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by Brides
Bride Groom
Oakland, Myrtle Olson, Bert W
Oakland, Pearl Voigt, Emanuel
Oberlin, Anna Thickett, Herbert W
O'Brien, Catherine M Huntley, Gene
O'Brien, Mary Myrtle Brown,
O'Brien, Mary MyrtleBucklin, John A
Ochner, Elizabeth Huber, Simon
O'Connor, Albina Hatton, Conrad
O'Connor, Lona Mae Corey, James R
O'Connor, M Joyce Kristensen, Paul E
O'Connor, Rosemary Snyder, Joseph A
Oddy, Grace Greiner, Parker
Odell, Alice Irene Main, Charles William
Odland, Mary Victoria Miller Peterson, Arthur E
O'Donnell, Elizabeth Shuck, Robert
O'Donnell, Rose Ann Myhre, Everett
O'Donnell, Ruth Rustad, Mervin E
Odou, Helen Margaret Maule, Orville N
Oelkers, Helen E May, Richard E
Oelkers, Vera Lohman,
Oelkers, Vera Kalisiak, John J
Offerdahl, Alice Mary Emick, Marvin
Ogdahl, Ethel Marie Engebretson, Gordon B
Ogrins, Mary Lgavell, Josef
Ohlrich, Annita Pratt, Thomas W
Ohlrich, Jennie Breckenridge, Harry Lee
Ohlrich, Lydia Florence Perry, Johnnie S
Ohlrich, Ruth Wyrick, Dale
O'Keefe, Nina Rachel Clark Mundt, Jewel H
Older, Lottie Meredith,
Older, Lottie Fellows, Edward P
Oldis, Jean Marie Stanhope, Gary Jay
Oldis, Patricia Ann Wiman, Kenneth B
Olesen, Mary L Andersen, Soren C
Olinger, Madeline Geisler, Elmer
Olisrud, Ingeborg Rustan, Ole
Oliver, June Popplewell, John R
Olivette, Lena Hanby, Robert L
Olmstead, Etta Bowman,
Olmstead, Etta Bowmer, William Matthew
Olsen, Barbara Margaret Brant, John Walter
Olsen, Florence Lorena Hubbard Helland, Halward O
Olsen, Joyce Elaine Moody, Charles E
Olsen, Millie H Swanson, Edward A
Olsen, Stella E Potterton, Elmer J
Olsen, Thea Berntson, Bernt Sigvard
Olson, Agda Wifall, Noel
Olson, Amanda Walker Bennett, Leo
Olson, Ann Anderson,
Olson, Ann Anderson, Alfred
Olson, Astrid Davidson, Odin
Olson, Carole O'Donnell, Herbert
Olson, Elma Robinson, Wallis H
Olson, Florence Y Mrnak, Theodore J
Olson, Gloria Ann Askin, Glen Hurley
Olson, Harriet Helen Wheeler, George Richard
Olson, Ida L Thomas, William R
Olson, Inga Ness Wilson, Howard L
Olson, Jennie Wold,
Olson, Jennie Sipma, John
Olson, Joyce Poole,
Olson, Joyce Olson, Carl H
Olson, Lyla Jensen, Jens
Olson, Mary M McCown, James
Olson, Mattie Bengtson,
Olson, Mattie Moe, Henry A
Olson, Myrtle Peterson, Knute
Olson, Phyllis LaVoy, Warren J
Olson, Shirley Strehlow, Roger
Olson, Sylvia Hebert, Raoul M
Olson, Virginia Meisner, Earl
Ondrasek, Etta Mae Mikkelson, Merle J
O'Neill, LaDaska Timm, Richard Allen
Opperman, Lola Rustad, George
Orton, Inez I Kreagor, Leonard R
Orton, Irena Kreager, L Vern
Orton, Ruby Morrison, Emerald E
Ostby, Evelyn unknown
Ostby, Evelyn Coles, Alfred D
Ostenberg, Alice Sandal Rogne, Arthur
Oster, Ida Schram Youck, Dan
Oster, Lenora Williamson Ellison, Martin
Oster, Louisa Schell,
Oster, Louisa Quenzer, Fred J
Ostoj, Elsie Plough, Raymond B
Ostoj, Marie Faris, Merlin
Otis, Kate Nonsen, Tony
O'Toole, Ethel Mae Toftness Timbral, William
Otto, Anna M Haley, James William
Overland, Myrtle Paulson Fisher, Ludvik
Overn, Clarice M Curry, James L
Overn, Olive A Odell, Melvin E
Owen, Floretta E Compton, Austin J
Owen, Helen A Wilson, Donald A
Owen, Mary Genre Tauck, William
Owens, Betty J Thorsen, Luke E
Owens, Nina N Willett Brewer, Jess L
Owing, Eyelyn Idler, Godfrey

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