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Forest Grove School


 I have the original diploma for my Grandmother Virginia STOWELL.
It says:
Fergus County Public Schools.
This certifies that Virginia STOWELL of Forest Grove, Fergus County, State of Montana has completed the Course of Study in the Common Branches required by Law to be taught in the Public Schools of theState, viz:  Orthography, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, English, Grammar, Geography, Physiology and Hygiene, United States History, History of Montana, Civil Government and therefore merits this Diploma.
Witness Our Signatures:
Given at Lewistown, State of Montana this 25th day of April, A.D. 1921.
Signed by Amanda O. Swift.  Examining Committee also signed -
Alice O'Hara and D. W. Freeman.
Virginia was born in 1907, so this must have been graduation
from the 8th grade.


Gloria Gove Barnes

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