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by Brides
Bride Groom
Raade, Hazel Lorene Chadwick, Verland George
Raastad, Emma Enger,
Raastad, Emma Schoff, August
Rabe, Carol Schlepp, Waven
Rabe, Elizabeth Grieve, Frederick
Rabe, JoAnn E Pierce, Ralph D
Rabe, Tillie unknown
Rabe, Tillie Thielen, William
Race, Edith Schoonhoven, Mike
Raether, Caroline Loran Wentz, Otto
Rafferty, Gladys Schulthies,
Rafferty, Gladys Munyon, E H
Rafferty, Marlis Barth, Leo F
Rahn, Susan Knutson, Howard C
Raitchleger, Katherine Miller,
Raitchleger, Katherine Klein, Joseph
Rakes, Reva Eggen, Ray
Rambur, Anna Loran,
Rambur, Anna Schultz, William F
Rambur, Ruby Jean Clement, Thomas J
Ramme, Martha R Langloh, John W
Ramme, Martha Burns, Frank
Ramsey, Helen Beeman, John M
Ramsey, Mary Anderson, George
Ramsey, Maud Cozad, John
Randall, Mabel unknown
Randall, Mabel Saveslife, George M
Randall, Ruby Wood Hughes, Don
Randash, Ida Marie Bickle, Harold L
Rankin, Nellie Aumock, Philip
Ranum, Myrtice Rasmussen, George A
Rasmusen, Esther Ender, John
Rasmussen, Leona Martha West, Daniel E
Rasmussen, Lorraine Shumaker, Payton Jr
Ratliff, Vera May Wolf,
Ratliff, Vera May Cooper, Merle
Rattenberry, Edith Gertrude Becker, William
Raymond, Flora C Graham, Robert C
Reddoor, Arlene J Little Bear, Whitney W
Reddy, Mildred Brown,
Reddy, Mildred Postier, Francis Howard
Redetzke, Anna Gross Lowe, W B
Rediske, Dee Ella Olson, Ogden Delano
Redman, Gladys Williams, Melvin Daniel
Redmon, Hallie Clark, Floyd
Reese, Grace I Salter, Willis V
Reich, Lorine Huether, Walter
Reiche, Mae Payne,
Reiche, Mae Ellingboe, M O
Reid, Betty S Pappas
Reid, Betty S Schlenker, Stanley G
Reiger, Patricia Peckens Schaefer, Merlyn
Reiners, Augusta Beckman, Walter
Reishers, Inez Potter, M J
Rennen, Amanda Marie Hedges, Harry H
Renner, Lila Jane Payne, Roger H
Repplinger, Esther L Munday Nahorn, Charles
Rhine, Ruby Adams,
Rhine, Ruby Baker, George A
Richard, Lavina Derry Myers, Marvin
Richards, Marie Rebecca Barton Shaffer, Harry
Richardson, Ida Blundell Brown, Earl E
Richardson, Lucylle Doerr, Walter H
Richardson, Vera Lutz,
Richardson, Vera Duppong, Eugene John
Richey, Alma Florine Gibson, John Wheeler
Richey, Clarice J Warinner, Raymond G
Richmond, Barbara Bessie Williams, Robert Mearl
Richmond, Etta M Durm, R
Richmond, Sylvia Yvonne Christy,
Richmond, Sylvia Yvonne Bagley, William J
Ridgway, Emiline Cheslay, Isreal
Ridgway, Merva Wellenstein, Nicholas Michael
Riedlinger, Edna F Sterns,
Riedlinger, Edna F Nelson, Harold O
Rieger, Claudia Lausch, Wesley
Rieger, Erna E Miller, Leslie V Jr
Rieger, Lillian Kathryn True, Robert Joseph
Rieger, Marie Diegel, Rudolph
Rieger, Ruby E Hatch, Ralph E
Rieker, Ernastina Hahler, William
Ries, Delores C Paulson, Donald L
Ries, Gertrude M Pugil,
Ries, Gertrude M Blacek, Charles
Rifenberick, Lula Pearl Strait,
Rifenberick, Lula Pearl Mireau, Moses J
Rigen, Dorothy Marie Hegger, Harold Lee
Riley, Cecilia Morrow, George R
Riley, Elizabeth Wilson, Clyde
Riley, Frances LaBree, Harold
Riley, Mary Olivia Johnson, Willis
Riley, Rachel Meier, Carl F
Rink, Elizabeth Jergensen, Alfred
Ripley, Hazel Lola Pendergast, William L
