These are all the known locations of any type in the county.

Location Location Type Latitude Longitude
Agnes Bob and Noel Dam dam 475454N 1101900W
Agricultural Museum and Center of Montana building 474930N 1103956W
Alder Creek stream 473356N 1102300W
Alkali Coulee valley 475249N 1111346W
Alkali Coulee valley 480058N 1100703W
Amphitheater Tunnel Number 4 tunnel 473306N 1105541W
Antelope Butte summit 473110N 1101025W
Antelope Coulee valley 474039N 1095610W
Antelope Coulee valley 474744N 1110453W
Antelope Flat flat 474751N 1110926W
Antelope Lake lake 474738N 1110719W
Antelope School (historical) school 474705N 1110647W
Apple School (historical) school 475548N 1105833W
Archers Island island 475639N 1102613W
Argonne School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Arnouxs Ranch (historical) locale 473500N 1104720W
Arrow Peak summit 472532N 1103132W
Artic Dam dam 475430N 1101300W
Ashmoor (historical) ppl 480348N 1111930W
Ashmoor Post Office (historical) po 480348N 1111930W
Ashmoor School (historical) school 480348N 1111930W
Assneyewin Ridge ridge 481309N 1094739W
Aznoe (historical) ppl 475730N 1111923W
Aznoe Number 1 Dam dam 480412N 1111718W
Aznoe Post Office (historical) po 475730N 1111923W
Aznoe School (historical) school 475734N 1112033W
Baack School (historical) school 475220N 1105326W
Baba Blacksheep Dam dam 475830N 1095600W
Back Coulee valley 473106N 1103515W
Baker Bar island 475020N 1103711W
Bar Z F Ranch locale 480558N 1110652W
Barrel Spring spring 474951N 1102824W
Bear Gulch valley 473038N 1103036W
Beaver Creek stream 472553N 1103448W
Bees Hive Dam dam 475048N 1105654W
Beirwagen Dam dam 480624N 1102342W
Belt Creek Tunnel Number 5 tunnel 473319N 1105646W
Benton Eye Clinic hospital 474911N 1104012W
Benton Lake Elementary School school 474345N 1110145W
Benton Medical Clinic hospital 474909N 1104008W
Benton RV Park locale 474935N 1103918W
Berry Coulee valley 475244N 1111342W
Bessette Ranch locale 481038N 1103700W
Big Bend School (historical) school 475825N 1101324W
Big Coulee valley 472555N 1103443W
Big Coulee valley 472847N 1100104W
Big Coulee valley 472740N 1104231W
Big Coulee (historical) locale 474520N 1104915W
Big Lake lake 473756N 1102409W
Big Sag valley 473452N 1104759W
Big Sag ppl 473552N 1104246W
Big Sag (historical) locale 473552N 1104246W
Big Sag Creek stream 473626N 1103647W
Big Sag Lake lake 473609N 1104333W
Big Sag School (historical) school 473552N 1104246W
Big Sandy ppl 481043N 1100641W
Big Sandy locale 481044N 1100646W
Big Sandy Airport airport 480944N 1100647W
Big Sandy Branch Library building 481043N 1100641W
Big Sandy Cemetery cemetery 481048N 1100717W
Big Sandy Christian Fellowship Assembly of God Church church 481043N 1100641W
Big Sandy Community Church of God church 481043N 1100641W
Big Sandy High School school 481045N 1100657W
Big Sandy Medical Center hospital 481045N 1100628W
Big Sandy Medical Center Long Term Care hospital 481045N 1100628W
Big Sandy Police Department building 481043N 1100641W
Big Sandy Post Office po 481041N 1100635W
Big Sandy Trailer Court ppl 481043N 1100641W
Big Willow Cemetery cemetery 472459N 1104440W
Bills Spring spring 480154N 1093522W
Birch Creek stream 474455N 1093430W
Birch Creek School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Bird Coulee valley 474621N 1104616W
Bird Coulee School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Birkeland Reservoir reservoir 474134N 1104658W
Birkeland Reservoir Dam dam 474130N 1104700W
Bishop Creek stream 473237N 1103254W
Black Bluff Rapids rapids 475443N 1102815W
Black Bluffs cliff 475439N 1102720W
Black Butte summit 481412N 1103237W
Black Butte School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Black Canyon valley 480943N 1094515W
Black Coulee valley 474346N 1105655W
Black Coulee valley 481141N 1103619W
Black Mountain summit 480930N 1094159W
Black Rock pillar 473930N 1102234W
Black Rock summit 475631N 1101103W
Black Rock School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Blue Baron Dam dam 475524N 1101554W
Boggs Island island 480048N 1101623W
Boneau ppl 481726N 1095138W
Boneau Reservoir reservoir 481754N 1095137W
Bonneau Dam dam 481748N 1095100W
Bonneau Reservoir reservoir 481748N 1095100W
Booth Dam dam 474018N 1104000W
Boyd Creek stream 472710N 1102738W
Boyle Coulee valley 474758N 1103229W
Boyle Gulch valley 472904N 1103747W
Bramlette Dam dam 474124N 1104148W
Breeston Post Office (historical) po 474915N 1112427W
Briese School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Briggs Creek stream 472823N 1103522W
Broker Coulee valley 473105N 1103515W
Bronec School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Brown Coulee valley 473632N 1103858W
Browns Well School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Brule Bar island 475244N 1103007W
Bucks Bridge bridge 475120N 1105800W
Buckskin Butte summit 473011N 1101307W
Bullberry Coulee valley 475750N 1105205W
Bullhead Coulee valley 474558N 1105212W
Butcher Knife Canyon valley 475212N 1100338W
Butte Creek stream 472734N 1100605W
Cairo (historical) locale 480358N 1101428W
Camp Creek stream 481520N 1095915W
