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Gove, Stowell, Drinkard and Nichols


The family of Jay Gove (1877-1957), his wife Katherine Hengell Gove (1880-1956), and children Kathryn Ione Gove (1899-1940), Jay Paul "Bud" Gove  (1901-1959), and Richard Frederick "Tod" Gove (1902-1956) settled at Roy, MT in 1910.  Jay and Katherine were in the Lewistown area until some time in theearly 1950's.  Jay was a storekeeper for the railroad.  Kathryn Ione married Charles L. Scott and lived in Lewistown until her death in 1940.  She was a musician (singer) and burial was in the Lewistown Cemetery.

Emery Paul Stowell (1870-1957) settled in Gilt Edge before 1902.  He married Ethel Lena Drinkard (1877-1984) at Lewistown in 1902.

Their children were:
Helen Dean Stowell (1903-1993), Virginia Elizabeth Stowell (1907-1954) and Emery "Paul" Stowell (1917-1962).  Virginia and Paul were both born at Lewistown.  Emery worked at the gypsum plant in Lewistown.

Enoch "Marvin" Drinkard (1868-1882) - brother of Ethel Lena Drinkard above -  and his wife, Marian "Olive" Drinkard (1882-1965) were also early settlers in the Lewistown area.  Marvin was a school teacher at Gilt Edge for 12 months in 1900 (source was a bio called "DRINKARD FAMILY HISTORY" found in a book called "The Heritage Book of Central Montana").  D.M. Drinkard is listed on the Gilt Edge School Web page and I believe that "D" must be a mistake and should be "E".  Marvin later lived at Piper.
Marvin and Olive's children were:
Jessie Ellen (1908-1910), George Westley (1912-1961) and William Vernon (1919-1992). George and William were born at Lewistown per bio.

Dr. George H. Nichols (about 1856/8-1936) and Florence Geneva Drinkard Nichols (1859-1937) - sister of Ethel Lena Drinkard Stowell - also lived at Lewistown with their children:
Cassie Lillian Nichols (1883-?) and John Ronald Nichols (1896-1969).  Dr. Nichols practiced medicine several years at Lewistown per bio named above.

Gloria Gove Barnes

Dillman, Drinkard, Gove, Gross, Hengell, Nichols, Scott, Stowell

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