Rishor, Cynthia Poore, Joe E
Ritzko, Polagia E Stommes, Nicholas P
Rivinius, Alvina Wohl, Melvin
Roach, Helen White Bull Mountain, Willis
Robbins, Elva Warner, Frank C
Robbins, Florence Fern Rose,
Robbins, Florence Fern Schouboe, Ronald C
Robbins, Lois Florence Lutts Rose, Carl G
Roberg, Jean Beckman Stenerson, Norman G
Roberts, Adeline Patterson, Kenneth A
Roberts, Evonne Naasz, Rueben
Roberts, Helen Baker, Donald
Robinson, Alma Wright,
Robinson, Alma Haivala, Santi
Robinson, Beulah Fouse, Ralph Lockhart
Robinson, Ethel L Drummond, John D
Robinson, Euphie Fouse, Samuel Probus
Robinson, Madge Hale, Lynn Roy
Rocheleau, Leona O Lynch, Edward M
Rodgers, Audrey E McClure, Winfred H
Roels, Mary Lou Quinlivan, William J
Roesler, Evangeline Wright, Archie L
Roessner, Adele C Rediske, Paul
Roether, Caroline Loran Wentz, Otto
Rogers, Augusta M Miller, R C
Rogers, Edna M Dvorak, James J
Rogers, Florence Josephine Larson, Elmer J
Roget, Olga M Anderson,
Roget, Olga M Westrope, John F
Roggenkamp, Catherine Piskac Williams, George C
Rohde, Caroline Philips, Harold
Rohrig, Omma Brassch, John Fredrich
Rohwer, Hazel Brandemuehl, George
Roland, Mary Roland, Christian S
Rolfsness, Bergit Larson, Conrad
Roll, Olive Rene, Julius
Rolland, Eleanor Paulson, Olaf
Rollins, Ruth E Kubes, George Leroy
Rood, Florence Myrtle Seeley, LeRoy
Rooks, Hazel Ann Pourier, Ben
Roop, Mable Russell
Roop, MableWolf, R R
Root, Georgiana Hoag See, W H
Rose, Alcester Mitchell, J D
Rose, Anita Ewalt Rose, Harry
Rose, Carol M Karch, John Jr
Rose, Elsie Sanborn,
Rose, Elsie Huber, Phil E
Rose, Florence Fern Robbins Schouboe, Ronald C
Rose, Gladys D Parrish, L Newman
Rose, Marie Poncelet, Peter J
Rose, Ora Mae Keener, Ralph
Rose, Viola Stoltenberg,
Rose, Viola Parrish, Clifford
Rose, Wilma Whaley, Aslo
Rosengrant, Elsie Bernice Edmunds, Gerhardt
Rosling, Sophia Rolfsness, Thorvald
Rost, Adele Schlecht, John
Rost, Alice Ann Kochel, Robert V
Rost, Florence Ferrel,
Rost, Florence Wiseman, Vernon
Rost, Rose Marie Hartse, Harry
Rost, Viola May Foreman, Warren C
Roth, Leona D Gunderson, Martin J
Roth, Teresia Metzer,
Roth, Teresia Schulz, Gustar
Rowly, Nellie Sanford, Roger
Roy, Vivian Lorene Gerke, Harold D
Rub, Mabel K Leischner, William J
Rub, Mary Stockfish, William Fred
Ruckman, Charlotte A Millard, Gerald D
Rud, Agnes Faulkner, Emmet
Rud, Borghild Briggs, David L
Rud, Borghild Gjerde, Arnold
Rud, Margaret Mix, Elmo C
Rudie, Edith unknown
Rudie, Edith Mathison, Clifford
Rue, Fern Getz, Oscar
Ruenholl, Shirley Belle Askin, Clarence
Ruger, Lorraine L Meyers, Donald F
Ruhoff, Rosemary Hoffman, Allen
Rumelhart, Ollie Kiser, Ford E
Rumelhart, Ollie Maywald, Robert E
Rumelhart, Vera Marie Wolenetz, Lester Carl
Rushby, Beatrice C Berens Williams, Daniel K
Rusher, Inez Potter, M J
Rushford, Katherine Christiansen, Robert
Russell, Eunice Knipfer McComas, Howard E
Russell, Lilian Draney, D A
Russell, Mable Roop Wolf, R R
Russell, Nora White Kulas, Z E
Rustad, Anna M Rose, Carl G
Rustad, Dolores J Knapp, James H
Ryder, Margie Elaine Kepler,
Ryder, Margie Elaine Sullivan, Ambrose

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