Canavan Bench bench 474144N 1095212W
Cantigny School (historical) school 474945N 1095517W
Canyon, The valley 474844N 1103952W
Cap Rock Ridge ridge 474326N 1095117W
Carl O'Hara Ranch locale 474615N 1103339W
Carter ppl 474652N 1105720W
Carter locale 474652N 1105720W
Carter Cemetery cemetery 474708N 1105737W
Carter City Park park 474652N 1105720W
Carter Ferry locale 474538N 1105347W
Carter Ferry Fishing Access Site locale 474526N 1105354W
Carter Methodist Church church 474652N 1105720W
Carter Mountain summit 473337N 1103128W
Carter Post Office po 474652N 1105720W
Carter School school 474658N 1105728W
Castor Dam dam 480736N 1104336W
Castor School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Cecil Coulee valley 473055N 1103105W
Cecil Spring spring 480151N 1093537W
Centennial Mills Incorporated Elevator locale 481043N 1100641W
Centennial Mountain summit 481234N 1095010W
Center School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Central Montana Cooperative Elevator locale 473613N 1101554W
Chalk Cliffs cliff 473050N 1100938W
Chappell (historical) locale 475605N 1102954W
Chase Hill summit 474802N 1093352W
Cherry Coulee valley 474553N 1105057W
Cherry Coulee School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Chimney Creek stream 472645N 1102815W
Chimney Rock summit 475726N 1101140W
Chimney Rock Coulee valley 475709N 1105205W
Chinaman Hill summit 475153N 1104419W
Chinamans Dinner Dam dam 473830N 1104954W
Chip Creek stream 475619N 1103429W
Chip Creek stream 474411N 1093920W
Chip Dipper Dam dam 474636N 1094230W
Chipman School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Chouteau County civil 475200N 1102800W
Chouteau County Courthouse building 474904N 1104014W
Chouteau County Fairgrounds locale 474825N 1104045W
Chouteau County Free Library building 474908N 1104002W
Chouteau County Memorial Bridge bridge 474855N 1104000W
Chouteau County Sheriffs Office building 474904N 1104014W
Christ Lutheran Church church 481043N 1100641W
Churchill Bend bend 475702N 1102228W
Churchill Butte summit 475238N 1102453W
Circut Breaker Dam dam 475048N 1095812W
Citadel Rock pillar 474955N 1100423W
Clark Creek stream 473100N 1103425W
Clear Lake lake 474502N 1101855W
Clear Lake Cemetery cemetery 474623N 1101505W
Clear Lake Post Office (historical) po 474730N 1101640W
Clear Lake School (historical) school 474700N 1101700W
Clearwater School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Clinard Coulee valley 474534N 1094414W
Clutchbaugh Coulee valley 474903N 1094252W
Coal Banks Bridge bridge 480222N 1101357W
Coal Banks Coulee valley 480219N 1101350W
Coal Banks Landing ppl 480202N 1101338W
Coal Coulee valley 474550N 1093709W
Coal Creek School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Coal Mine Coulee valley 475235N 1100357W
Coal Mine Coulee valley 481239N 1100207W
Coal Spur (historical) locale 481128N 1100545W
Coalbanks Campground locale 480205N 1101330W
Coalbanks Recreation Area park 480205N 1101330W
Cofield School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Collins School (historical) school 475504N 1103133W
Colony Bay (historical) ppl 480150N 1103642W
Colony Bay Post Office (historical) po 480150N 1103642W
Comet Dam dam 475018N 1094800W
Community Bible Church church 474912N 1104002W
Community United Methodist Church church 473607N 1101606W
Conley Post Office (historical) po 475503N 1100313W
Connelly School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Connely Creek stream 480313N 1093622W
Coolie (historical) locale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Cornett Fish Dam dam 481242N 1101136W
Corral Creek stream 472727N 1102735W
Cottonwood Bottom basin 474708N 1104247W
Council Island island 474405N 1093642W
Cowan Reservoir reservoir 481533N 1095415W
Cowan Reservoir reservoir 481530N 1095400W
Cowan Reservoir Dam dam 481530N 1095400W
Cowboy Creek stream 472700N 1100500W
Crocon du Nez cliff 475230N 1103550W
Crooked Coulee valley 475907N 1100631W
Crow Coulee valley 475856N 1102029W
Crow Coulee Bar island 475914N 1101944W
Crow Coulee Post Office (historical) po 475452N 1102500W
Crow Coulee School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Cut Bank Coulee valley 475622N 1100400W
Cut Bank Coulee valley 474053N 1100020W
D and S RV Park locale 474830N 1104052W
Dammel Reservoir reservoir 474232N 1100824W
Dammel Reservoir Dam dam 474224N 1100854W
Damrose School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Dark Butte summit 474637N 1095556W
Davidson Post Office (historical) po 474405N 1102700W
Davis School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Day School (historical) school 480152N 1103407W
Deadman Coulee valley 473528N 1104938W
Deadman Coulee valley 474014N 1095014W
Deadman Rapids rapids 474314N 1094140W
Deer Creek stream 472812N 1103611W
Deigratia Dam dam 470748N 1094448W
Deirdre Dam dam 480712N 1094154W
Delilah Dam dam 475130N 1094106W
Dent Bridge bridge 475237N 1111147W
Deucalton Dam dam 481718N 1095242W
Deus Nachina Dam dam 480842N 1095624W
Deuteronomy Dam dam 473118N 1100624W
Dexter Creek stream 472936N 1103927W
Didache Dam dam 481536N 1095636W
Dieanira Dam dam 472724N 1100548W
