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by Brides

Bride Groom
Tabor, Lucille Kramer, Herman
Tabor, Nellie Corrinnie Stowe, Miles Icle
Taffner, Mildred E Francis, James W
Talkington, Elizabeth Shults, Harold E
Tanner, Sadie G Hennessy,
Tanner, Sadie G Hennessy, Vincent Paul
Taron, Ellen D Word, James G
Tatro, Joan V Peterson, George L
Taylor, Edith McCarthy Kennedy, Ray F
Taylor, Eva Young, Walter
Taylor, Henrice Arline Hestekin, Lyle
Teats, Ella Beardsley, John H
Temple, Irma M Adams, Anthony W
Tennant, Alice Jean Littleton,
Tennant, Alice Jean Beeler, Hartley William
Tetreault, Leona Thompson,
Tetreault, Leona Douthit, Eugene
Tetzloff, Elma L Haberstroh, Herbert H
Tetzman, Hilda L Hansen, Al
Theodorson, Elizabeth Westerfield, Owen H
Theurer, Agnes Katharine Ferderer, Nick
Thielen, Dorothy Steffes, Lawrence H
Thielen, Dorothy Koester Schammel, Albert William
Thielen, Elizabeth Pencracia Rabben, John Joseph
Thielen, Pearl Leach, C Russell
Thielman, Helen Brackel, Christ
Thoemke, Thelma unknown
Thoemke, Thelma Kippley, Werner
Thom, Edna Ann West, Vernon L
Thomas, Betty F Stanhope, Robert W
Thomas, Dorothy Dell Wilcher Rutschke, Henry
Thomas, Hazel Ebner, Elmer R
Thomas, Mary E Gillis, James
Thompson, Anna Christianson, Thorvald
Thompson, Betty B Schoenbeck, Herman G
Thompson, Beulah Swain, A D
Thompson, Cleo Brown, James
Thompson, Esther V Geving, William Charles
Thompson, Grace A Stern, Emanuel A
Thompson, Hilda Sidie, W A
Thompson, Ida M Whitney, John E
Thompson, Inga B Miller, Lester A
Thompson, Ione D Ostenberg, Glen A
Thompson, Irene M Flegel, Frederick
Thompson, Julia S Erickson,
Thompson, Julia S Longfield, Harry A
Thompson, Leona Tetreault Douthit, Eugene
Thompson, Ruth E McManis, Mathew D
Thompson, Susie unknown
Thompson, Susie Taylor, Stephen T
Thomsen, Mamie Martin Egland, Wallace H
Thorne, Marie Boyer, George I
Thorne, Olga Jacobson Swenson, Tom
Thorp, Myrtle Patch,
Thorp, Myrtle Lemke, Fred
Thorsgaard, Evelyn Milda Haugen, Orville J
Thorson, Audrey unknown
Thorson, Audrey Klug, Gerald Norbert
Thorson, Dolores M Shear, Robert E
Thorson, Emelen Ruth Corrigan, John Henry
Thunder-Shield, Julia Hayes, David
Thune, Clara J Paulson, LeRoy C
Tibbits, Jean E Wilson, Warren K
Ticak, Helena Sarich,
Ticak, Helena Bradach, Arasne
Tiedemann, Helen Marie Gundlach, Harold Alvin
Tietz, Muriel C Carlo,
Tietz, Muriel C Schreiner, Theodore H
Tifft, Elizabeth Dabb, John T
Tift, Lela Warner, Frederick A
Timm, Myrtle Finneman, Junior
Timmons, Arah Mann, Harold M
Toftness, Ethel Mae O'Toole,
Toftness, Ethel Mae Timbral, William
Tollefson, Doris Ruth Olson, J Alvin
Tom, Pauline Boughton, Bert D
Tommerdahl, Fern L Kimble, Wilford L
Tornow, LaVernne White, Leo F
Torper, Hilda Fritz, Ernest E
Toth, Anna Mae Henderson Bell, Harry Jr
Tovaas, Harriet Espeseth, Clarence
Townsend, Mary E Bond, Frank L
Tracy, Emily Marie Raynard, John Roy
Trainor, Margaret B Middleton, Walter M
Traversie, Felicia M Traversie, Whitley
Tree Top, Lizzie unknown
Tree Top, Lizzie Chasinghawk, Leo
Trenk, Ethel Elmore, Henry
Trent, Faun Evans,
Trent, Faun Uhrig, Henry S
Trhlik, Rose Koffler,
Trhlik, Rose Anderson, Levi G
Tronstad, Beatrice Knutson, Gerald
Tronstad, Gladys Johnson, Donald C
Tronstad, Inga Kristingood Anderson, A C
Tronstad, Margaret Birtic, Frank
Tronstad, Olga Madler, Joseph
Trosset, Gertrude Tarter, Walter
Trout, Evelyn Grace Hardy, Almon Bernard
Trout, Nellie Shepard, Wallace
Trullinger, Maud Mallough, James W
Trunkhill, Helen L Cornella, Warren
Trynckes, Emma Schmitz, John
Tucker, Allene Jordan, Curtis
Tucker, Billee Maree Williams, Glenn E
Tunby, Edith Johnson, DuWayne
Tunby, Elphie Briggs, Kenneth D
Tunby, Helen Jensen, Delmar J
Tunby, Marie Louise Moe, Henry William
Tuovinen, Leona E Becker, Donald
Turbiville, Esther Nies, Ted E
Turner, Jessie Jacobson, Arnt
Turner, Leota Mendenhall Fischer, Harry H
Tusha, Mame Bunger, Weye Jr
Tway, Florence Feely,
Tway, Florence Shoemaker, Gordon
Tweet, Irene S Paulson, George C

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