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by Grooms
Groom Bride
Aaker, Adolph Anderson, Anna Julia
Aase, John R Lindholm, Esther
Abuhl, Ralph E Losing, Mary Jane
Abrams, Charles H Abrams, Olive Stark
Abrams, George C Stark, Olive Mae
Ackerwold, William N Breed, Corrinne
Ackles, Fred W Davis, Alice
Adams, Anthony W Temple, Irma M
Adler, Eugene O Wright, Eva
Adolph, Albert J Schaefer, Lilly
Afrank, Harvey M Schweigert, Dorothy
Agler, Garold O Mellor, Kathryn R
Agnew, Thomas M Koellner, Laura
Ahlness, Emil Bott, Dorothy
Aldinger, Theodore Huber, Anna
Allan, Albert C Sohn, Helen M
Allan, Francis Dalton, Gladys
Allan, Loyd Catron, Helen Fern
Allart, Martin Jr Wilson, Lois
Allbee, Fay Stern, Lillian
Allerdings, George Fried, Alvina
Allerdings, Jacob Follmer, Louise
Allerdings, John Feiock, Emilie Bertsch
Allerdings, John Hildenbrand, Lydia Brietling
Allerdings, Maurice F Freier, Helen K
Almen, Carl F Grunstead, Susie Mae Wyatt
Almen, Wayne L Poseley, Frances L
Alverson, Leslie Warner, Ellenclaire
Amans, Frank Chausse, Ethel
Ames, Harry O Norman, Helen Elenore
Ames, Oliver F Zigler, Ina B
Amick, Cecil Glenn, Frances
Andersen, Soren C Olesen, May L
Amundson, Nels Lelear, Florence
Anderson, A C Tronstad, Inga Kristingood
Anderson, Albert Cummins, Wilberta Templeton
Anderson, Alfred unknown
Anderson, Alfred Anderson, Ann Olson
Anderson, Alvin E Norem, Mavis
Anderson, Arnold Theodore Hoth, Lorene
Anderson, Benjamin Willis Hestekin, Ardith Darline
Anderson, Carl A Mitchell, Elizabeth H
Anderson, Carl E Larson, Ruth M
Anderson, Edwin M unknown
Anderson, Edwin M Gibbons, Marion Gilbertson
Anderson, Elmer Winter, Carol Lee
Anderson, George Ramsey, Mary
Anderson, Gordon Lym, Alberta
Anderson, J Lewis Cox, Lavina
Anderson, John Oliver Foust, Alice Alberta Rose
Anderson, Lawrence D Pierce, Marguerite Jean
Anderson, Levi G unknown
Anderson, Levi G Koffler, Rose Trhlik
Anderson, Lloyd Murphy, Margaret
Anderson, Mads Lentz, Ruth
Anderson, M O Peterson, Lila G
Anderson, Milton Irons, Olga
Anderson, Otis Johnson, Martha
Anderson, Ralph E Christenson, Millie
Anderson, Sam Burke, Alice L
Anderson, T H Gibbs, Jessie Wineland
Anderson, Thomas A Crossan, Rita Abigail
Anderson, William unknown
Anderson, William Moravec, Irene
Anderson, Wilson J unknown
Anderson, Wilson J Grosfield, Alma P
Andolshek, John Pratt, Iva
Andrews, George Annes, Jean
Andrews, Ray Wilson, Dorothy
Anfinson, Avel A Johnston, Verna Ann
Angelo, William unknown
Angelo, William Carter, Jearline Louise Loran
Antrim, Amos E Cleveland, Frances G
Appel, Benjamin E Dagneaes, Mae
Arden, William H Hannah, Doris
Armstrong, Louis Socht, May
Armstrong, Roy W Lytle, Vara Consuello
Arndorfer, Arthur Muggerud, Inez
Asher, William unknown
Asher, William A Hamilton, Ethel
Askin, Alva Stickney, Helen
Askin, Clarence Ruenholl, Shirley Belle
Askin, George S Gross, Gladys
Askin, Glen Hurley Olson, Gloria Ann
Askin, Hanky Varner, Carola
Askin, Lawrence Lyle LaBree, Rosalie Anna
Atkinson, Richard Elmore, Thelma A
Atkinson, Roger Nelson Mulkey, Violet Elma
Atkinson, Thomas L Freier, Edna Ruth
Auklund, Gudmund Brown, Helen
Aumock, Philip Rankin, Nellie
Austin, Carol Graham, Jayne
Austin, William Wayne Graham, Evelyn
Austin, Winfield Long, Beverly J
Avender, Steve Schlecht, Christina

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