Diefenbaugh School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Dies Irae Dam dam 480218N 1093342W
Diogenes Dam dam 475930N 1104224W
Diomedes Dam dam 480600N 1101712W
Dioscuri Dam dam 480254N 1104536W
Discovery Butte summit 480752N 1103623W
Discovery Butte Post Office (historical) po 480330N 1103645W
Djokjakarta Dam dam 480230N 1104554W
Dnestr Dam dam 480118N 1105436W
Dodecanese Dam dam 480148N 1100318W
Dog Creek stream 475744N 1095024W
Dog Creek School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Dog Star Dam dam 480048N 1110500W
Dolabriform Dam dam 480700N 1110548W
Dorner School (historical) school 480522N 1105325W
Dossett Coulee valley 473727N 1095226W
Dry Fork stream 481605N 1095711W
Dry Fork (historical) locale 480050N 1103030W
Dry Fork Coulee valley 475540N 1103718W
Dry Fork Coulee valley 480412N 1101506W
Dry Fork Coulee valley 475650N 1103211W
Dry Fork Coulee valley 475257N 1104908W
Dry Fork Reservoir reservoir 481717N 1095258W
Dryfork School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Dtonysia Dam dam 480536N 1101700W
Dunbar Hill summit 473431N 1104810W
Dyan Dam dam 480412N 1102200W
Eagle Butte Post Office (historical) po 475408N 1100615W
Eagle Butte School (historical) school 475309N 1101008W
Eagle Buttes summit 475111N 1100149W
Eagle Creek stream 475457N 1100318W
Eagle Creek Fishing Access Site locale 475342N 1100330W
Eagle Creek School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Eagle Eyes Dam dam 475136N 1095648W
Eagle Rock pillar 475141N 1100344W
Eagle Rock School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Eagleton ppl 475642N 1094654W
Eagleton Post Office (historical) po 475642N 1094654W
Early Coulee valley 475047N 1103316W
East Fork Birch Creek stream 480536N 1093610W
East Knee summit 480034N 1111636W
East Ophir (historical) locale 475550N 1102800W
East Peak summit 472533N 1102802W
East Wayside School (historical) school 475337N 1101524W
Egly Country Club locale 480522N 1105446W
Egly Post Office (historical) po 480250N 1105540W
Eight Mile Springs (historical) locale 474826N 1105030W
Eightmile Bench bench 474426N 1094723W
Eightmile Coulee valley 474633N 1094234W
Eightmile Coulee valley 474949N 1104633W
Eightmile Springs reservoir 474838N 1105004W
Eithtmile Spring Dam dam 474830N 1105000W
Elim School (historical) school 474953N 1102300W
Elmer Coulee valley 473113N 1103428W
Engellant Coulee valley 473559N 1095115W
Enterprise School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Eskay (historical) ppl 474948N 1093807W
Eskay Post Office (historical) po 474948N 1093807W
Eskay School (historical) school 475053N 1094029W
Eva Deem School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Evans Bend island 475108N 1103425W
Fahlgren Coulee valley 474209N 1095123W
Fairplay School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Fairview School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Farmers Elevator (historical) locale 474652N 1105720W
Ferndale School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Fiedler Post Office (historical) po 475917N 1095753W
First Christian Church church 474855N 1104012W
First Lutheran Church church 474905N 1104027W
Fisher Coulee valley 475824N 1103540W
Fisherman George Dam dam 480300N 1103600W
Flat Creek stream 474224N 1095015W
Flat Creek Pass gap 474240N 1095648W
Flat Creek Pass Coulee valley 474114N 1095734W
Flat School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Flatness School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Flick Lake reservoir 474310N 1111307W
Floweree ppl 474347N 1110136W
Floweree locale 474347N 1110136W
Floweree Lake lake 474443N 1110452W
Floweree Post Office (historical) po 474347N 1110136W
Floweree School (historical) school 474347N 1110136W
Flying A Butte summit 480603N 1094918W
Fort Benton ppl 474906N 1104000W
Fort Benton locale 475004N 1103927W
Fort Benton (historical) locale 474920N 1103940W
Fort Benton Airport airport 475014N 1103847W
Fort Benton Bridge bridge 474900N 1103955W
Fort Benton City Park Rest Area locale 474915N 1103945W
Fort Benton Elementary School school 474906N 1104010W
Fort Benton High School school 474923N 1104000W
Fort Benton Historical Marker park 475050N 1104000W
Fort Benton Police Department building 474912N 1104020W
Fort Benton Post Office po 474907N 1104000W
Fort Benton Sewage Lagoon Dam dam 474918N 1103848W
Fort Benton United Methodist Church church 474905N 1104028W
Fort Brule (historical) locale 475244N 1103007W
Fort Campbell (historical) locale 474840N 1104020W
Fort Chardon (historical) locale 474415N 1093940W
Fort Chardon Historical Marker park 474445N 1093750W
Fort Cotton (historical) locale 474720N 1104300W
Fort LaBarge (historical) locale 474820N 1104050W
Fort Lewis (historical) locale 474720N 1104300W
Fort Piegan (historical) locale 475538N 1102940W
Fortress Rock summit 475811N 1100658W
Foucher Coulee valley 474656N 1103000W
Fourmile Hill summit 474611N 1094208W
Frank Gilbert Coulee valley 475248N 1105053W
Freiling Ranch locale 474701N 1103309W
Frenchman Creek stream 480749N 1095534W
Frenchmans Ridge ridge 474515N 1103216W
