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A few Books, Tapes, etc. about Fergus County

These and more available at the Lewistown Public Library

Fergus County Misc. Cemetery Records - microfilm

Footprints in Central Montana

Lewistown Church Records

Central Montana Wagon Trails, 1979-81, Lewistown

Yesterday at Fergus

Photo souvenir of the Fergus County Free High School Lewistown, Montana

Brands of Fergus County

Pictographs in Central Montana Part I : Fergus County

Bicentennial perspectives Montana's involvement in the American Revolution Bicentennial

The Fergus County Argus Pictorial edition

The Fergus : Fergus County High School newspaper

History of Fergus County, Montana

Art survey, 1943

Interview with Isabel Brown Gans : F.C.H.S. faculty, 1935-1939

Homestead Shacks over Buffalo Tracks : history of northeastern Fergus County.

Brands : Fergus, Judith Basin, Petroleum counties

A Gift of memories of the Divide-Cheadle community

R.L. Polk & Co.'s Lewistown city directory including rural residents. (65 copies)

Fergus County, a miniature of the west :

Lewistown 1939 stampede and pageant of progress : commemorating the golden jubilee of Montana statehood

Fergus County Extension Homemakers history

Interview with Esther Apple : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1918

Interview with Marion Burke : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1921 ; F.C.H.S. Board Member, 1937-1955

Interview with Esther Dahl Burke : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1920

Interview with Helen Chandler : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1909 ; Faculty School District No. 1, 1920-1924

Interview with Elsie Tubb DeMers F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1925

Interview with Robert L. Dissley : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1938

Interview with Dora Dykins : F.C.H.S. Student, 1918-1920 ; Faculty (Jr. High and F.C.H.S.), 1930-41,

Interview with Norma Hanson Gilmore : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1921

Interview with Fern S. Guthrie : Custodian (Jr. High), 1922-1957

Interview with Frank W. Hogeland : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1915

Interview with Mrs. Frank (Ola Mae) Hogeland : Mother, Highland Park P.T.A., 1928-1936, 1945-1951

Interview with Albert Hruska : Student at Hawthorne, 1904-1908

Interview with Ernest Hruska : Student at Highland Park, 1919 ; "Tar Paper Palace", 1921-1922

Interview with Mrs. Ernest (Lulu) Criswell Hruska : Faculty at Highland Park School, 1927-1932, 1946

Interview with Marjorie Wieglenda King : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1944 ; Montana State Board of Public Edu

Interview with Ronald B. Mattson, Ed. D : Superintendent, 1972-1985

Interview with G.R. (Jack) Milburn, Sr. : F.C.H.S. Board Member, 1931-1952

Interview with George Mueller : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1939

Interview with George L. Ruckman : Student at Lincoln School and F.C.H.S., 1916-1920

Interview with Savage, Frank Faculty and Superintendent School Dist. No. 1, 1954-1972

Interview with Gertrude Margretta Klein Saxtorph : Faculty at Junior High, 1923-26, 1945-1961 ; Tuto

Interview with John Simonfy : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1924 ; Lewistown School Dist. No. 1 Board Member, 1

Interview with Frank Sipple Smith : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1919

Interview with Isabelle MacKenzie Smith : Student F.C.H.S., 1918-1919, 1920-1921

Interview with Frank Southworth : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1923

Interview with Murna Martin Southworth : F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1922

Interview with Student at Hawthorne, 1904-1908

Interview with Josephine McGlumphy Vogt : F.C.H.S. Faculty, 1935-1939

Interview with Anna von Tobel and Mary Catherine Salyerds Canavan / F.C.H.S. Graduate, 1915 ; Facult

Interview with Bee Gale (Mrs. Charles) Young : Faculty Jr. High, 1925-28

Interview with Charles Young : Winnett High School, 1919-1922

The Fergus Annual.

James Fergus : the Grand Old Man of Montana : a profile of the "freethinking founding father of Fergus County

On Flatwillow Creek

The Heritage book of the original Fergus County area

Index to the Heritage book of the original Fergus County area

The trail back

Homestead fever : history of Denton, Danvers, Coffee Creek

Central Montana ghost towns

Cultural resource survey : Kendall, Montana

Brands of Fergus County

The Milwaukee Road, Lewistown-Heath : Fergus County, Montana an historical report. a determination

Central Montana's communities : yesterday, today and tomorrow

The Fred Jenni family : Montana roots, 1882-1982

The hanging of Billy Calder

Echoes from the Breaks

Remembering Montana

80 year history book of the Brooks Woman's Club

History of Fergus County High School (1899-1970)

History of Lewistown School District No. One, 1882-1982

From the foothills to the plains : history of southeastern Fergus County

James Wells

Mary Wells

All But The Waltz by Mary Clearman Blew ... " A memoir of five generations in the life of a Montana family." (ISBN 0 14 01.2892 1 paperback, published in 1992) The book renders a very good depiction of Ms. Blew's family that homesteaded in Fergus County (the Hogeland and Welch families)

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