Genealogy and History of Big Horn County, Montana

Big Horn County: Place Names

The following place names were extracted from the USGS GNIS database.

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Big Horn County Place Names

Big Horn County Place Names

Feature Name Class Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map
Abbots Urn Summit 454157N 1072508W 3442 Little Dry Creek
Aberdeen Populated Place 450316N 1072125W 3924 Pass Creek East
Aberdeen School (historical) School 450303N 1072112W 3980 Pass Creek East
Absaloka Baptist Church Church 453606N 1072740W 3038 Crow Agency
Absaloka Youth Camp Locale 450733N 1075355W 5269 Peyote Point
Afterbay Campground Locale 451901N 1075523W 3202 Yellowtail Dam
Agency Canal Canal 453945N 1072939W 3002 Little Dry Creek
Albright School (historical) School 451523N 1072914W 3714 Good Luck Creek
Alfalfa Center School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Alkali Creek Stream 454645N 1080019W 3278 Gails Coulee
Alligator Creek Stream 451505N 1072256W 3478 Good Luck Creek
Alligator Spring Spring 451459N 1072342W 3547 Wyola
Anderson Creek Stream 450919N 1064448W 3343 Spring Gulch
Antler School (historical) School 451056N 1073909W 3986 Dry Soap Creek
Arapooish Fishing Access Site Locale 454513N 1073404W 2874 Ninemile Point
Arapooish Pond Lake 454517N 1073402W 2874 Ninemile Point
Arapooish Recreation Park Park 454517N 1073402W 2874 Ninemile Point
Arrowhead Spring Spring 451043N 1075843W 6440 Peyote Point
Ash Coulee Valley 451702N 1073646W 3533 Shick Ranch
Ash Creek Stream 453219N 1065813W 3399 Busby
Ash Creek Stream 454316N 1071732W 3202 Crow Agency NE
Ash Creek Stream 445654N 1065614W 3527 Acme
Aspen Grove Cabin Locale 450509N 1075058W 6968 Red Springs
Atkins Number 2 Dam Dam 454718N 1074556W 3153 Blue Spring
B and A Hammond Number 1 Dam Dam 455642N 1071844W 2989 Hammond Ranch
B and A Hammond Number 2 Dam Dam 455630N 1071844W 2972 Hammond Ranch
B B Naylor Dam Dam 453600N 1072250W 3376 Crow Agency
Bad Land Gulch Valley 450833N 1063116W 3592 Lacey Gulch
Badger Creek Stream 450044N 1064847W 3419 Decker
Badger Creek Stream 450045N 1064902W 3425 Decker
Badger Hills Range 445841N 1064042W 4655 Cedar Canyon
Bar Coulee Valley 455200N 1070428W 3258 Wolf School
Bar V Number 1 Dam Dam 450012N 1070632W 4245 Bar V Ranch
Bar V Ranch Locale 450350N 1070637W 4291 Bar V Ranch
Barber Draw Valley 451309N 1064742W 3684 Tongue River Dam
Barber Ranch Locale 451600N 1073625W 3579 Shick Ranch
Barley Coulee Valley 455447N 1075911W 3022 Pompeys Pillar
Battle Ridge Summit 453402N 1072524W 3284 Crow Agency
B-Downs Number 8 Dam Dam 454306N 1075056W 3143 Rowley
Bear Coulee Valley 452807N 1080649W 3537 Mott Creek
Bear Creek Stream 450736N 1071431W 3747 Kid Creek
Bear Creek Stream 453005N 1064930W 3779 Painted Hill
Bear Hole Basin 450431N 1075919W 7408 Bear Hole
Bear-in-Middle Creek Stream 452932N 1072355W 3146 Benteen
Beartooth Plateau Plain 445924N 1093403W 9810 Beartooth Butte
Beauvais Creek Stream 452913N 1074425W 3018 Saint Xavier
Beaver Creek Stream 450745N 1074454W 4541 Dry Soap Creek
Bee Creek Stream 453131N 1064838W 3652 Painted Hill
Benteen Populated Place 452723N 1072347W 3218 Benteen
Benteen (historical) Locale 452723N 1072347W 3218 Benteen
Bentonite Flats Flat 453317N 1075341W 3261 Bentonite Flats
Bergum Coulee Valley 460405N 1074245W 2805 Waco
Big Bend Bend 452801N 1064657W 4045 Bull Creek Lookout
Big Bend School School 451308N 1065654W 4236 Half Moon Hill
Big Bull Elk Canyon Valley 451350N 1080433W 3642 Little Finger Ridge
Big Bull Elk Creek Stream 451350N 1080432W 3642 Little Finger Ridge
Big Bull Elk Ridge Ridge 450636N 1080212W 7428 Two Point
Big Cottonwood Creek Stream 450410N 1073205W 4150 Black Gulch
Big Coulee Valley 445800N 1081720W 3753 Sykes Spring
Big Day Cemetery Cemetery 452501N 1083357W 4124 Pryor
Big Horn Canal Canal 452826N 1074144W 3104 Saint Xavier
Big Horn Canal Bridge Bridge Unknown Unknown    
Big Horn County Civil 452700N 1072802W 3468 Benteen