Fuddy Duddy Dam dam 473512N 1095930W
Gasparage Spring spring 480022N 1093543W
General Mills Incorporated Elevator locale 473613N 1101554W
General Mills Incorporated Elevator locale 474912N 1104020W
General Mills Incorporated Elevator locale 481043N 1100641W
General Mills Incorporated Elevator locale 474652N 1105720W
Genou (historical) ppl 480005N 1111530W
Genou Post Office (historical) po 480005N 1111530W
Genou School (historical) school 475913N 1111300W
Geraldine locale 473614N 1101553W
Geraldine ppl 473613N 1101554W
Geraldine Airport airport 473547N 1101557W
Geraldine Branch Library building 473613N 1101554W
Geraldine Cemetery cemetery 473542N 1101520W
Geraldine Clinic hospital 473613N 1101554W
Geraldine Post Office po 473612N 1101555W
Geraldine Public Schools school 473612N 1101608W
German Baptist Church (historical) church 475610N 1112034W
German Baptist Church Cemetery cemetery 475610N 1112039W
Godfather Dam dam 474912N 1102748W
Godfrey Creek stream 480637N 1095802W
Goin Creek stream 480906N 1095316W
Good Ol West Dam dam 475536N 1105300W
Goose Bill Butte summit 480347N 1104814W
Goose Bill Coulee valley 480232N 1104517W
Goose Bill Post Office (historical) po 480757N 1104928W
Gorman Creek stream 481250N 1100427W
Gossack Mountain summit 473205N 1104143W
Gowan School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Graceville Cemetery cemetery 474502N 1100515W
Graceville Post Office (historical) po 474412N 1100320W
Graceville School (historical) school 474412N 1100320W
Grandview School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Grant Creek stream 472848N 1103111W
Greeley Elevator (historical) locale 474652N 1105720W
Greeley Elevator (historical) locale 473552N 1104246W
Green Creek stream 480954N 1094626W
Greens Bench bench 475145N 1093321W
Grey Sentinel School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Grouse Coulee valley 472724N 1104105W
H Earl Clack Elevator (historical) locale 481043N 1100641W
Half-Pint Dam dam 473906N 1115912W
Halverson Ranch Dam dam 480400N 1101518W
Halverson Ranch Incorporated Number 1 Dam dam 480354N 1101724W
Hancock, Mount summit 480528N 1095147W
Hanford Dam dam 474400N 1104148W
Hankins Number 1 Dam dam 474600N 1103736W
Happy Wallow School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Harris Creek stream 472920N 1103754W
Harris Mountain summit 473148N 1104401W
Harris Spring spring 473157N 1104241W
Harvest States Cooperatives Elevator locale 473501N 1104722W
Harwood Lake lake 474438N 1102451W
Harwood School (historical) school 474502N 1102309W
Harwood Stage Station (historical) locale 474405N 1102700W
Hatje Coulee valley 480630N 1093345W
Hawarden Hall locale 473658N 1100514W
Hawarden Post Office (historical) po 473614N 1100516W
Hawarden School (historical) school 473614N 1100516W
Hay Stack Coulee summit 480001N 1111005W
Haystack Butte summit 473815N 1101318W
Haystack Butte summit 480240N 1093603W
Haystack Butte summit 475433N 1095217W
Haystack Butte School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Hellgate Coulee valley 480212N 1104645W
Hells Gulch valley 480422N 1111452W
Hervin Post Office (historical) po 480750N 1110040W
Hey Ray Number 2 Dam dam 480700N 1112100W
Highwood ppl 473501N 1104722W
Highwood (historical) locale 473501N 1104722W
Highwood Baldy summit 472633N 1103749W
Highwood Branch Library building 473501N 1104722W
Highwood Community Methodist Church church 473501N 1104722W
Highwood Cow Camp locale 472806N 1103559W
Highwood Creek stream 474030N 1105944W
Highwood Creek Bridge bridge 473025N 1104435W
Highwood Creek Community Hall locale 472938N 1104159W
Highwood Guard Station locale 472842N 1103633W
Highwood Mountains range 472747N 1103336W
Highwood Post Office po 473501N 1104722W
Highwood Public Schools school 473503N 1104748W
Hilltop Silo locale 474549N 1112020W
Holden Coulee valley 474816N 1093955W
Hole in the Wall arch 474855N 1100234W
Hole in the Wall Trail trail 474851N 1100321W
Hole-in-the-Wall basin 474853N 1100225W
Holmes Rapids rapids 474454N 1093429W
Homestead Coulee valley 475551N 1101632W
Homesteaders Settlement Dam dam 475600N 1101536W
Hop Creek stream 473522N 1104031W
Hopp (historical) ppl 475404N 1095312W
Hopp Post Office (historical) po 475404N 1095312W
Hopp School (historical) school 475404N 1095312W
Hower Coulee valley 473636N 1110243W
Huntley (historical) locale 474502N 1105958W
Huntley Coulee valley 474112N 1105903W
Iliad ppl 474755N 1094707W
Iliad Post Office (historical) po 474755N 1094707W
Iliad School (historical) school 474947N 1094854W
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church church 474915N 1104014W
Incorporeal Dam dam 475542N 1111000W
Indian Coulee valley 473450N 1104827W
Indiana Colony (historical) ppl UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Inga (historical) ppl 480615N 1101950W
Inga Post Office (historical) po 480615N 1101950W
International Elevator (historical) locale 481043N 1100641W
Ix Ranch Dam dam 480130N 1093736W
Jackson Coulee valley 480041N 1101419W
Jappe Dam dam 474642N 1094648W
Jensen Spring spring 472906N 1102545W
Joe Vielleux Dam dam 475724N 1104830W
Johns Coulee valley 474609N 1093730W
