Granite County, Montana

If you know of other cemeteries, please let me know.

Beartown Cemetery
No transcriptions are available although there are 7 persons buried in this cemetery. Many of the deceased denizens of Beartown were taken to Deer Lodge for burial.
Cable Cemetery
The town of Cable, which was located near the Atlantic Cable Mine had 3 cemeteries.
No transcription is available, although a Chinese cook/highway-man is buried in one of the cemeteries and the child of the mine manager is buried in another.







Emmettsburg/Henderson Cemetery
Section 36-T9N-R14
Emmettsburg, aka Henderson is one of MT oldest mining camps. Town destroyed by dredge tailings Hall vicinity on Bluff on N side of Henderson Creek Valley 3.5 miles NW of Maxville. Inscribed on the north side:

"to the known and unknown dead of Henderson Gulch, this monument is dedicated. James A. Murray - Dec 1, 1914." On the south side is inscribed "God sent you here to make the wilderness a state. This done, he called you home but left your work for inspiration."

  • Fletcher, Jas., died 1867
  • Grimes, Jas., died 1867
  • Jones, Jas., died 1872
  • Mallory/Millery?, Pat, died 1867
  • McClusky, Ed, died 1868
  • O'Hara, William, died 1868
  • Roach, Thomas, died 1867
New Chicago Cemetery
Philipsburg Cemetery
Original Philipsburg Transcription submitted by Betty Swanson
This is a small cemetery that was formerly used by the Ghost Towns of Coloma and Garnet. It is located on the border between Missoula and Granite Counties. When I visited the cemetery as a child there were about 20 graves, but the site has deteriorated. 
Valley Cemetery  (Drummond Cemetery)