Big Horn County Courthouse Building 454354N 1073630W 2904 Hardin
Big Horn County Fairgrounds Locale 454332N 1073627W 2907 Hardin
Big Horn County Historical Museum Building 454417N 1073532W 2894 Hardin
Big Horn County Library Building 454358N 1073626W 2904 Hardin
Big Horn County Memorial Hospital Hospital 454344N 1073659W 2910 Hardin
Big Horn County Memorial Nursing Home Hospital 454344N 1073659W 2910 Hardin
Big Horn County Rural Fire Department Building 454412N 1073620W 2904 Hardin
Big Horn County Sheriff's Department Building 454354N 1073630W 2904 Hardin
Big Horn County Softball Fields Park 454333N 1073612W 2904 Hardin
Big Horn Low Line Canal Canal 455142N 1073645W 2844 Ninemile Point
Big Horn Mountains Range 451502N 1075602W 4734 Yellowtail Dam
Big Horn River Bridge Bridge 454412N 1073428W 2881 Hardin
Big Horn Wye (historical) Locale 454212N 1073144W 2943 Hardin
Big Meadow Creek Stream 455136N 1071934W 3061 Padlock Ranch
Big Pine Creek Stream 450718N 1071426W 3753 Little Bear Creek
Big Spring Spring 451421N 1081601W 4344 East Pryor Mountain
Big Springs School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Big Woody Creek Stream 453426N 1075600W 3245 Bentonite Flats
Bighorn Canyon Valley 451906N 1075648W 3195 Yellowtail Dam
Bighorn Canyon Valley 451900N 1075602W 3225 Yellowtail Dam
Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area Park 451800N 1075702W 4249 Yellowtail Dam
Bighorn Fishing Access Site Locale 452452N 1074710W 3074 Lemonade Springs
Bighorn Lake Reservoir 451824N 1075729W 3642 Yellowtail Dam
Bighorn Mountains Range 443001N 1071503W 8733 Dome Lake
Bighorn River Stream 460918N 1072828W 2687 Bighorn
Bijah Spring Spring 444540N 1104354W 7523 Obsidian Cliff
Bird Creek Stream 452254N 1083351W 4242 Pryor
Bird Spring Spring 452156N 1083749W 4580 Section House Draw
Birdseye Spring Spring 452808N 1065343W 3944 Birdseye Spring
Black Cabin Locale 450215N 1075327W 8478 Bear Hole
Black Canyon Valley 452109N 1084254W 4554 Section House Draw
Black Canyon Valley 451629N 1080023W 3642 Grapevine Dome
Black Canyon Basin Basin 450724N 1075708W 6844 Bear Hole
Black Canyon Creek Stream 453425N 1064446W 3369 Lame Deer
Black Canyon Creek Stream 451456N 1075732W 3645 Peyote Point
Black Gulch Valley 450304N 1073208W 4058 Black Gulch
Black Gulch Ditch Canal 450304N 1073244W 4085 Black Gulch
Black Gulch Point Summit 450201N 1073316W 4902 Black Gulch
Black Spring Spring 453841N 1064819W 3465 Black Spring
Black Spring Coulee Valley 453749N 1064550W 3248 Black Spring
Black Spring Lookout Locale 453842N 1064724W 3612 Black Spring
Black Tail Creek Stream 451102N 1080740W 3645 Dead Indian Hill
Black Tail Spring Spring 451021N 1080517W 6270 Little Finger Ridge
Black Whiteman Creek Stream 453359N 1065446W 3363 Busby
Blessed Kateri Tekawitha Church Church 450736N 1072346W 3717 Wyola
Blue Spring Spring 454936N 1074744W 3363 Blue Spring
Bluewater Creek Stream 452309N 1085404W 3533 Fromberg
Bluffer Post Office (historical) Post Office 450938N 1065822W 4071 Half Moon Hill
Bobcat Creek Stream 450555N 1081213W 3638 Hillsboro
Bowman Grain and Seed Elevator Locale 454342N 1073628W 2907 Hardin
Box Canyon Valley 451758N 1075752W 3642 Yellowtail Dam
Bozeman Trail Ditch Canal 450623N 1072732W 3921 Pass Creek West
Brady Creek Stream 452942N 1064856W 3822 Bull Creek Lookout
Brant Coulee Valley 455727N 1073301W 2785 Foster
Brennan Kiddie Park Park 454328N 1073717W 2917 Hardin
Brewster Camp Locale 452053N 1064903W 4098 Taintor Desert
Brightwing Cemetery Cemetery 450712N 1072620W 3914 Pass Creek West
Brock Coulee Valley 450441N 1073049W 4085 Black Gulch
Brown Camp Locale 452633N 1065012W 4318 Bull Creek Lookout
Brown Ranch Locale 451354N 1071711W 3570 Wyola NE
Brown Reservoir Reservoir 451003N 1071847W 3747 Wyola NE
Brown School (historical) School 451052N 1071707W 3629 Wyola NE
Brush Coulee Valley 453650N 1072811W 3051 Crow Agency
Buck Creek Stream 450052N 1074443W 5243 Willow Creek Dam SW
Buck Creek Stream 450000N 1074939W 8146 Boyd Ridge
Buck Ridge Ridge 450031N 1074636W 6568 Red Springs
