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Vital Records
Oberlander (boy) Plevna, MT 21 May 1928 Jacob Oberlander  
Oberlander Clarence Plevna, MT 17 Dec 1930 Jacob Oberlander  
Oberlander Leonard Edward Plevna, MT 25 Jul 1936 Jacob Oberlander  
Obermueller Hal Edward Baker, MT 11 Oct 1959 Arnold Obermueller  
O'Brien (girl) Plevna, MT 9 Jun 1917 Ed P O'Brien  
O'Brien (girl) Plevna, MT 9 Sep 1924 E P O'Brien  
O'Brien Catherine Plevna, MT 29 Nov 1930 Michael O'Brien  
O'Brien Michel Plevna, MT 22 May 1932    
O'Brien May Frances   2 Jun 1936    
O'Connell Kimberly Mae Baker, MT 25 Sep 1980 Kevin O'Connell  
O'Connor Martin James Baker, MT 29 Jul 1933 James O'Connor  
O'Connor Mary Joyce Baker, MT 13 May 1934    
O'Connor Walter Baker, MT 21 Mar 1942 Neil O'Connor  
O'Connor Michael Lee Baker, MT 19 May 1945 Neil O'Connor  
O'Connor John William Baker, MT 10 Feb 1948    
O'Connor Daniel Raymond Baker, MT 21 Aug 1953 James O'Connor  
O'Connor Jody Baker, MT 1 May 1958 Dick O'Connor  
O'Connor Kathleen Marie Baker, MT 26 Aug 1960    
O'Connor Carol JoAnn Baker, MT 26 Apr 1963 Martin James O'Connor  
O'Connor (boy) Baker, MT 18 Aug 1965 Richard James O'Connor  
O'Connor (girl) Baker, MT 12 Nov 1965 Neil O'Connor Jr  
O'Connor Timmothy Kevin Baker, MT 21 Nov 1966 Martin James O'Connor  
O'Connor Gary James Baker, MT 24 May 1971 Martin James O'Connor  
O'Connor Troy Don Baker, MT 17 Jan 1971 Neil O'Connor Jr  
O'Connor Josi Marie Plevna, MT 3 Sep 1973 Nick O'Connor  
O'Connor Tyree James Baker, MT 25 Jul 1975 Jack O'Connor  
O'Connor (girl) Baker, MT   Apr 1976 Nick O'Connor  
O'Connor Dirk Raymond Plevna, MT 26 Nov 1981 Dan O'Connor  
O'Connor Troy James Plevna, MT 4 Feb 1984 Dan O'Connor might be 1983
O'Connor Ashley Rae Baker, MT 11 Feb 1987 Jack O'Connor  
O'Connor Jordan Janell Houston, TX 26 Nov 1993 Jim & Karleen O'Connor  
O'Connor Rebecca Shannon   8 Feb 1995 Tim & Lisa O'Connor  
Odegaard Judy Kathryn Baker, MT 29 Feb 1948    
O'Donald (girl) Baker, MT 11 Aug 1928 Mark O'Donald  
O'Donnell (girl) Baker, MT 27 Dec 1917 Michael O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Herbert Baker, MT 5 Mar 1931 Mike O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Betty Jean Baker, MT 15 Feb 1936 Mike O'Donnell  
O'Donnell James Robert Baker, MT 6 Jun 1945 Robert O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Raymond M. Wendover, UT 27 May 1946    
O'Donnell Michael William Baker, MT 8 Mar 1947 Ray O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Molly Kay Baker, MT 17 Feb 1948 Ray O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Kathryn Ann Baker, MT 22 Mar 1949 Ray O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Daniel Raymond Baker, MT 19 Mar 1950 Ray O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Sheila Baker, MT 20 Feb 1953 Francis O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Thomas Francis Baker, MT 24 Aug 1954 Francis O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Elizabeth Esther Baker, MT 8 Aug 1955 Raymond O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Rebecca Baker, MT 13 May 1957 Ray O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Timothy Ralph Baker, MT 12 Sep 1957 Francis O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Patrick Shane Baker, MT 9 Nov 1958 Ray O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Scott Daniel Baker, MT 11 May 1958 Herb O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Laureen Rae Baker, MT 29 Mar 1960    
