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Messenger and Ross

Where do I start to tell about the Messenger and Ross's!

Elizabeth Ann  Barnes (1 Messenger) Ross was born in NY in 1810 daughter of Timothy Barnes II. She married Rufus Milo Messenger in 12 May 1825. He died in  1836 in ILL.

 Rufus and Eliza  had two children Edwin Milo Messenger, born Dec.  1827 and Chauncey Monroe Messenger, 26 June 1833 in Warren County, PA.  After moving to ILL and Rufus passing away, Eliza remarried 2 June 1837  to Jacob Ross Scottish man with red hair.

Eliza and Jacob Ross  left for Kansas in 1856 or 1859. The family surnames were  Messenger, Ross, and Stanton's that moved to Kansas in the same area. She moved after the death of her sister Amy Stanton in ILL. Eliza's  nephew, Erastus Stanton, and her sons Chauncey  and Edwin Messenger traveled to Kansas. During the Civil War things were not safe(Jay Hawks) so the Ross's returned to ILL. until the war was over.

Eliza and Jacob  was in their  late 60's then. Her blood line lived into their  early 90's back then. In one letter from the book about the family. It states that her husband Jacob, sawed each rock for their home in August 1872. But in a letter written in 1853, she wrote to her father, "Father let us write oftener and and longer letters." She was homesick for her family. She was asking about Christ's Baptism and whether Peter was a true Christian before or after he betrayed  our Saviour! Amy and Eliza were children of Timothy Barnes III of  (Sheffield) Barnes, PA.


Chauncey Monroe Messenger served in the First Oregon Cav. F troop during the Civil War, fighting Indians in the Wonderful Northwest! He had 10  children. His first wife was a Indian woman from the Tribe of Takelma. Her  name was Kitty, she had a child by Samuel Chauncey Messenger Jr. born in Waldo, Josephine County, Oregon. Also,  Kitty made history in the area, she was buried outside a white man's cemetery, in Waldo, Oregon. The white people wouldn't let her be buried inside, but her son! Chauncey married three times second wife was Hester Lena Palmer, after her death in Fort Scott, Kansas, he married Mrs. J. Lucas. We understand she divided the children with family and friends because she could not care for them.

The Children of Chauncey Monroe Messenger's were as listed 
(Erastus) Clark Messenger of  Grays Harbor County, Washington 
Frank Messenger of  Valentine, Montana
Edward Milo Messenger  of Grays Harbor County, Known to  people in Roy,
Montana  area as Milo!
Lewis Messenger, 
Alice Messenger (Ford),
Eliza Ilene Messenger(Franklin)
Kloa Messenger who died young and one son that died at birth.

I am from  these first families of CT, Thomas Barnes,  William Barnes, Richard Beckley, James Cole, and Stephen Hart one of the Founders of New Haven, CT.

I am becoming a   member of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).

Thomas Barnes' daughter Phebe Barnes who Married Timothy Barnes I, from Branford, Ct., 
Timothy Barnes I, 
Timothy Barnes II, 
Timothy III, 
Elizabeth Ann Barnes (1Messenger) (2Ross), 
Chauncey Monroe Messenger, 
Edward Milo Messenger, 
Russell Franklin Messenger, 
Shirley Lee Messenger (1Harmia) Brownell, 
Rose Marie Harmia Mitcham.

Thanks, Rose Mitcham

I am Interested in connecting with anyone who descends from these people.








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