Buckskin Mission School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Buffalo Country Historical Marker Park 454654N 1080012W 3297 Gails Coulee
Buffalo Creek Stream 451045N 1072338W 3606 Wyola
Buffalo Horn Ridge Ridge 450157N 1075222W 8399 Red Springs
Buffalo Jump Summit 451344N 1065826W 4514 Half Moon Hill
Buffalo Jump Summit 451417N 1081652W 4606 East Pryor Mountain
Bull Creek Stream 451704N 1063535W 3173 Birney
Bull Creek Lookout Locale 452450N 1065124W 4705 Bull Creek Lookout
Burgess Memorial Baptist Church Church 453606N 1072740W 3038 Crow Agency
Busby Populated Place 453214N 1065720W 3422 Busby
Busby Butte Summit 453004N 1065234W 4524 Busby
Busby Cemetery Cemetery 453209N 1065704W 3451 Busby
Busby Census Designated Place Census 453143N 1065830W 3438 Busby
Busby Creek Stream 453157N 1065749W 3392 Busby
Busby District Civil 453258N 1065708W 3402 Busby
Busby Mine Mine 453019N 1065433W 3717 Busby
Busby Post Office Post Office 453214N 1065720W 3422 Busby
Busby Schools School 453210N 1065730W 3425 Busby
Buster Creek Stream 452629N 1080944W 3658 Bear Coulee
Butte Creek Stream 453534N 1065115W 3268 Painted Hill
Cache Creek Stream 451959N 1065913W 3812 Kirby
Calhoun Hill Summit 453350N 1072503W 3304 Crow Agency
Camp Five School (historical) School 452438N 1074507W 3117 Lemonade Springs
Camp Four Locale 452450N 1075344W 3629 Camp Four
Campbell Belken Ditch Canal 450620N 1072500W 3763 Pass Creek West
Campbell Camp Number One Locale 453943N 1073215W 3120 Hardin
Campbell Number 1 Dam Dam 453036N 1074856W 3363 Woody Creek Camp
Campbells Locale 454157N 1073622W 2910 Hardin
Canyon Spring Draw Valley 450527N 1062025W 3740 Quietus
Canyon Springs Draw Valley 450428N 1062304W 3622 Forks Ranch
Carperville (historical) Populated Place 455117N 1073642W 2848 Ninemile Point
Carperville Post Office (historical) Post Office 455117N 1073642W 2848 Ninemile Point
Castle Rock Summit 453934N 1070943W 3848 Jeans Fork NW
Castle Rocks Pillar 452005N 1083242W 5810 Castle Rocks
Cedar Coulee Valley 453227N 1072300W 3182 Crow Agency
Chalk Butte Summit 451155N 1071849W 3730 Wyola NE
Chalk Butte Reservoir Reservoir 451140N 1071838W 3658 Wyola NE
Chapman Coulee Valley 455047N 1073453W 2841 Ninemile Point
Cheyenne Number 5 Dam Dam 454036N 1065444W 3573 Chalky Point
Chicopee (historical) Locale 452148N 1083645W 4531 Castle Rocks
Chief Plenty Coups Museum Building 452536N 1083310W 4065 Pryor
Chief Plenty Coups State Park Park 452545N 1083256W 4058 Pryor
Chilkoot Coulee Valley 452834N 1081937W 3950 Chilkoot Coulee
Chimney Creek Stream 455045N 1073729W 2874 Ninemile Point
Christ Evangelical and Reformed Church Church 454408N 1073614W 2904 Hardin
Christ the King Church Church 453214N 1065720W 3422 Busby
Christensen L and C Number 1 Dam Dam 454136N 1075250W 3278 Rowley NW
Christensen L and C Number 2 Dam Dam 454206N 1074502W 3077 Rowley
Christmas Tree Coulee Valley 450753N 1074448W 4521 Dry Soap Creek
Church of the Open Bible Church 454341N 1073705W 2913 Hardin
Circle Bar Draw Valley 450838N 1062844W 3501 Stroud Creek
City of Hardin Civil 454432N 1073629W 2900 Hardin
Clabber Creek Stream 451410N 1081817W 4524 East Pryor Mountain
Clarks Fork Canyon Creek Stream 451804N 1064751W 3720 Taintor Desert
Close Enough Dam Dam 453300N 1070950W 3547 Jeans Fork SW
Coal Bank Creek Stream 451835N 1065903W 3884 Kirby
Coal Creek Stream 453442N 1064449W 3340 Lame Deer
Coal Creek Stream 450137N 1071421W 4085 Little Bear Creek
Coal Creek Stream 450331N 1064743W 3428 Decker
Coal Creek Stream 450820N 1064558W 3360 Tongue River Dam
Coal Creek Stream 450136N 1071421W 4085 Little Bear Creek
Coibson Number 1 Dam Dam 453254N 1075708W 3304 Bentonite Flats
Commissary Spring Spring 450257N 1075606W 8369 Bear Hole
Commissary Springs Spring 451502N 1070325W 4459 Spring Creek Ranch
Community School School 455236N 1073647W 2844 Foster
Cook Creek Stream 452241N 1062941W 3100 Birney Day School
Cook Stove Canyon Valley 451724N 1070854W 4924 Wolf Mountain Lookout
Cooper Basin Basin 451522N 1074231W 3629 Mission Coulee