O'Donnell Irene Faye Baker, MT 17 Jul 1961 Herb O'Donnell  
O'Donnell (boy) Baker, MT 5 Feb 1962    
O'Donnell Sharon Baker, MT 31 Jul 1962    
O'Donnell Thadd Buffalo, WY 23 Sep 1966 Mike O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Casey Thomas Buffalo, WY 28 Apr 1969 Mike O'Donnell Formerly of Baker
O'Donnell (girl) Baker, MT 15 Feb 1974 Herb O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Nicole Rae Baker, MT 30 Mar 1977 Dan O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Jill Mauvee Baker, MT 4 Feb 1978 Mike O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Gina Rae Baker, MT 13 Aug 1981 Patrick Shane O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Ashlee Noell Baker, MT 11 Dec 1983 Patrick Shane O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Joshua Todd Glendive, MT 6 Apr 1983 Todd O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Jordan Patrick Baker, MT 28 May 1987 Patrick Shane O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Derrick Lee Colorado Spg, 12 Feb 1990 Vance & Kim O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Danielle Michelle Dickinson 17 Sep 1991 Thadd & Traci O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Payton C. Baker, MT 21 Aug 1992 Vance & Kim O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Seth Michael Torrington, W 13 Dec 1993 Thadd & Traci O'Donnell  
O'Donnell Mikema Marie Baker, MT 22 Aug 1995 Vance & Kim O'Donnell  
O'Donnell           Francis O'Donnell  
O'Donnell   Baker, MT       Ray O'Donnell  
O'Donnell   Baker, MT       Ray O'Donnell  
Ogdahl Mark Ray Baker, MT 21 Nov 1970 Raymond Ogdahl  
Ogdahl Gregory William Baker, MT 8 May 1972 Ray Ogdahl  
Ohlrich Carole Elizabeth Plevna, MT 1 Aug 1936 William Ohlrich  
Ohlrich Ruth Alice Plevna, MT 5 Nov 1940 William Ohlrich  
Okins John Marmarth, ND   Jan 1931 Leonard Okins  
Oldis Jane Marie Ollie, MT 3 Nov 1935 Harold Oldis  
Olinger (boy) Webster, MT 10 Oct 1925 Mat Olinger  
Olinger (boy) Baker, MT 29 Nov 1929 Mat Olinger  
Oliver Vaughn Foster Baker, MT 1 Oct 1934 Foster Oliver  
Oliver (boy) Camp Crook, S 13 Apr 1954 Lewis S Oliver  
O'Loughlin (boy) Baker, MT 13 Jul 1916 William O'Loughlin dates are wrong - should be 21 Jun 1917
Olsen Gary Arthur Baker, MT 11 Jan 1953    
Olson Anna Seattle, WA 16 Mar 1984   90 th Birthday Former
Olson (boy) Baker, MT 15 Dec 1926 Theo Olson  
Olson Betty Ann Ollie, MT 5 Feb 1930 Winfred Olson  
Olson Jean Mildred, MT 2 Mar 1930 John Olson  
Olson Stanley Leroy Sunbrota, MN 29 Mar 1932 W A Olson  
Olson Willa Jean Baker, MT 3 Nov 1934 William Olson Jr  
Olson Richard Keith Marmarth, ND 25 Jan 1941 Gordon Olson  
Olson Judith Ann Marmarth, ND 14 Jan 1946 Gordon Olson  
Olson Brenda Jean Baker, MT 11 Aug 1947 Dale Olson  
Olson Donna Marie Baker, MT 6 Jan 1948    
Olson Pamela Fay Baker, MT 4 Feb 1954 Dale Olson  
