List of Chouteau County Civil War Pensioners-1883

Name Fort Comment
Carroll, Patrick Ft. Assinaboine wound left forearm, right thigh
Siegfried, Jacob H. Ft. Benton injured back, diseased kidneys
Van Blarcuin, Josephine Ft. Benton widow
Babbage, John S. Ft. Benton minors of
McElhinny, William Ft. Benton chronic rheumatism
Fallon, Patrick Ft. Benton gun shot wound both thighs, injury to abdomen
Fitzgerald, James Ft. Benton partial deafness
Robbins, George M. Ft. Benton gun shot wound left thigh
Coe, Almonzo B. Ft. Benton diseased lungs
Conniff, Peter H. Ft. Benton chronic rheumatism

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