Cooper Basin Coulee Valley 451510N 1074413W 3560 Mission Coulee
Cooper Ridge Ridge 451438N 1075954W 4947 Peyote Point
Corinth Populated Place 455121N 1075753W 3107 Corinth
Corinth (historical) Locale 455120N 1075732W 3091 Corinth
Corinth Post Office (historical) Post Office 455120N 1075732W 3091 Corinth
Corinth School (historical) School 455125N 1075727W 3084 Corinth
Cormack Ditch Canal 450320N 1065559W 3704 Pearl School
Corral Coulee Valley 452814N 1080641W 3530 Mott Creek
Corral Creek Stream 450513N 1062739W 3504 Forks Ranch
Corral Creek Stream 450518N 1071318W 3878 Little Bear Creek
Corral Creek Stream 452306N 1065949W 3717 Birdseye Spring
Corral Creek Stream 450729N 1064637W 3428 Decker
Corral Creek School (historical) School 452030N 1070842W 4377 Wolf Mountain Lookout
Cossit School (historical) School 450121N 1061732W 3743 Quietus
Cotters Coulee Valley 455545N 1073635W 2861 Foster
Cottonwood Camp Locale 451925N 1075312W 3261 Yellowtail Dam
Cottonwood Coulee Valley 452041N 1073816W 3353 Mission Coulee
Cottonwood Creek Stream 452808N 1081936W 3960 Chilkoot Coulee
Cottonwood Creek Stream 452915N 1082426W 3858 Deep Creek
Cottonwood Creek Stream 455337N 1071910W 3005 Hammond Ranch
Cottonwood Creek Stream 455559N 1071832W 2963 Hammond Ranch
Cottonwood Creek Stream 453958N 1073850W 2940 Walker Hill
Cow Camp Locale 450639N 1080735W 4390 Hillsboro
Cow Creek Stream 453200N 1064557W 3520 Painted Hill
Coyote Creek Stream 450320N 1074229W 4800 Willow Creek Dam SW
Coyote Creek Stream 452143N 1064434W 3665 Birney SW
Crater Lake Lake 451746N 1082440W 7313 Deep Creek SW
Crazy Creek Stream 450713N 1072517W 3740 Pass Creek West
Crockett (historical) Locale 451708N 1083637W 5000 Castle Rocks
Crooked Arm Coulee Valley 453903N 1072852W 3018 Little Dry Creek
Crooked Creek Stream 445800N 1081614W 3655 Sykes Spring
Crooked Creek Stream 445803N 1081600W 3642 Sykes Spring
Crow Agency Locale 453615N 1072752W 3045 Crow Agency
Crow Agency Populated Place 453606N 1072740W 3038 Crow Agency
Crow Agency Cemetery Cemetery 453616N 1072825W 3127 Crow Agency
Crow Agency Census Designated Place Census 453610N 1072733W 3035 Crow Agency
Crow Agency Elementary School School 453620N 1072730W 3031 Crow Agency
Crow Agency Fire Department Building 453606N 1072740W 3038 Crow Agency
Crow Agency Police Department Building 453606N 1072740W 3038 Crow Agency
Crow Agency Post Office (historical) Post Office 453606N 1072740W 3038 Crow Agency
Crow Agency Sewage Lagoons Dam Dam 453636N 1072714W 3022 Crow Agency
Crow Number 12 Dam Dam 452706N 1081950W 4085 Chilkoot Coulee
Crow Number 16 Dam Dam 453942N 1075326W 3284 Rowley NW
Crow Number 18 Dam Dam 453806N 1080108W 3323 North Telegraph Creek
Crow Number 19 Dam Dam 453724N 1080102W 3356 Woody Mountain SE
Crow Number 2 Dam Dam 453154N 1070450W 3727 Jeans Fork SE
Crow Number 20 Dam Dam 453724N 1075644W 3360 Bentonite Flats
Crow Number 22 Dam Dam 453754N 1073144W 3195 Hardin
Crow Number 24 Dam Dam 453618N 1074250W 3094 Hardin SW
Crow Number 26 Dam Dam 453554N 1080156W 3363 Woody Mountain SE
Crow Number 27 Dam Dam 453612N 1080044W 3379 Woody Mountain SE
Crow Number 28 Dam Dam 453536N 1080008W 3333 Woody Mountain SE
Crow Number 3 Dam Dam 453006N 1070602W 3776 Jeans Fork SE
Crow Number 31 Dam Dam 453512N 1080120W 3323 Woody Mountain SE
Crow Number 32 Dam Dam 453436N 1075444W 3228 Bentonite Flats
Crow Number 35 Dam Dam 453430N 1080002W 3320 Woody Mountain SE
Crow Number 36 Dam Dam 453418N 1075750W 3314 Bentonite Flats
Crow Number 4 Dam Dam 454312N 1072320W 3291 Little Dry Creek
Crow Number 41 Dam Dam 453218N 1080156W 3369 Woody Mountain SE
Crow Number 42 Dam Dam 453230N 1075956W 3333 Bentonite Flats
Crow Number 45 Dam Dam 453212N 1073356W 3448 Prante Ranch
Crow Number 46 Dam Dam 452942N 1073314W 3419 Saint Xavier NE
Crow Number 47 Dam Dam 452848N 1073538W 3533 Saint Xavier NE
Crow Number 5 Dam Dam 454030N 1072532W 3307 Little Dry Creek
Crow Number 53 Dam Dam 452406N 1073332W 3730 Saint Xavier NE