Johnson Hill summit 474602N 1093835W
Johnson School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Judith Landing Campground locale 474440N 1093735W
Judith Landing Recreation Area park 474440N 1093735W
Juniper Spring spring 480140N 1093440W
Kabo School (historical) school 474557N 1094123W
Keaster Creek stream 473608N 1103730W
Kelley Creek stream 473013N 1101522W
Kenilworth ppl 481032N 1102623W
Kenilworth Cemetery cemetery 481309N 1102508W
Kenilworth Post Office (historical) po 481032N 1102623W
Kenilworth School (historical) school 481032N 1102623W
Kennon, Mount summit 472946N 1102947W
Kershaw ppl 474848N 1104419W
Kershaw locale 474848N 1104419W
Kheta Dam dam 473800N 1102718W
Kings Coulee valley 474853N 1094127W
Kingsbury Lake lake 473413N 1102128W
Kipps Rapids rapids 475131N 1100418W
Kirby Creek stream 473023N 1103046W
Knee Church church 475914N 1112145W
Knees Community Church Cemetery cemetery 475915N 1112111W
Knees Community Hall building 480006N 1111920W
Knees School school 480152N 1111920W
Knottnerus Dam dam 480436N 1100854W
Kodak Dam dam 474442N 1112136W
LaBarge Rock pillar 475440N 1100339W
LaBarre School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Lacey Creek stream 473424N 1103304W
Lacey Tunnel Number 3 tunnel 473258N 1105458W
Lacy Post Office (historical) po 473534N 1104915W
Lakeview School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Lander Crossing ppl 473835N 1105557W
Lars Dam dam 474312N 1110254W
Last Chance Bench bench 474346N 1095427W
Lear School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Leepers Flat flat 474928N 1111157W
Leepin' Antelope Dam dam 474842N 1111012W
Lepley (historical) locale 473350N 1102830W
Lepleys Creek stream 473736N 1102457W
Lewis and Clark State Memorial park 474812N 1103948W
Libby Hills summit 472744N 1102221W
Liberty Spring spring 473801N 1095419W
Lidstone Hill summit 474556N 1094248W
Lincoln School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Lippard ppl 475706N 1102325W
Lippard (historical) locale 475706N 1102325W
Liscum (historical) locale 475150N 1103550W
Little Battle Creek stream 472529N 1100903W
Little Bear Peak summit 481251N 1094524W
Little Birch Creek stream 475708N 1094123W
Little Eagle Creek stream 480211N 1094902W
Little Phantom Dam dam 473412N 1100624W
Little Sand Creek stream 475920N 1093225W
Little Sandy Creek stream 480143N 1100804W
Little School (historical) school 480244N 1101716W
Lohse PN Ferry locale 474420N 1093720W
Lohse School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Lohse Spring spring 474410N 1094711W
Loma ppl 475613N 1103010W
Loma Bridge bridge 475555N 1103022W
Loma Bridge Fishing Access Site locale 475557N 1103026W
Loma Earth Science Museum building 475613N 1103010W
Loma Ferry locale 475517N 1102941W
Loma Post Office po 475610N 1103008W
Loma School school 475615N 1102958W
Lone Tree Coulee valley 480005N 1103752W
Lonesome Lake lake 481530N 1101307W
Lonesome Lake Coulee valley 481516N 1100420W
Lonesome Lake School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Lonesome Prairie area 481230N 1102000W
Lonesome Prairie (historical) ppl 481440N 1101600W
Lonetree (historical) ppl 473230N 1101700W
Lonetree Coulee valley 480003N 1100651W
Lonetree Post Office (historical) po 473230N 1101700W
Lonetree School (historical) school 480009N 1100300W
Long Coulee valley 474523N 1104918W
Lost Canyon valley 481037N 1094722W
Lost Lake lake 473807N 1102856W
Lostlake Post Office (historical) po 473800N 1102705W
Lower Highwood School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Lower Marias School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Lower Shonkin School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Lower Teton School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Lucille (historical) locale 480613N 1111715W
Lucille Post Office (historical) po 480613N 1111715W
Lumberjack Junior Dam dam 475300N 1112342W
Lytle School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
MacDonalds Farm Reservoir Dam dam 480330N 1100442W
Mackton (historical) locale 481308N 1100428W
Mackton School (historical) school 481308N 1100428W
Mahikahn Creek stream 480949N 1094541W
Manchurians Dam dam 474348N 1101018W
Marias (historical) locale 475630N 1103150W
Marias River stream 475546N 1102818W
Marias River Historical Marker park 475552N 1103025W
Maxwell Dam dam 480254N 1095942W
McBridy Spring spring 480348N 1111129W
McCullen Spring spring 475553N 1101158W
McGowan Post Office (historical) po 473534N 1104916W
McMurtry Creek stream 472840N 1103646W
McNamara Butte summit 480246N 1095029W
McNamara and Marlow Elevator (historical) locale 481043N 1100641W
Mee School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Melz Post Office (historical) po 475610N 1095410W
Merrill Creek stream 472754N 1102437W
Methodist Church - Rohrer United church 481043N 1100641W
Middle Coulee valley 474303N 1105714W
Middle Coulee valley 472737N 1104202W
Midway School (historical) school 480613N 1111715W
Miley School school 481024N 1100642W
Miller Coulee valley 473428N 1095103W
Miller Dam dam 475748N 1104248W
