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by Brides
Bride Groom
Naert, Ludwina Van Kier,
Naert, Ludwina Van Daele, Julius
Nash, Mangselia Bengts Eggebo, Ole
Nash, Thelma V Drolc, Andrew L
Nass, Beatrice Scarf, Robert C
Nasset, Anna Celander,
Nasset, Anna Peterson, Andrew
Nasset, Anna June Carver, Oliver Jean
Nasset, Ella Nasset, Edward
Nath, Elizabeth Hjelm, George
Nath, Mable I Shafer, Glenn
Nath, Mable I Tennant, Orval E
Naugle, Grace Gross, Joe
Neary, Esther Geneva Howe, William K
Neary, Jessie M Howe Neary, Gerald O
Neary, Virginia Hudson, Delbert
Needham, Genevive Sinclair, Bentley
Neff, Margaret Marie Lebeda,
Neff, Margaret Marie Kasper, James Richard
Nehl, Edna Marie Doyle, John M
Nehrbass, La Verne Comstock, Theron Myron
Nelson, Agnes O Enger, Milton W
Nelson, Amy G Lyford, Earl
Nelson, Christina Freeberg,
Nelson, ChristinaStewart, Carey E
Nelson, Dorothea Heitz, Joe
Nelson, Eda Gausemel,
Nelson, Eda Berge, Knute
Nelson, Eda Kavorkian, Albert
Nelson, Florence Bagley, Delbert
Nelson, Julia Sense, Robert
Nelson, Mabel McAllister, W H
Nelson, Mabel Helena Paulson, Carl N
Nelson, Margaret Simmons,
Nelson, Margaret Dodds, Joseph Louis
Nelson, Maureen J Pomeroy, Mark
Nelson, Norma L Stafne, Arne
Nelson, Olive P Norman, I B
Nelson, Vina L Thrams, Raymond
Nelson, Virginia Ann Ulschak, George Andrew
Ness, Frances L Rosevold, G Norton
Ness, Inga Olson,
Ness, Inga Wilson, Howard L
Ness, Louise Mulkey, David
Ness, Nora Everson, Francis G
Nessen, Edna Bono, Calvin M
Nester, Dorothy Gore, Glenn
Nester, Francis A Monson, John O
Newbarry, Alice Hedges, Harry H
Newell, Amelia M unknown
Newell, Amelia M Twiford, Hiram L
Newell, Carren Coldwell, Bobbie Kit
Newell, Lucille Corcoran, Earl L
Newman, Maymie Lou Simmons Baranski, John
Nichols, Bethleta Chilton, Albert Sidney
Nichols, Grace Crichfield, Chester M
Nichols, Marjorie Lewis,
Nichols, Marjorie Berkelo, Andrew
Nichols, Minnie E Cox Ideker, Chris H
Nicholson, Dorothy Fern Hasty, Glenn L
Nicholson, Frances Lamb Carlson, Billy F
Nicholson, Frances Louise Lamb, Ernest Carlton
Nielson, Marie Dalhaug,
Nielson, Marie Brustuen, Syver
Nies, Eulalie Richards, Fay
Nies, Marcella Gundlach, Walter J
Noftsker, Belva Braatz, Ralph A
Noftsker, Belva Braatz, Ralph
Noftsker, Elnora Williamson, Presley C
Noftsker, Julia Ann Young, Milo Harvey
Noftsker, Laura Kreager, Andrew W
Noggle, June O'Neill, Richard
Noggle, Leona May Myers, Glenn A
Nolley, Rachel McAffee
Nolley, Rachel Bickle, William F
Nordby, Helen Narveson, Lyder
Nordtvedt, Cora Luetta Roesler, Virgil J
Norem, Mavis Anderson, Alvin E
Norman, Helen Elenore Ames, Harry O
Norman, Irene Baden, Arthur
Norman, Olga H Selle, A M
North, Doris Householder, Lynn H
North, Gertrude Irvine, Robert W
North, Iva Josephine Blaser, Bryden L
North, Ruby Maxine Callen, Marion Jerold
Northveit, Hilda E Corneil, Earl D
Norton, Eileen M Werre, Theodore
Notton, Mary Rebecca Copp, Laurence A
Nottveit, Marie Bertz, Charles M
Nowlin, Norma Jean Bilges, Jerome H
Nyock, Francis Cleaveland, Loring

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