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Signers of the 1889 Montana State Constitution

Signatures from original handwritten documents on file in the Montana State Archives Helena, Montana**

Signers of the 1889 Montana Constitution

Done in open Convention at the city of Helena, in the Territory of Montana, this Seventeenth day of August, in the year of our Lord,  One thousand, eight hundred and eighty-nine.

William A. Clark President

E. D. Aiken
Walter M. Bickford
J. F. Brazleton
Peter Breen
David C. Brown
Simmon R. Buford
William Mason Bullard
Walter A. Burleigh
Alex F. Burns
Andrew J. Burns
Edward Burns
James E. Callaway
Edward Cardwell
B. Platt Carpenter
Milton Cauby
William A. Chessman
Timothy E. Collins
Charles E. Conrad
Walter Cooper
Thomas F. Courtney
Arthur S. Craven
W. W. Dixon
D. M. Durfee
William Dyer
George O. Eaton
William T. Field
J. E. Gaylord
Paris Gibson
Warren C. Gillette
O. F. Goddard
Fielding L. Graves
R. E. Hammond
Charles S. Hartman
Henri J. Haskell
Luke D. Hatch
Lewis H. Hershfield
Richard O. Hickman
S. S. Hobson
Joseph Hogan
Thomas Joyes
Allen R. Joy
J. E. Kanouse
W. J. Kennedy
H. Kippenberg
Hiram Knowles
Conrad Kohrs
C. H. Loud
Llewellyn A. Luce
Martin Maginnis
J. E. Marion
Charles S. Marshall
Wm. Mayger
P. W. McAdow
C. R. Middleton
Samuel Mitchell
William Muth
Alfred Myers
William Parberry
W. R. Ramsdell
G. J. Reek
John C. Robinson
L. Rotwitt
J. E. Rickards
Francis E. Sargeant
Leopold F. Schmidt
George W. Stapleton
Joseph K. Toole
J. R. Toole
Chas. M. Webster
H. R. Whitehall
George B. Winston
Aaron C. Witter

Louis A. Walker- Secretary of the Territory of Montana

Copyright 1998-2006 - Ann Kramlich and Betty Distad - All Rights Reserved

**Information courtesy of the Montana Historical Society