Missouri River Medical Center hospital 474913N 1104016W
Missouri River Medical Center Nursing Home hospital 474913N 1104016W
Mistiguenou Ridge ridge 481104N 1094551W
Moes Dam dam 474406N 1094436W
Moncarpic Dam dam 480036N 1102942W
Montague ppl 474045N 1102712W
Montague (historical) locale 474045N 1102712W
Montague Cemetery cemetery 474043N 1102755W
Montague Post Office (historical) po 474045N 1102712W
Montague School (historical) school 474045N 1102712W
Montana Crossroads Historical Marker park 475830N 1102950W
Montana Elevator (historical) locale 481043N 1100641W
Moonshine School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Mount Vernon School (historical) school 480507N 1101956W
Mountain School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Mountain View School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Mud Spring Coulee valley 474907N 1100345W
Mud Spring Coulee valley 473821N 1101137W
Mud Springs spring 474003N 1101328W
Muddy Creek stream 481101N 1094845W
Museum of the Northern Great Plains building 474930N 1103956W
Museum of the Upper Missouri building 474915N 1103945W
Nance Coulee valley 473556N 1095101W
Neikro Dam dam 475000N 1112136W
Nelson Southside School (historical) school 480609N 1103251W
Nickles Worth Dam dam 475000N 1101336W
Nine Mile (historical) locale 474230N 1104330W
Nine Mile School (historical) school 474230N 1104330W
Ninemile Coulee valley 474144N 1103921W
Node Dam dam 480506N 1105636W
North Fork Dugout Coulee valley 480623N 1110246W
North Fork Gorman Creek stream 481243N 1095812W
North Fork Highwood Creek stream 472844N 1103648W
North Gap Creek stream 473422N 1103921W
North Ophir (historical) locale 475605N 1102838W
North Shines Lake School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
North Star School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Nulf School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
O'Halon Coulee valley 481137N 1103033W
O'Hanlon Coulee valley 475124N 1103230W
O'Hara Brothers Ranch locale 474534N 1103319W
O'Reilly School (historical) school 475222N 1105839W
Oder Coulee valley 475257N 1104857W
Okeyquaakkeo Ridge ridge 480950N 1094733W
Olson School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Only Place School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Onstad Dam dam 485536N 1110712W
Ophir (historical) ppl 475555N 1102820W
Oregon School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Osterized Dam dam 480336N 1100542W
Otto Silvan Dam dam 475612N 1100000W
Owen Brothers Airport airport 473704N 1100532W
P W Flats flat 474951N 1094223W
P W Ridge ridge 475142N 1094426W
PW Coulee valley 474958N 1094137W
Pablo Island island 474543N 1095449W
Pablo Rapids rapids 474511N 1095306W
Pack and Lacey Crossing ppl 473241N 1105357W
Paddle Board Dam dam 480648N 1093712W
Palisade Butte summit 472757N 1102252W
Panton Coulee valley 473700N 1101144W
Panton Coulee Reservoir reservoir 473611N 1100844W
Parker Butte summit 481309N 1094349W
Parker School ppl 481460N 1094410W
Patterson (historical) ppl 473844N 1103355W
Peavey Company Grain Elevator locale 474912N 1104020W
Pecora Ridge ridge 480755N 1094010W
Peel Creek stream 480920N 1095215W
Pegar Fish Dam dam 475830N 1100324W
Penzer Dam dam 481100N 1104836W
Perkins School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Peters Post Office (historical) po 481444N 1103350W
Peterson Ranch Airport airport 473629N 1105419W
Phantom Coulee Reservoir Dam dam 473600N 1100830W
Pigtail Coulee valley 474636N 1093954W
Pilot Rock pillar 475827N 1100607W
Pirate Dam dam 472830N 1104236W
Pirate Lake reservoir 472830N 1104236W
Plainview School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Pleasant Valley (historical) ppl 475700N 1104100W
Pleasant Valley School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Pleasant View School (historical) school 474613N 1111911W
Pluto Dam dam 474918N 1095524W
Pohlod Creek stream 472620N 1103448W
Polish Spring spring 480048N 1093541W
Pollux Dam dam 480006N 1104506W
Postill Creek stream 473030N 1103039W
Prairie City Post Office (historical) po 481703N 1102940W
Prairie City School (historical) school 481703N 1102940W
Prairie Home School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Prater School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Presbyterian Church church 474652N 1105720W
Promised Land School (historical) school 474945N 1112027W
Promised Land School Number 2 (historical) school 474853N 1111427W
Prospect Peak summit 472726N 1103029W
R E Braun Dam dam 480406N 1102306W
Ranger Creek stream 480943N 1094514W
Rat Creek stream 472518N 1103431W
Ratliff School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Rattlesnake Butte summit 480129N 1093643W
Rattlesnake Butte summit 480942N 1100149W
Rattlesnake Butte summit 480428N 1095621W
Rattlesnake Coulee valley 480008N 1100731W
Ray Dam dam 480700N 1110630W
Ray School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Rhue Creek stream 480323N 1093616W
Rice Reservoir reservoir 474011N 1104832W
Ridge School (historical) school 474709N 1102931W
Riverside Cemetery cemetery 475020N 1103830W
