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by Grooms
Groom Bride
Padden, Thomas J Croke, Hazel
Padgett, Gerald Gross, Gladys
Padgett, Roy C Hofland, Delores
Page, Louis R Montgomery, Nona
Page, William E unknown
Page, William E Colgrove, Barbara Wineberger
Pagel, Harmon H Iverson, Beryl M
Palczewski, Tony Domagala, Rose
Palmer, B F Davis, Bonnie H
Palmer, Charles F Finlayson, Wilmina
Palmer, Kenneth Miles Essig, Charlotte
Paranto, Raymond J Goebel, Eileen P Scott
Parfrey, Paul David Peterson, Josie
Parker, Charles Dwight Berg, Gertrude
Parker, John Phillips Knipfer, Edith Margaret
Parker, Reuben R Webster, Teresa
Parker, Walter L Swenson, Bertha A
Parkins, Kenneth Arnett, Ruby
Parks, James Thomas Cottrell, Helen Marie
Parks, Ralph E Seeman, Rosalind
Parks, William H Behring, Minnie D
Parrish, Clifford Stoltenberg, Viola Rose
Parrish, Danny Z Littleton, Mable A
Parrish, James L Halvorson, Agnes Alethea
Parrish, John C Weaver, Florence
Parrish, L Newman Rose, Gladys D
Parrish, Wesley Gertrude
Parson, Leslie M Elmore, Ina
Patterson, John E Flor, Hazel Peterson
Patterson, Kenneth A Roberts, Adeline
Patterson, N S unknown
Patterson, N S Kerwin, Isabelle Egan
Patterson, Ray A Skare, Beatrice
Patton, Clay McGee, Theo
Paulson, Carl N Nelson, Mabel Helena
Paulson, Donald L Ries, Delores C
Paulson, George C unknown
Paulson, George C Tweet, Irene S
Paulson, LeRoy C Thune, Clara J
Paulson, Olaf Rolland, Eleanor
Pavelka, Francis Joseph unknown
Pavelka, Francis Joseph Harrison, Ethel Eleanor
Payne, Roger H Renner, Lila Jane
Pazie, Saliah unknown
Pazie, Saliah Holmes, T Irene
Peabody, Freeman Larive, Ellen Warner
Peabody, Glenn A Heinen, Marjorie
Peabody, Robert L Morrison, Martha Dillon
Peabody, Walter J Hill, Mary
Peace, Glen Allen Peterson, Edith Ruth
Pearce, John A Kilde, Nancy P Headrick
Pearson, Alvin Peterson, Margaret
Pearson, Ernest J Scholze, Erma L
Pearson, Joe Graham, Elsie
Pearson, John L Elery, Clara
Pearson, Roy unknown
Pearson, Roy Birkelo, Marjorie Dennis
Pedersen, Lars Luff, Valora J
Pederson, Roy L Helgeson, Marian E
Pelissier, Louis unknown
Pelissier, Louis Kennedy, Isabel
Pemberton, Lee unknown
Pemberton, Lee Ebel, Katherine
Pendergast, William L unknown
Pendergast, William L Ripley, Hazel Lola
Pendleton, E R Latham, Maud L
Penfield, Ervin Ellis, Martha
Penny, Jasper J unknown
Penny, Jasper J Brown, Sophie
Perion, Andy D unknown
Perion, Andy D Davies, Edna Elizabeth
Perkins, Earl Ettles, Gladys C
Perkins, William G Boston, Mary L
Perrine, Robert L Winter, Frances K
Perry, Jimmie L Pratt, Rose Marie
Perry, Johnnie S Ohlrich, Lydia Florence
Perry, Jolly C Ellenbaum, Iva
Perry, Leo Ackerman, Isabelle
Perry, Robert James Malcom, Marilyn Ann
Pestka, Earl Chapman, Millicent
Pestka, William Chapman, Hyacinth
Peterman, Wilfred Byran Douglas, Ruby Belle
Petermann, Hugo H Stewart, Leona
Petermann, William H Lyons, Gladys June
Peters, Charlie Steffen, Frida
Peters, Emery Paulson, Mary Lou
Peters, Harold Baker, Mildred
Peters, Raymond Benjamin, Alma
Petersen, Frederick S unknown
Petersen, Frederick S Schjeldahl, Lorraine
Petersen, Lars Luff, Valora J
Petersohn, Emil R Christman, Delhias F
Peterson, Andrew Celander, Anna Nasset
Peterson, Arthur E Odlund, Mary Victoria Miller
Peterson, Carl Schlitz, Gladys
Peterson, Carl T Peabody, Alice B
Peterson, Clifford B Speelmon, L Nadine
Peterson, Frank Loomis, Rosalie
Peterson, Fred W unknown
Peterson, Fred W Johnson, Eleanor Engelberg
Peterson, George C unknown
Peterson, George C Ardiel, Susan Crawford
Peterson, George L Tatro, Joan V
Peterson, George O Faris, Naomi Ruth
