lewis & Clark in the Bitterroot, by The Discovery Writers.
Montana Paydirt, by Wolle, Sage Books

I also do look-ups in the Missoula Courthouse but when any project gets too extensive, I charge for my time.
Helen L. Bailey

"I am willing to do look-ups at both the Missoula Public Library and the University of Montana Mansfield Library. Resources in which I can do look-ups include:
- Montana Census Microfilms - 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890 Civil War Veterans & Wives, 1900, 1910, 1920, & 1930
- American Genealogical Biographical Index, v.1 - 134
- Index to the death and burial records of Missoula County, Montana
- The Missoulian (from the late 1890s to present, some issues missing)
The University Library also has several other Montana newspapers for various dates - search the catalog at http://catalog.lib.umt.edu. A call number browse search for "Newspaper" will get you a list of the newspapers they own."
Leslie Y Rieger

Leslie Y Rieger

I can do lookups in :

The Last Best Place, a Montana Anthology, edited by William Kittredge and Annick Smith
Please note that there is no index to this book.

Cabin Fever: A Centennial collection of Stories About the Seeley Lake Area, compiled by The Seeley Lake Writers Club, edited by Suzanne Vernon

Vikki Gray

I can do lookups in the following books:

118 Years of History, by The Montana Historical Society of Mineral County

Garnet--Montana's Last Gold Camp, by Hammond, Acme Press

Montana Paydirt by Wolle, Sage Books

Gumboot Gamblers by Davis, Mineral County Museum & Historical Society

In Retrospect--A History of Mineral County by Hahn, Mineral Publishing

Joe Booth

Gail can do lookups in:
Montana the Land and the People, by Robert George Raymer, a 3-Volume series.

Gail Collins

I can do limited lookups, although my books are more for Fergus and Custer County. I have:

1. The Frontier Years
2. Before Barbed Wire
3. Fanning the Embers
4. The Trail Back
5. Pirate Treasure
6. The Big Drive, A Journal of the Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive
7. Guarding the Carroll Trail
8. Camp Lewis 1874-1875
9. The Great Montana Earthquake
10.Custer Battlefield
11.Territory of Treasures
12.Memories of Old Montana by Con Price
13.Photogragher on an Army Mule

14.The Generous Years - Remembrances of a Frontier Boyhood by Chet Huntley
15.Beneath the Mask (Life with the Hutterites)
16.The Truth about Montana Winters (a collection of 'Winter Tales' published in The Miles City Star)
17.Treasure County Booster
18.Montana Memories

Connie Brown
Barbara has a copy of the 1920 Census for Missoula and Mineral Counties and is willing to do lookups. Barbara
I have Polson High School yearbooks for the years 1917 and 1939 am willing to do
lookups in them.

Fee Based Researchers

The appearance of the name of any researcher on this page should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation by either myself or the MTGenWeb Project. Names appearing here are submitted by the researchers themselves for posting on this page. We recommend that you check into the qualifications and charges prior to hiring any professional researcher. Should you use their services, please give me some feedback regarding their work. 

Available Services Name and Email or Website
22 yrs experience, daily access to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, $40/hr. is my rate. I can do English, German and French language research. I can read old French and German handwriting and do translations as necessary. My contact information:

Jeffery Lensman
Genealogy Adventures
4305 S Harrison Blvd
Ogden, UT 84403


I am a researcher located in Lewis & Clark County (Helena). I invite you to take a look at my research page which lists the areas I can research and my fees.
My e-mail address is mk_andrus@juno.com

I have 28 years research experience. U.S.(20 years), and recently Irish and British. I have researched L.D.S. records, in the Salt Lake Fam.Hist.Lib., as well as from my home in Montana.I have traveled to ancestral locations, and found family there as well as searched for adoptive parents. I charge $15 an hour, travel, copy and misc. expences. If you are interested in my services, please contact me. Lana Whiting
869 E. 2nd St.
Stevensville, Montana 59870

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