Roamin' Reservoir Dam dam 480736N 1110124W
Robertson Dam dam 474330N 1110548W
Rock, The summit 480524N 1093528W
Rocky Crossing ppl 481558N 1100409W
Rocky Crossing Reservoir Dam dam 481548N 1100400W
Rocky Lake lake 474620N 1102343W
Rocky Mountain Elevator (historical) locale 474652N 1105720W
Rocky Mountain Elevator (historical) locale 481043N 1100641W
Rode School (historical) school 474525N 1103436W
Romain F Pond Dam dam 481224N 1104442W
Roosevelt Island island 474816N 1104120W
Round Butte summit 472743N 1101852W
Round Butte School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Round Top summit 474857N 1102931W
Rowe Bayou gut 475406N 1102703W
Rowe Bench bench 475322N 1103034W
Rowe Coulee valley 475338N 1102701W
Ruger Post Office (historical) po UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Russell (historical) ppl 480350N 1110345W
Russell Chapel church 480155N 1110017W
Russell Post Office (historical) po 480350N 1110345W
Russell School (historical) school 480350N 1110345W
Rusticania School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Ryan Butte summit 480455N 1095207W
Rye Coulee valley 475320N 1112237W
Sag, The valley 475814N 1100910W
Sage Coulee valley 474946N 1094816W
Saint Anthony and Dakota Elevator (historical) locale 481043N 1100641W
Saint Jane Frances Church church 473501N 1104722W
Saint Margaret Church church 474652N 1105720W
Saint Margaret Marys Catholic Church church 481043N 1100641W
Saint Pauls Episcopal Church church 474906N 1104020W
Salt Coulee valley 480702N 1094920W
Sample Flat flat 480117N 1110937W
Sample Flat Cemetery cemetery 480103N 1110721W
Sample Flat Church church 480103N 1110722W
Samples Flat School (historical) school 480130N 1110720W
Sand Creek stream 475211N 1093631W
Sand Lake lake 473815N 1103044W
Sande Convalescent Home hospital 481043N 1100641W
Sandstone Coulee valley 475107N 1095017W
Sawmill Butte summit 480548N 1094438W
School Section Coulee valley 481445N 1100340W
Scottish Creek stream 480625N 1095420W
Seifert Dam dam 475836N 1094830W
Seifort Reservoir reservoir 475839N 1094838W
Sexton Coal Mines mine 475114N 1100631W
Shannon Bridge bridge 475429N 1111919W
Shaw Creek stream 473005N 1104335W
Shaw School (historical) school 475732N 1110506W
Shaws Peak summit 474641N 1103001W
Shea Creek stream 473025N 1103045W
Shed Creek stream 472714N 1102706W
Sheep Buyer Dam dam 475006N 1111930W
Sheep Coulee valley 475255N 1111630W
Sheep Coulee valley 475530N 1100150W
Sheep Coulee valley 480610N 1104128W
Sheep Coulee School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Sheep Coulee Spring spring 475039N 1111835W
Sheep Shed Coulee valley 474530N 1095531W
Shep Memorial park 475013N 1103915W
Shepherd Butte summit 473457N 1105623W
Shepherd Butte School (historical) school 473550N 1105815W
Shepherd Crossing ppl 473625N 1105331W
Sherry Coulee valley 475029N 1100424W
Ship Rock pillar 475219N 1100237W
Shonkin ppl 473744N 1103419W
Shonkin (historical) locale 473744N 1103419W
Shonkin Bar island 475042N 1103601W
Shonkin Cow Camp locale 473011N 1103035W
Shonkin Creek stream 475031N 1103606W
Shonkin Creek Bridge bridge 473125N 1103308W
Shonkin Lake lake 473955N 1103235W
Shonkin Post Office (historical) po 473744N 1103419W
Shonkin School (historical) school 473744N 1103419W
Short Coulee valley 474547N 1104723W
Shoulder Creek stream 472800N 1103535W
Sibra Dam dam 480742N 1100600W
Signal Point Golf Club locale 475002N 1103858W
Sixmile Coulee valley 480021N 1101919W
Sixmile Coulee valley 481554N 1101932W
Skillion Creek stream 473044N 1103429W
Skunk Creek stream 472557N 1103447W
Slide Out Coulee valley 480012N 1104303W
Smart Mans Dam dam 480336N 1110430W
Smith Coulee valley 474808N 1103225W
Smith Creek stream 472853N 1103650W
Snake Coulee valley 480955N 1100453W
Sneath Bottom bend 474314N 1095127W
Sneath Post Office (historical) po 474410N 1094515W
Sour Apple Dam dam 475454N 1105348W
South Fork Gorman Creek stream 481130N 1095534W
South Gap Creek stream 472955N 1104257W
Southside School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Spica Dam dam 474324N 1100224W
Spring Coulee valley 474109N 1095735W
Spring Coulee valley 474331N 1103759W
Spring Coulee valley 475452N 1092923W
Spring Coulee valley 480108N 1101902W
Spring Coulee School (historical) school 475350N 1095515W
Spring Creek stream 472730N 1101021W
Springs (historical) locale 474320N 1111000W
Square Butte ppl 473054N 1101151W
Square Butte summit 472831N 1101431W
Square Butte locale 473054N 1101151W
Square Butte Bench bench 473405N 1100412W
Square Butte Bench Cemetery cemetery 473314N 1100241W
Square Butte Post Office (historical) po 473054N 1101151W
Square Butte School (historical) school 473054N 1101151W
Squaw Creek stream 472715N 1102638W
Squiggles Number 1 Dam dam 480706N 1104742W
Squiggles Number 2 Dam dam 480736N 1104648W
Starve Out Flat flat 474116N 1095050W
State Elevator (historical) locale 474652N 1105720W
Steamboat Rock summit 474722N 1095705W
Steele Lake Coulee valley 473135N 1095346W
Stevenson Ranch locale 474754N 1103535W
Stewart Dam dam 480636N 1110030W
Stewart Ranch locale 480649N 1110037W
Stoner Creek stream 472716N 1103505W
