County Resource Page


Liberty County Courthouse
Clerk of the District Court
P. O. Box 549
Chester, MT 59522
(406) 759-5615
Liberty County Library
110 East 1st Street; PO Box 458
Chester, MT 59522-0458
The Liberty County Library, located across from the courthouse, has approximately 3,500 volumes and provides many services for the community.  The library has recently expanded its services to include a number of computers available for community use at it's facility.
Liberty County Museum
2nd and Madison
Chester, MT
The Liberty County Museum, located three blocks south of US Highway #2, stresses authentic displays of the Homestead Era. The museum is open from Memorial Day through September 15. Information can be obtained at the courthouse. 
Liberty Village Arts Center
410 Main Street
Chester, MT
(406) 759-5652
Liberty County Times
Box 689 Chester MT
Montana State Genealogical Society
PO Box 5313
Helena MT 59604
Liberty County Chamber of Commerce
​PO Box 632
Chester MT 59522
(406) 759-4848
Chester has a population of about 1000 and boasts nearly 100 businesses ranging from grocery stores to restaurants, banks, and motels. The town's local newspaper, the Liberty County Times, is published every Wednesday. Chester is also the site of an all-weather airport with surfaced and lighted runways maintained by the county. Chester is an incorporated city with an elected mayor and city council. Water quality in Chester is excellent; the water supply being pumped from Lake Elwell for municipal use. The sewage system and garbage disposal system is maintained by the city. A cooperative telephone company serves Chester and a private utility provides electrical power and natural gas to Chester residents. The Chester-Joplin-Inverness Public Schools complex houses grades K-12. It has two gymnasiums, a swimming pool, two football fields, an outdoor classroom, a baseball diamond, track, tennis courts, and two playgrounds. Joplin 
Joplin's approximate population of 300 is known for a strong sense of community pride. Some of Joplin's businesses include an auto repair shop, floral shop, grocery store, real estate agency, an insurance agency, grain elevators, bar/cafe, and a car wash. Right in the center of the Joplin's business area is the beautiful Joplin Memorial Park which is a very comfortable, safe overnight place for the bicyclers traveling Hwy 2. The park has a protected picnic area, playground equipment, restrooms and a RV dump. The park is walking distance to the grocery store, bar/cafe and post office.
Whitlash, a tiny community at the foot of the Sweetgrass Hills, had the first post office in Liberty County. Today the town has a grade school for K-8th grades, a church, and Liberty Hall, a meeting place used for everything from dances to roller skating parties.