Peterson, Howard George Wilson, Beulah Irene
Peterson, James Brittner, Lucille
Peterson, Knute Olson, Myrtle
Peterson, Leonard Brewer, Sadie
Peterson, Leonard Dunwoody, Mary L
Peterson, Lloyd G Lewis, Amy M
Peterson, Louis J Ward, Anna Jane
Peterson, Louis T Honstain, Nellie E
Peterson, Nicoli W unknown
Peterson, Nicoli W Hirsch, Florence
Peterson, Orvin M Shinabarger, Eleanor
Peterson, Otto L Gore, Vera L
Peterson, Otto L Lewison, Helen
Peterson, Tony Armstrong, Willie May
Pfeifer, Earl Grentz, Gladyce
Pfeifer, Norman Wiffler, Ruth A
Pfeifle, Bernell D Howe, Dorothy Anne
Pfenning, Robert A Jorde, Elaine E
Phebus, Drury G Simmons, Ionia M Wells
Phebus, Flace S Gregerson, Selema Amanda
Phelps, Leo E Curry, Claudia
Phelps, Riley E unknown
Phelps, Riley E Hoag, Elizabeth
Philbrick, Eddis A Huether, Mary M
Philips, Harold Rohde, Caroline
Philips, Orville Fulks, Mary Almeda
Phillips, Archie McCown, Lottie
Phillips, Chester L Most, Ruby A
Phillips, Claude A Keoke, Patricia
Phillips, Lewis Bruton, Luella Peck
Phillips, Thomas P Andrews, Anna Maud
Phoenix, Ray Francis, Marvel Case
Pickard, Charles Munro, Victoria Alexander
Pickens, Stanford A Lochding, Gertrude Kortum
Pickerel, Gleeta E unknown
Pickerel, Gleeta E Jensen, Martha Boheman
Pickering, Bobby L unknown
Pickering, Bobby L Pyles, Fern M
Pierce, Bruce N Helgerson, Patricia
Pierce, Clarence E Clair, Georgia
Pierce, Ralph D Rabe, JoAnn E
Pierson, Ralph R unknown
Pierson, Ralph R Morgan, Dorothy
Pigg, Homer L Anderson, Doris Leona
Pinnow, Frederick Ehret, Magdalena
Pinnow, Karl Hoffman, Theodora
Pithey, Frank M Berry, Mary Belle
Place, Milton McMorrow, Delia
Plath, Leon Miller, Evelyn
Plocksin, Victor A Surface, Rubie F
Plough, Clarence Bidwell, Ida E Lorenz
Plough, John W Jr Janvrin, Mary
Plough, Raymond Bernard Bartel, Evelyn Bernice
Plough, Raymond B Ostoj, Elsie
Plummer, Douglas Corbitt, Myra
Plunkett, Leslie R Corcoran, Mary Margaret
Pochardt, Charles August (Ballou) Krausz, Alvina
Pomeroy, Allan Wieglanda, Laverne
Pomeroy, Mark Nelson, Maureen J
Poncelet, Peter J Rose, Marie
Poore, Joe E Rishor, Cynthia
Popplewell, John R Oliver, June
Porter, H Lorraine Kramer, Esther Maye Beard
Porter, Hollis W Douglas, Mary V
Portnoy, Aleck Behm, Adeline
Poseley, Frank unknown
Poseley, Frank Poseley, Helen Hanson
Postier, Francis Howard Brown, Mildred
Potter, Donald Davis, Nora
Potter, M J Reishers, Inez
Potter, Whitney Gerald Bennett, Catherine
Potterton, Elmer J Olsen, Stella E
Pourier, Ben unknown
Pourier, Ben Rooks, Hazel Ann
Powell, Alex unknown
Powell, Alex Barone, Mary E Delly
Powell, Claude unknown
Powell, Claude Dannenfelzer, Agnes Peterson Hansen
Powell, Robert C Peterson, Dorothy J
Powell, Robert D DeHaven, Ellen D
Pratt, Billy O W Honstain, El Frieda Patricia
Pratt, John Sodergren, Beatrice
Pratt, Thomas W Ohlrich, Annita
Pratt, Wayne South, Dema
Preller, George McMurray, Rebecca
Price, George A unknown
Price, George A Melum, Olive M
Price, George M Welch, Eva
Price, Howard W Wood, Vida Kneasel
Price, Lewellyn Jr Hodges, Jessie V
Price, Lewis Richard Pellett, Betty Marie Alfstad
Prisk, Verne Victor Hanratty, Katharine A
Proctor, Hiram S Leighton, Margaret
Proctor, W J Smit, Mary
Propst, J L Wead, Esther Elizabeth
Pruess, Vernon Jamieson, Jacqueline Fern
Privratsky, George J Merz, Grace H
Puckett, Howard W Schlosser, Marcella
Pulvermacher, Walter Lund, Edith
Purdon, Charles M Coles, Nellie M
Purdurn, Robert Lee Goodson, Clara
Purock, Carl Graf, Rosina
Pyzel, Jerome McPherson, Dorothy

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