Crow Number 59 Dam Dam 453212N 1072238W 3212 Crow Agency
Crow Number 6 Dam Dam 453642N 1072356W 3173 Crow Agency
Crow Number 60 Dam Dam 453242N 1071826W 3360 Crow Agency SE
Crow Number 67 Dam Dam 451842N 1073450W 3609 Shick Ranch
Crow Number 68 Dam Dam 451318N 1071632W 3615 Wyola NE
Crow Number 69 Dam Dam 451218N 1072808W 4081 Wyola
Crow Number 7 Dam Dam 452900N 1080808W 3668 Bear Coulee
Crow Number 71 Dam Dam 450400N 1070638W 4291 Bar V Ranch
Crow Number 72 Dam Dam 450018N 1070050W 3888 Bar V Ranch
Crow Public Health Services Indian Hospital Hospital 453606N 1072740W 3038 Crow Agency
Crow Reservation Civil 452308N 1074448W 3209 Saint Xavier
Crow Reservation Division (inactive) Census 452108N 1074255W 3724 Mission Coulee
Crow Revival Center Church 453606N 1072740W 3038 Crow Agency
Crow Road Coulee Valley 453824N 1073824W 2940 Walker Hill
Crown Butte Summit 451520N 1083041W 6880 Castle Rocks
Crows Nest Camp Locale 453508N 1075026W 3530 Woody Creek Camp
Crystal Cave Spring Spring 450632N 1080200W 7457 Two Point
Custer Creek Stream 453553N 1072726W 3022 Crow Agency
Custer National Cemetery Cemetery 453412N 1072555W 3248 Crow Agency
D G Orchowski Number 1 Dam Dam 453830N 1072608W 3120 Little Dry Creek
D G Orchowski Number 2 Dam Dam 453824N 1072608W 3084 Little Dry Creek
D S Scott Number 1 Dam Dam 454424N 1072626W 3130 Little Dry Creek
D S Scott Number 2 Dam Dam 453700N 1072532W 3091 Crow Agency
D S Scott Number 3 Dam Dam 453200N 1071720W 3314 Crow Agency SE
Dale Creek Stream 451857N 1065849W 3881 Kirby
Dana Coulee Valley 454131N 1073202W 2979 Hardin
David Creek Stream 453609N 1065035W 3268 Painted Hill
Davidson Draw Valley 451029N 1061542W 3645 Hamilton Draw
Davis Coulee Valley 453210N 1074033W 3061 Hardin SW
Davis Creek Stream 453108N 1065905W 3428 Busby
Dawes Coulee Valley 455546N 1070743W 3100 Iron Spring
Dawes Creek Stream 454543N 1071754W 3143 Padlock Ranch
Dawussuua Ashkaate Stream 453312N 1072700W 3097 Crow Agency
Dead Indian Hill Summit 450925N 1080823W 4557 Dead Indian Hill
Deadman Draw Valley 450659N 1062839W 3497 Forks Ranch
Deadmans Coulee Valley 455309N 1073725W 2861 Foster
Deafy Creek Stream 453237N 1065755W 3386 Busby
Decker Locale 450138N 1064907W 3438 Decker
Decker Populated Place 450043N 1065148W 3517 Decker
Decker Post Office Post Office 450115N 1065227W 3530 Decker
Deep Coulee Valley 453256N 1072505W 3094 Crow Agency
Deep Creek Stream 450337N 1062440W 3563 Forks Ranch
Deep Creek Stream 452851N 1082801W 3822 Deep Creek
Deep Ravine Valley 453339N 1072600W 3077 Crow Agency
Deer Creek Stream 450350N 1064715W 3428 Decker
Deer Creek Stream 451556N 1074623W 3442 Mountain Pocket Creek
Deer Creek Stream 455636N 1075933W 2936 Pompeys Pillar
Deer Creek School (historical) School 450525N 1064904W 3438 Decker
Del Howe Coulee Valley 452900N 1074055W 3153 Saint Xavier
Demar (historical) Locale 454733N 1073639W 2861 Ninemile Point
Denio Elevator (historical) Locale 454357N 1073643W 2907 Hardin
Devil Canyon Valley 450108N 1081457W 3642 Hillsboro
Devils Playground Area 450211N 1081301W 4413 Hillsboro
Dick Creek Stream 450705N 1073627W 4213 Black Gulch
Dinwiddie Lake Lake 445958N 1073217W 4705 West Pass
Dipping Vat Creek Stream 453458N 1071007W 3448 Jeans Fork SW
Dipping Vat Spring Spring 450047N 1073712W 4400 Black Gulch
Dog Creek Stream 453017N 1065920W 3438 Busby
Donley Creek Stream 455600N 1065044W 3163 Trail Creek School
Dry Beaver Creek Stream 451353N 1071720W 3543 Wyola NE
Dry Creek Stream 451623N 1065847W 3966 Kirby
Dry Creek Stream 452151N 1065920W 3730 Kirby
Dry Creek Stream 452259N 1070118W 3809 Thompson Creek
Dry Creek Stream 450232N 1065455W 3638 Pearl School
Dry Creek Stream 454737N 1073537W 2851 Ninemile Point
Dry Creek Stream 452911N 1065511W 3701 Birdseye Spring
Dry Creek Stream 445128N 1082149W 3786 Lovell Lakes
Dry Fork Stream 453400N 1065530W 3369 Busby
Dry Fork Coulee Valley 450159N 1074207W 4829 Willow Creek Dam SW
Dry Head Creek Stream 451227N 1080805W 3642 Dead Indian Hill
Dry Head Ranch Locale 451427N 1081706W 4423 East Pryor Mountain
