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by Grooms
Groom Bride
Naasz, Rueben Roberts, Evonne
Nahorn, Charles Repplinger, Esther L Munday
Narum, Dewey Moore, Eleanor
Narum, William M Schrader, Marion
Narveson, Lyder Nordby, Helen
Nasset, Edward Nasset, Ella
Nasset, Mathias Sipma, Bertha
Nath, Darold Foreman, Joyce
Neary, Gerald O Howe, Jessie Mae
Neary, Gerald O Neary, Jessie Mae Howe
Neese, Roy C unknown
Neese, Roy C Harrison, Elizabeth Klein
Neff, Elmer J unknown
Neff, Elmer J Cornish, Blanche L
Neff, James D Doraschak, Olga
Neilan, Scotty Epp, Rose M
Nelles, Ralph C Vincelette, Flora
Nelson, Charles O unknown
Nelson, Charles O Smith, Helen Flemming
Nelson, Clifford Morris Smith, Bertie Francis
Nelson, Edward J Kochel, Marjorie K
Nelson, Harold O Sterns, Edna F Riedlinger
Nelson, Knute Elvert, Margaret
Nelson, Lester Dokken, Frances
Nelson, Morris Boyce, Leona Beyer
Nelson, Morris Monson, Laura
Nelson, Nelson P Goe, Nannie L
Nelson, Nyman Svestka, Alfonza
Nelson, Raynold Anderson, Joyce
Nelson, Stanley A MacCollum, Jean Elizabeth
Nerby, Norman Botnen, Lillian
Ness, Christ Stieg, Emma
Ness, Oscar Emil Draper, Mabel Emma Anna
Nesse, Arthur L Davidson, Dorothy
Netzer, Ernest Householder, Sarah
Neville, L M unknown
Neville, L M Chadwick, Luthera Mary
Newbary, Henry Steven Kimball, Elizabeth
Newell, Elmer E Jr Myhre, Alice
Newell, James A Huber, Ida E
Newell, Leon Hayden, Marilyn L
Newell, Raymond S LaRue, Hazel
Newell, William G Behl, Norma M
Newstrom, Carl R Vatland, Stella
Neyland, P R unknown
Neyland, P R Harper, Caroline Kinzley
Nicely, Earl O unknown
Nicely, Earl O Myer, Katherine
Nichol, Morris Holden, Mabel
Nichols, Elwyn Anderson, Vivian
Nichols, George C Lynn, Ruth
Nichols, Harvey Myhre, Ruth
Nichols, J E Cox, Minnie E
Nickelson, Ralph F Jr Bertalat, Arabelle
Nielsen, Aage M Smith, Josephine
Nies, Frank unknown
Nies, Ted E Turbiville, Esther
Niethammer, Harold McAllister, Mable
Niklas, N William McPhee, Isabel
Nilsen, Melvin Smebakken, June
Nilsen, Milo Foss, Ardys L
Nims, Creon H Jensen, Palma M
Nims, Eugene Lloyd Vedell, Esther
Nims, William P Sammon, Josephine
Nitcy, James A Johnson, Agness Leona
Nitschke, Albert Grote, Gladys
Nitschke, Richard A Johnson, Kora
Njos, Oscar L Stearns, Evelyn
Njos, Selmer Hinkley, Margaret L
Noftsker, Charles A Jr Wilson, Gladys Cate
Noftsker, Irvin F Myhre, Evelyn
Noggle, Earney Schauman, Otillia
Noggle, Leon R Mulkey, Matthie Ethel
Nolan, William S unknown
Nolan, William S Schermerhorn, Dorothy Peterson
Nolley, Edward Parks, Mina
Nonsen, Tony Otis, Kate
Nordin, Walter C unknown
Nordin, Walter C Heying, Viola
Norman, I B Nelson, Olive P
Norman, James Henry Gett, Ruth Margaret
North, Albert H Glade, Helen M
North, Morris Victor Martin, Dayle
Northrop, Clarence A Frisk, Ethel
Northrop, Clarence A unknown
Northrop, Clarence A Hall, Edna Corum
Norton, Emory Dudley, Clara Perkins
Norton, Lloyd G Gullickson, Juanita B
Norwick, Donald O unknown
Norwick, Donald O Gott, Marilyn J Hample
Novotny, Joseph B Schaefer, Emma
Noyce, Charles Clark, Nellie
Nygaard, Martin G Moberg, Emma
Nygaard, Oscar Lininger, Irene

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