Olson (boy) Rhame, ND 12 Jun 1955 Oakly Olson  
Olson Jodie Lynn Miles City, M 6 Jan 1958 E A Olson  
Olson Aaron Francis Baker, MT 4 Mar 1960    
Olson Curtis Baker, MT 3 Apr 1963 LeLand Helmer Olson  
Olson Kirk Jon Baker, MT 30 Jun 1966 Dale Olson  
Olson Anna Baker, MT 16 Mar 1973   89th Birthday
Olson Anne Margaret Moorehead, MN 8 Jul 1981 Jim Olson  
Olson Keith Martin Glendive, MT 17 Jan 1983 Tom Olson  
Olson Angela Kristine Glendive, MT 20 Jun 1984 Tom Olson  
Olson Anna Baker, MT         95th Birthday
Olson Anna Baker, MT         96th Birthday
Olson Anna Baker, MT         91st Birthday
Olson Ruby Miles City, MT         80th Birthday
Olson   Baker, MT       Orville Olson  
Ondrasek (girl) Baker, MT 16 May 1918 Joseph Ondrasek  
O'Neil (boy) Baker, MT 7 Oct 1931 James O'Neil  
O'Neil LaDaska J. Willard, MT 27 Mar 1934 James O'Neil  
O'Neil David Baker, MT 12 Dec 1937 James O'Neil  
O'Neil (girl) Faith, SD 19 Dec 1961 Pat O'Neil  
O'Neil Kimberly Lee Miles City, M 6 Mar 1962 David O'Neil  
O'Neil Michael David Libby, MT 28 Dec 1967 Pat O'Neil  
O'Neil (boy) Terry, MT 25 Dec 1969 Frank O'Neil  
O'Neil (boy) Billings, MT 12 Sep 1971 David O'Neil  
Opp Reuben Jacob Plevna, MT 21 Jan 1932 Jacob Opp  
Opp Loretta   16 Jul 1941    
Opp Jane LaVonne Baker, MT 21 Sep 1949 Emil Opp  
Opp Sharon Ann Baker, MT 10 Oct 1949 Richard Opp  
Orton (boy) Ollie, MT 27 Jan 1930 Russell Orton  
Orton Della Jean Ollie, MT 28 Nov 1932 Russell Orton  
Orton (boy) Ollie, MT 25 Apr 1933 Callie Orton  
Orton Gladys Joan Ollie, MT 30 May 1935    
Orton (boy) Ollie, MT 18 Mar 1937 Callie Orton  
Orton Richard L. Baker, MT 22 Jun 1939    
Osland Heather Dawn Page, ND 7 Aug 1981 Robert Osland  
Osmon David Patrick Baker, MT 12 May 1981 Doug Osmon  
Osmon Janalee Baker, MT 14 Feb 1983 Doug Osmon  
Oswald Kathryn Margaret Ismay, MT 22 Jan 1935 Fred Oswald  
Oswald Betty Agnes Baker, MT 25 Jan 1937    
Oswald Irvine Christ Baker, MT 3 Feb 1940    
Otter Robert E. Baker, MT 15 Sep 1932 Charles M Otter might be 14 Sep 1932
Otter Gordon Dale Baker, MT 27 Feb 1934 Charles Otter  
Ovens Shirley Rae Baker, MT 16 Sep 1936 James Ovens  
Overstreet (boy) Roseburg, OR 29 Mar 1962 Max Overstreet  
Overton Mark Baker, MT 7 Sep 1954 Tom Overton  
Overton Todd Richard Baker, MT 12 Oct 1955 Tom Overton  
Overton (girl) Baker, MT 12 Mar 1962 Tom Overton  
Overton Mandi Danielle Baker, MT 4 Aug 1987 Todd Overton  
Overton Marnee Marie Baker, MT 10 Feb 1989 Todd Overton  
Overton Bryan Thomas Baker, MT 7 Dec 1991 Todd Richard Overton  
Owen Eva Jane Baker, MT 31 Jul 1927 Lloyd Owen  
Owens (girl) Baker, MT 4 Sep 1954 William Owens  
Owens (girl) Baker, MT 22 Jul 1954 Willett D Owens  
Owens (girl) Baker, MT 2 Apr 1963 Laverne Owens  
Owens Leah Denee Baker, MT 5 Feb 1963    
Owens Breeann Shara Baker, MT 7 Feb 1985 Tom Owens Twin of Britt William
Owens Britt William Baker, MT 7 Feb 1985 Tom Owens Twin of Breeann Shara
Owens Thomas Jordan Baker, MT 30 Mar 1987 Tom Owens  
Owens   Baker, MT       Bill Owens  
Oxford Robert Knobs, MT 6 Aug 1926 Bert Oxford  
Oxford Georgia Kay Ekalaka, MT 7 Jun 1948 George Oxford  
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