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by Brides
Bride Groom
Jackson, Gayle Burke Harris, David C
Jackson, Lila Boggs, Orville
Jackson, Thelma May Andrews Gallagher, Joseph
Jacobson, Alma Florence Gray, Adrian Walter
Jacobson, Anna Mathea Comstock, Merl Ivan
Jacobson, Carrie A Budde, William H
Jacobson, Esther Yonash, Frank
Jacobson, Eva Muriel River, Elmer W
Jacobson, Helen Solem Bjorum,
Jacobson, Helen Solem Beesley, Francis Clare
Jacobson, Josephine C Yegge,
Jacobson, Josephine C Middleton, Leo
Jacobson, Minnie Rear, William A
Jacobson, Olga Thorne,
Jacobson, Olga Swenson, Tom
Jacobson, Stella Jones, Carl Lawrence
Jacques, Lena M Sonders, Joseph T
Jafek, Carol Jean Scheuffele, Victor R
Jahn, Florence A Irish, Carlton
Jalbert, Stella Freymiller, William
James, Gladys Howe, Clifford L
James, Idora Dennis, Willam War
Jamieson, Jacqueline Fern Pruess, Vernon
Janvrin, Mary Plough, John W Jr
Janz, Alice Hegg, Charles E
Janz, Amelia Schopp, John J
Janz, Anna Schott, Edward
Janz, Edna Mothershead, Albin John
Janz, Lillian E Leischner, Clarence A
Janz, Pauline Gill, Edwin L
Jarratt, Anna Fleming, James S
Jarratt, Elsie Smith, Charles Howard
Jarratt, Etola Shumaker, Samuel J
Jaseph, Esther Kosbad Meyers, Walter
Jauntis, Alice Divine, Charlie
Jeffers, Mable Miller, Vernon
Jeffers, Myrtle I Woods, Alvin
Jehle, Margaret Kelly Quick Jackson, Lloyd S
Jennewein, Barbara Jesfield, Bennie A
Jensen, Julia Schmidt, Robert E
Jensen, Louise Hasche, Hugh
Jensen, Lucille Larson, W Raymond
Jensen, Martha Boheman Pickerel, Gleeta E
Jensen, Palma M Nims, Creon H
Jensen, Silver Roth, Walter J
Jensen, Virginia A Huddlleston, Wallace
Jeschke, Florence Chandler Laabs, Henry E
Jesfield, Austine Stein, Heming
Jesfield, Minnie Mauro, George
Jesfield, Minnie Madler, Charles
Jessup, Ethel May Russell, Richard M
Jochim, Katherine Zimmerman, Richard
Johns, Ada Webber, Percy John
Johnson, Agness Leona Nitcy, James A
Johnson, Alice Mae Bope, Lynn E
Johnson, Amanda Mattson, John
Johnson, Edith Therese Lewis, George A
Johnson, Edna Birks, Forrest
Johnson, Eleanor Engelberg Peterson, Fred W
Johnson, Ellen Grace Harrison, Benjamin F
Johnson, Ethel Elness, Ernest
Johnson, Ethel H Williams, Joe F
Johnson, Evelyn Skretteberg, Morville
Johnson, Fern R Lovec, Rudolph A
Johnson, Hattie N Boyce, Elmer E
Johnson, Helen M Warner, William R
Johnson, Ione Coldwell, Russell
Johnson, Irene Lucille Kesler, Jack
Johnson, Irene T Wiman, Holger
Johnson, Jordis J Cooley, Oscar
Johnson, Joy Rave, William L
Johnson, Joy Ann Hayden, Merle
Johnson, Julia Edda Thomas, W H
Johnson, Kora Nitschke, Richard A
Johnson, Marcia Anne C Vandervort, William C Jr
Johnson, Martha Anderson, Otis
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth Williams, John Danial
Johnson, Minnie Logan,
Johnson, Minnie Osterhout, William
Johnson, Ruth Benjamin, Wesley J
Johnson, Viola Beckler, Leonard
Johnston, Jeanne J McCord, Francis C
Johnston, Myrtle Yates, Bert
Johnston, Verna Ann Anfinson, Avel A
Johnstone, Josephine Frelick, Anthony A
Joles, Dolores Otto unknown
Joles, Dolores Otto Trabert, Walter Harry
Jolly, Florence Bowmer, Roy Elsworth
Jones, Bernice Cooper, Gale
Jones, Frieda Paul Kelly, Thomas J
Jones, Ila B Shakstad, Oscar P
Jones, Sally L Abernathy Mullaney, J C
Jonson, Josephine Enquest, William
Jordan, Caroline Loone, Edward
Jordan, Frances Mary LaBree, John E
Jordan, Frances M McKee, Joseph A
Jordan, Genevieve J Egland, Vern H
Jordan, Luella Belle Lintvedt, Charles L
Jordan, Ruby Harpster, Harry
Jorde, Elaine E Pfenning, Robert A
Jorgenson, Hilda West, Harold
Jorgenson, Nell R Urban, Charles B
Jorgenson, Pat Curry, John
Jotormson, Emily Marie Tracy,
Jotormson, Emily Marie Raynard, John Roy
Judd, Jessie E Wiman, Sten J
Jugenitz, Mary Schroeder,
Jugenitz, Mary Bagstad, Gust
Justesen, Betty Kepler, Edwin H

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