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Anaconda Catholic Cemetery
(Also known as Calvary Cenetery)

Hill Cemetery
(See below)
(Was probably the early cemetery and now known as Upper Hill; therefore,
burials in the 1880s & early 1900s maybe in Upper Hill Cemetery.  
Contact cemetery supervisor at (406) 563-4071 for more information.)

Montana State Hospital Cemetery
Montana State Hospital Cemetery & 
Warm Springs State Hospital Cemetery 
are one and the same.


Please note: The authorities of this hospital will not allow anyone to go into the Montana State Hospital Cemetery and take photos of the graves due to privacy issues. Very few markers or headstones exist in the cemetery. The only way it may be possible to visit and photograph any graves is if you are a relative of the deceased and have an appointment at the hospital. An administrator will take you into the cemetery.

Lower Hill Cemetery

Upper Hill Cemetery

Mount Carmel Cemetery

Mount Olivet Cemetery

New Hill Cemetery

Norton Cemetery

Odd Fellows Cemetery

Sunset Memorial Gardens
Located at Gregson, between Butte and Anaconda
Listed under Butte-Silver Bow County, MT

For cemetery records or questions, contact:

Mike Marker, Cemetery Supervisor
Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Courthouse
800 S. Main Street
Anaconda, MT 59711
(406) 563-4071



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