Dry Ridge Ridge 450021N 1074322W 6197 Willow Creek Dam SW
Dry Ridge Ridge 431731N 1092525W 9836 Hays Park
Dry Soap Creek Stream 451525N 1074503W 3520 Mountain Pocket Creek
Dudley Spring Spring 455433N 1072416W 3317 Dudley Spring
Dunmore Locale 454048N 1073025W 2963 Hardin
Dunmore Populated Place 454043N 1073016W 2963 Hardin
Dunmore School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Eagle Butte Summit 454118N 1071759W 3547 Crow Agency NE
Eagle Feathers Creek Stream 453109N 1065833W 3428 Busby
Eagle Land Number 1 Dam Dam 453530N 1074544W 3199 Woody Creek Camp
Eagle Nest Peak Summit 451243N 1065956W 4518 Half Moon Hill
Eagle Point Summit 450214N 1073653W 5010 Black Gulch
Eagle Spring Spring 450700N 1075244W 7129 Bear Hole
Eagle Springs Spring 453819N 1074236W 3031 Walker Hill
East Cabin Creek Stream 454803N 1071813W 3120 Padlock Ranch
East Dipping Vat Coulee Valley 452343N 1073905W 3235 Saint Xavier
East Fork Armells Creek Stream 460534N 1064543W 2799 Griffin Coulee
East Fork Busby Creek Stream 453016N 1065532W 3576 Busby
East Fork Buster Creek Stream 452457N 1081017W 3763 Bear Coulee
East Fork Dryhead Creek Stream 451426N 1081708W 4423 East Pryor Mountain
East Fork Muddy Creek Stream 453217N 1064504W 3468 Painted Hill
East Fork Sarpy Creek Stream 455242N 1070654W 3182 Minnehaha Creek South
East Fork Tullock Creek Stream 454518N 1071753W 3143 Padlock Ranch
East Pass Creek Stream 450222N 1072438W 4098 Pass Creek West
East Pass Creek Stream 450223N 1072439W 4094 Pass Creek West
East Porcupine Creek Stream 453430N 1065355W 3317 Busby
East Pryor Creek Stream 453157N 1082532W 3671 Vale Creek Ranch
East Reservoir Reservoir 450002N 1081109W 4833 Hillsboro
East Thompson Creek Stream 452801N 1065944W 3537 Birdseye Spring
East Trail Creek Stream 450405N 1062517W 3556 Forks Ranch
Eckman Coulee Valley 460241N 1073039W 2726 Mission Creek
Edge Creek Stream 450155N 1073458W 4209 Black Gulch
Egnew Coulee Valley 453649N 1073752W 3018 Hardin SW
Elk Creek Stream 451739N 1065911W 3898 Kirby
Elk Creek School (historical) School 451636N 1065522W 4544 Kirby
Erb Number 1 Dam Dam 452548N 1075532W 3520 Camp Four
Eskimo Creek Stream 450049N 1073637W 4314 Black Gulch
Eychaner Coulee Valley 452059N 1073743W 3330 Mission Coulee
Fairgrounds Airpark Airport 454329N 1073604W 2900 Hardin
Fairview School (historical) School 455633N 1073527W 2835 Foster
Faith Baptist Church Church 452547N 1083159W 4062 Pryor
Faith Baptist Church Church 454357N 1073643W 2907 Hardin
Far West Island Island 453804N 1074002W 2943 Walker Hill
Farmers Canal Canal 453803N 1111018W 4888 Bozeman Hot Springs
Feeback Draw Valley 450959N 1062923W 3422 Stroud Creek
Finlayson School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
First Alliance Church Church 454356N 1073832W 2940 Walker Hill
First American Lutheran Church Church 454356N 1073655W 2907 Hardin
First Baptist Church Church 454303N 1073627W 2904 Hardin
First Congregational Church Church 454350N 1073659W 2910 Hardin
First Creek Stream 450637N 1062809W 3484 Forks Ranch
First Crow Indian Baptist Church Church 451852N 1072147W 3369 Lodge Grass
Five Mile School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Flannery (historical) Locale 454348N 1075905W 3271 Rowley NW
Flat Bottom Draw Valley 445926N 1062438W 3661 Roundup Draw
Flat Creek Stream 451422N 1081543W 4298 East Pryor Mountain
Fly Creek Stream 455942N 1075644W 2861 Pompeys Pillar
Forgotton Dam Dam 453800N 1071038W 3383 Jeans Fork NW
Forks Ranch Locale 450008N 1062523W 3658 Forks Ranch
Fort C F Smith (historical) Military 451852N 1075430W 3268 Yellowtail Dam
Fort C F Smith Historical Marker Park 451840N 1072202W 3379 Lodge Grass
Fort Custer (historical) Locale 454337N 1073428W 3038 Hardin
Fort Custer (historical) Locale 454350N 1073427W 3015 Hardin
Fort Custer Golf Club Locale 454709N 1073728W 2881 Ninemile Point
Fort Custer Military Reservation (historical) Military 454335N 1073430W 3038 Hardin
Fort Custer Post Office (historical) Post Office 454340N 1073427W 3035 Hardin