Stranahan ppl 475944N 1101914W
Stranahan School (historical) school 475944N 1101914W
Straw Stack pillar 475959N 1111006W
Streit Ranch locale 474812N 1103435W
Studhorse Butte summit 480412N 1095656W
Sumo Dam dam 480524N 1102700W
Sunnyside School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Sunshine School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Sweet Pea Dam dam 475836N 1104800W
Table Butte summit 481430N 1095515W
Tacky Dam dam 480254N 1105800W
Taylor Coulee valley 474531N 1094046W
Telephone Coulee valley 474012N 1102840W
Teton Bench Post Office (historical) po 475455N 1105720W
Teton Post Office (historical) po 475228N 1105130W
Teton Post Office (historical) po 475329N 1103420W
Teton River stream 475555N 1103029W
Teton River Bridge bridge UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Teton School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Teton Station locale 475329N 1103420W
Thain Creek stream 472831N 1103507W
Thain Creek Campground locale 472832N 1103500W
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church 474935N 1103954W
The School House locale 475130N 1110403W
Three Islands island 475812N 1102206W
Three Pronged Fork Dam dam 480542N 1110954W
Thurston Dam dam 473948N 1101612W
Tiger Butte summit 480210N 1093905W
Tiger Ridge ridge 480252N 1093954W
Timber Coulee valley 475455N 1112214W
Timber Creek stream 472712N 1102522W
Timber Creek stream 481142N 1094802W
Todd Coulee valley 473109N 1103508W
Tolan Creek stream 472717N 1102544W
Tom Dale Coulee valley 474043N 1095543W
Tortilla Dam dam 475006N 1095030W
Tox Hill summit 474617N 1094110W
Toy Box Dam dam 474336N 1112154W
Triple L Reservoir Dam dam 475512N 1102648W
Tryannosaurus Dam dam 480724N 1101624W
Tueverson Coulee valley 473825N 1105552W
Tunis locale 474825N 1105031W
Tunis ppl 474825N 1105031W
Tunis Post Office (historical) po 474825N 1105031W
Tunis School (historical) school 474826N 1104955W
Turk Dam dam 480524N 1100930W
Tuscania School (historical) school 475218N 1095750W
Tuttle School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Twelvemile Coulee valley 481552N 1101407W
Twelvemile Coulee Dam dam 461606N 1101548W
Twenty-Eight Mile Spring (historical) locale 474320N 1111030W
Twentyeight Mile Spring spring 474321N 1111037W
Twomile Ridge ridge 480833N 1094254W
Tye Dam dam 480130N 1102918W
Uniondale School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Upper Dog Creek School (historical) school 480459N 1094257W
Upper Highwood Cemetery cemetery 473033N 1104117W
Upper Highwood Church (historical) church 473033N 1104117W
Upper Highwood School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Upper Shonkin Cemetery cemetery 473118N 1103434W
Upper Shonkin School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Upper Teton School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Valleux (historical) locale 475340N 1110350W
Valleux Post Office (historical) po 475340N 1110350W
Verdun School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Verona ppl 480722N 1101122W
Verona (historical) locale 480722N 1101122W
Verona Post Office (historical) po 480722N 1101122W
Verona School (historical) school 480722N 1101122W
Vimy Ridge ridge 475452N 1103443W
Vinny Ridge School (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN
Virgelle ppl 480055N 1101459W
Virgelle (historical) locale 480055N 1101459W
Virgelle Ferry locale 480005N 1101509W
Virgelle Post Office (historical) po 480055N 1101459W
Virgelle School (historical) school 480055N 1101459W
Waidman Coal Mine mine 474838N 1100245W
Wall, The cliff 474317N 1094619W
Waltham ppl 473411N 1105324W
Waltham (historical) locale 473411N 1105324W
Waltham Post Office (historical) po 473411N 1105324W
Waltham School (historical) school 473407N 1105318W
Warren Creek stream 472703N 1102354W
Warrick ppl 480418N 1093619W
Warrick Post Office (historical) po 480418N 1093619W
Warrick School school 480415N 1093626W
Waterman Dam dam 480442N 1105242W
Watkins Creek stream 472934N 1104053W
Weatherwax Coulee valley 475115N 1105459W
West Dry Fork Coulee valley 475445N 1105102W
West Fork Birch Creek stream 480537N 1093612W
West Fork Flat Creek stream 473205N 1101904W
West Fork Sand Creek stream 475743N 1093459W
West Fork Sixmile Coulee valley 480808N 1103229W
West Knee summit 480041N 1112043W
West Wayside School (historical) school 475431N 1102348W
White Elephant Reservoir reservoir 480725N 1111400W
White Lake lake 474117N 1102536W
White Rocks locale 475647N 1100433W
Whoop-Up Trail Monument park 474918N 1103945W
Wild Horse Butte summit 474110N 1095342W
Wildcat Coulee valley 472738N 1104231W
Willow Creek stream 472949N 1102133W
Wilson Coulee valley 473623N 1095203W
Windy Coulee valley 473938N 1102455W
Windy Mountain summit 472942N 1103347W
Witt Ranch locale 480352N 1110348W
Wolf Coulee valley 474607N 1093307W
Wolf Coulee valley 475244N 1111521W
Wolf Island island 474423N 1095237W
Woods Crossing ppl 475240N 1111602W
World War I Memorial park 474918N 1103945W
Worstell Hospital (historical) hospital 481043N 1100641W
Yemen locale 474230N 1104330W
Yemen Post Office (historical) po 474230N 1104330W