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by Grooms
Groom Bride
Tabor, Arthur Rollan Fosjord, Agnes
Taffner, Charles R Soden, Marjorie
Taffner, John H Whalen, Mary E
Taken Alive, Jesse Jr unknown
Taken Alive, Jesse Jr Whiteman, Loretta
Talkington, Arthur J Miesen, Helena L
Talkington, Rolla Spicer, Matilda
Tarter, Walter Trosset, Gertrude
Tasnady, Martin Howe, Agnes N
Tatarka, Robert L Corey, Norma
Tatley, John K unknown
Tatley, John K Akre, Belle C
Tauck, William unknown
Tauck, William Owen, Mary Genre
Tausch, C H Corneil, Bessie
Taylor, Albert unknown
Taylor, Albert Plough, Viola
Taylor, Arthur J LaMarr, Ione E
Taylor, Charles E Peters, Verlie Ann
Taylor, Charles E Koffler, Genevieve
Taylor, Hilier B Bruce, Pauline D
Taylor, Jesse H Faust, Gladys G
Taylor, Samuel Strasser, Ethelyn B
Taylor, Stephen T unknown
Taylor, Stephen T Thompson, Susie
Tefft, Stephen Warner, Ora
Teigen, Eldo Frandsen, Alice Arline
Tennant, Fritz Corniel, Jennafae
Tennant, Lyle Havener, Frances
Tennant, Lyle Feragen, Emilie M Proceive
Tennant, Orval E Shafer, Mabel I Nath
Terry, James McKean, Verna
Thickett, Herbert W Oberlin, Anna
Thielen, Ambrose Varner, LaVonne
Thielen, Jacob A Keinrath, Rosalie
Thielen, John Bergmann, Burnetta I
Thielen, Matt Quincer, Lola
Thielen, Pete Anderson, Ruth
Thielen, William unknown
Thielen, William Rabe, Tillie
Thom, Frederick L Corcoran, Margaret
Thomas, Guy W Ebert, Ethel L
Thomas, Lloyd Hall, Mildred Ruth
Thomas, Vernon B Smith, Ellamae
Thomas, W H unknown
Thomas, W H Johnson, Julia Edda
Thomas, William R Olson, Ida L
Thompson, Arnold Wise, Dorothy
Thompson, Bert unknown
Thompson, Bert Pfliiger, Myrtle Faust
Thompson, Clifford B Pfliiger, Kathleen
Thompson, Floyd M Stitser, Gladys E
Thompson, Lynn L Ketterling, Lillian E
Thompson, Muril D Geoing, Emma
Thompson, Paul Burt, Stella M
Thompson, Phillip Elwin Schaaf, Martha
Thompson, Wallace A Hanson, Anna
Thompson, William N White, Ethel Louise
Thor, Carl G Myers, Mae Cooney
Thornton, Theodore P unknown
Thornton, Theodore P Kreager, Dorothy M
Thorson, Engbred Bergquist, Alma
Thorson, Hans Anderson, Frieda
Thorson, Luke E Owens, Betty J
Thrams, Raymond Nelson, Vina L
Thunen, Bert C Brown, Frances G
Thurston, James R Loveless, Janice
Tillson, Gene McGinnis, Alice Elizabeth
Timbral, William O'Toole, Ethel Mae Toftness
Timm, Fred unknown
Timm, Fred Pladsen, Tilda
Timm, George Henry Finneman, Leona Margaret
Timm, John A unknown
Timm, John A Brookheiser, Ivy Wollcott
Timm, LeRoy Fred Frost, Lucille Catherine
Timm, Richard Allen O'Neill, LaDaska
Tingstad, Samuel Oliver Braford, Carol Adeline Smith
Tiokasin, Dave unknown
Tiokasin, Dave Agard, Blanche Archambault
Tisor, Lester L Walters, Ruby Leona
Todt, Max Frankland, Fannie Elizabeth
Toft, Kenneth E McCurdy, Gladys L
Toft, Oliv L Leines, Roselle
Tokarz, Frank unknown
Tokarz, Frank Penney, Ruby L Middleton
Tommerdahl, Martin Cox, Myrtle Elsie
Tommerson, Norman Fretheim, Phyllis
Tooley, Bert J Williams, Julia Casebolt
Toombs, Lawrence Grenstiner, Janet Ursula
Torkelson, Torkel S Peterson, Emma G
Tormey, Frank Cunningham, Georgia
Trabert, Walter Harry Joles, Dolores Otto
Trandum, Holger M Brault, Neva Celeste
Traversie, Isaac Chasinghawk, Josephine
Traversie, Whitley unknown
Traversie, Whitley Traversie, Felicia M
Travis, Billy Ray Skidmore, Delsa Mae
Traweek, Howard Askin, Norma Kay
Traweek, Tom Vincelette, Gladys
Trhlik, Emil Moor, Florence
Tronstad, Einar C Schell, Elizabeth B
Tronstad, Harold Shiskowsky, Jeanette
Trudo, Robert Ames, Alice Emily
True, Robert Joseph Rieger, Lillian Kathryn
Tucker, Paul Kortum, Louisa
Tuckness, Jesse F Fowler, Esther I
Turbiville, Eugene Drake, Lorna
Turnquist, Byron A Bertch, Jeanne Elizabeth Sanderson
Twiford, Hiram L Newell, Amelia M
Twiford, Ralph White, Florence
Tyler, Donald A Davison, Vera A
Tyler, Leonard Sherman Holmes, Marilynn Ruth

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