Fort Smith Populated Place 451846N 1075613W 3287 Yellowtail Dam
Fort Smith Census Designated Place Census 451853N 1075549W 3195 Yellowtail Dam
Fort Smith Elementary School School 451830N 1075556W 3307 Yellowtail Dam
Fort Smith Landing Strip Airport 451914N 1075554W 3232 Yellowtail Dam
Fort Smith Ruins Locale 451852N 1075432W 3264 Yellowtail Dam
Fort Smith Sewage Disposal Ponds Dam Dam 451842N 1075532W 3284 Yellowtail Dam
Fort Smith Visitor Center Building 451903N 1075517W 3186 Yellowtail Dam
Forty Mile Colony Populated Place 451612N 1072102W 3579 Lodge Grass
Fortymile Canal Canal 451615N 1072139W 3474 Lodge Grass
Foster Populated Place 455530N 1073527W 2818 Foster
Foster (historical) Locale 455532N 1073532W 2821 Foster
Foster Post Office (historical) Post Office 455532N 1073532W 2821 Foster
Fountain of Youth Coulee Valley 460050N 1072959W 2779 Marsh Coulee
Four Mile School (historical) School 451438N 1065150W 4196 Tongue River Dam
Fourmile Creek Stream 451221N 1064158W 3261 Spring Gulch
Frannie Canal Canal 444946N 1084635W 4495 Elk Basin SE
Fricker Draw Valley 450051N 1062614W 3632 Forks Ranch
Fritzler Coulee Valley 452125N 1070657W 4193 Spring Creek Ranch
Frozen Leg Canyon Valley 451738N 1080026W 3642 Grapevine Dome
Gails Coulee Valley 454752N 1080201W 3409 Gails Coulee
Garryowen Populated Place 453136N 1072510W 3117 Crow Agency
Garryowen (historical) Locale 453135N 1072510W 3120 Crow Agency
Garryowen Historical Marker Park 453140N 1072509W 3110 Crow Agency
Garryowen Mission School (historical) School 453140N 1072552W 3179 Crow Agency
Garryowen Post Office Post Office 453135N 1072510W 3120 Crow Agency
Garvin Basin Basin 450256N 1080901W 4744 Hillsboro
Gay Creek Stream 450105N 1072745W 4301 Pass Creek West
Gc Lande Number 1 Dam Dam 452312N 1082238W 4482 Deep Creek
General Custer Fishing Access Site Locale 455535N 1073442W 2802 Foster
Gladewater Ditch Canal 445951N 1065328W 3524 Acme
Good Horse Coulee Valley 453044N 1074059W 3074 Hardin SW
Good Luck Creek Stream 451753N 1072434W 3458 Good Luck Creek
Good Luck School (historical) School 451815N 1072854W 3704 Good Luck Creek
Goose Coulee Valley 451444N 1074512W 3592 Limestone Canyon
Government Ditch Canal 453141N 1065820W 3412 Busby
Gracy Butte Summit 455135N 1072112W 3379 Padlock Ranch
Graham Ditch Canal 450605N 1073713W 4324 Black Gulch
Grampian (historical) Locale Unknown Unknown    
Grandview Campground Locale 454420N 1073657W 2904 Hardin
Grant Marsh Wildlife Management Area Park 455030N 1073522W 2835 Ninemile Point
Grant Marsh Wildlife Management Area Fishing Access Site Locale 455038N 1073513W 2835 Ninemile Point
Grapevine Creek Stream 451903N 1075623W 3195 Yellowtail Dam
Grapevine Dome Summit 452044N 1080501W 4485 Grapevine Dome
Grapevine School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Greasy Grass Ridge Ridge 453332N 1072524W 3222 Crow Agency
Green School (historical) School 451552N 1073653W 3681 Shick Ranch
Grey Blanket Creek Stream 451806N 1072057W 3383 Lodge Grass
Grey Blanket School (historical) School 451844N 1071704W 3845 Lodge Grass
Gyp Creek Stream 450719N 1081051W 3638 Hillsboro
Gypsum Creek Stream 445824N 1082017W 3924 Sykes Spring
Gypsum Creek Stream 445824N 1082020W 3927 Sykes Spring
H C Brown Number 1 Dam Dam 451112N 1071702W 3622 Wyola NE
Half Moon Hill Summit 451306N 1065554W 4508 Half Moon Hill
Halfway Canyon Valley 450106N 1073909W 4593 Willow Creek Dam SW
Halfway Canyon Valley 450106N 1073907W 4596 Willow Creek Dam SW
Halfway Creek Stream 451137N 1072234W 3583 Wyola
Halfway Dam Dam 450942N 1072108W 3743 Wyola NE
Halfway House Coulee Valley 453405N 1073910W 3048 Hardin SW
Halfway Reservoir Reservoir 450943N 1072104W 3743 Wyola NE
Halfway School (historical) School 453605N 1074014W 2972 Hardin SW
Hammond Ranch Locale 455659N 1071900W 2972 Hammond Ranch
Hampton Butte Summit 450058N 1062420W 3950 Forks Ranch
Hanging Woman Creek Stream 451915N 1063109W 3123 Birney
Hardin Locale 454350N 1073616W 2904 Hardin
Hardin Populated Place 454357N 1073643W 2907 Hardin
Hardin Airport (historical) Airport 454308N 1073406W 3038 Hardin
Hardin Clinic Hospital 454344N 1073659W 2910 Hardin
Hardin Division (inactive) Census 455025N 1073200W 3074 Ninemile Point
Hardin High School School 454406N 1073656W 2907 Hardin
Hardin Intermediate School School 454402N 1073659W 2907 Hardin
Hardin KOA Campground Locale 454550N 1073650W 2900 Ninemile Point
Hardin Middle School School 454404N 1073655W 2907 Hardin
Hardin Police Department Building 454354N 1073630W 2904 Hardin
Hardin Post Office Post Office 454400N 1073617W 2904 Hardin
Hardin Primary School School 454351N 1073639W 2907 Hardin
Hardin Rest Area Locale 454654N 1080012W 3297 Gails Coulee
Hardin Sewage Lagoon Dam Dam 454348N 1073614W 2904 Hardin
Hardin Southern Baptist Church Church 454353N 1073639W 2907 Hardin
Hardin Visitor Information Center Building 454417N 1073532W 2894 Hardin
Hardin Volunteer Fire Department Building 454358N 1073620W 2904 Hardin
Hardrobe Creek Stream 452900N 1064825W 3911 Bull Creek Lookout
Hardrobe Spring Spring 452835N 1064731W 3983 Bull Creek Lookout
Hardrobe Water Gap Gap 452859N 1064823W 3917 Bull Creek Lookout
Hardy Ditch Canal 450200N 1072357W 4219 Pass Creek West
Harris Canyon Valley 454931N 1065717W 3642 Sarpy School
Harris Creek Stream 451240N 1064102W 3258 Spring Gulch
Harris School (historical) School 450805N 1071215W 3999 Kid Creek
Hart School (historical) School 453858N 1074307W 3094 Walker Hill
Harvest States Cooperatives Elevator Locale 454407N 1073547W 2897 Hardin
Harvestime Evangelistic Center Church 454353N 1073702W 2910 Hardin
Hay Coulee Valley 452539N 1074636W 3077 Lemonade Springs
Hay Creek Stream 453050N 1082620W 3717 Vale Creek Ranch
Hay Creek Stream 454736N 1075719W 3143 Corinth
Hays Ranch Locale 455538N 1070231W 3310 Minnehaha Creek South
Haystack Butte Summit 454053N 1072639W 3202 Little Dry Creek
Haystack Butte Summit 454728N 1072312W 3632 The Dugout
Haystack Coulee Valley 460148N 1072226W 2897 Hope Ranch
Hellers Peak Summit 450349N 1062754W 3707 Forks Ranch
Heritage Acres Hospital 454350N 1073720W 2913 Hardin
Hive Butte Summit 454519N 1073109W 3100 Ninemile Point
Holly (historical) Locale 455108N 1073604W 2835 Ninemile Point
Holmes Ranch Locale 450342N 1064244W 3520 Holmes Ranch
Hoodoo Creek Stream 451303N 1080851W 3642 Dead Indian Hill
Horn Mountain Summit 451831N 1065310W 4708 Kirby
Horse Coulee Valley 452138N 1080919W 4288 Bear Coulee SW
Horse Coulee Valley 452756N 1080513W 3481 Mott Creek
Horse Creek Stream 453029N 1064925W 3730 Painted Hill
Horse Creek Stream 455437N 1070728W 3123 Minnehaha Creek South
Horse Creek Stream 450756N 1062832W 3540 Stroud Creek
Horse Ridge Ridge 450042N 1074402W 6247 Willow Creek Dam SW
Horse Ridge Ridge 431338N 1093405W 12142 Fremont Peak North
Horse Ridge Canyon Valley 450135N 1074315W 4997 Willow Creek Dam SW
Hosford Camp Locale 451912N 1064921W 3924 Taintor Desert
Hoshow Coulee Valley 455301N 1072824W 3133 Dudley Spring
Humphrey Coulee Valley 453554N 1073858W 3002 Hardin SW
Hunter Cabin Locale 451041N 1075756W 6391 Peyote Point
Hunter Spring Spring 451039N 1075754W 6404 Peyote Point
Hutton Post Office (historical) Post Office 452325N 1065932W 3711 Birdseye Spring
Indian Chief Two Moons Historical Monument Park 453150N 1065726W 3465 Busby
Indian Coulee Valley 453639N 1064923W 3251 Painted Hill
Indian Coulee Spring Spring 453844N 1065227W 3402 Black Spring
Indian Creek Stream 451617N 1065858W 3983 Kirby
Indian Springs Spring 450242N 1075757W 7949 Bear Hole
Interchange 478 Crossing 454649N 1075722W 3182 Corinth
Interchange 484 Crossing 454457N 1075057W 3264 Rowley
Interchange 495 Crossing 454447N 1073643W 2900 Hardin
Interchange 497 Crossing 454430N 1073452W 2884 Hardin
Interchange 503 Crossing 454047N 1073017W 2963 Hardin
Interchange 509 Crossing 453605N 1072745W 3041 Crow Agency
Interchange 510 Crossing 453444N 1072709W 3061 Crow Agency
Interchange 514 Crossing 453140N 1072508W 3110 Crow Agency
Interchange 530 Crossing 451845N 1072056W 3373 Lodge Grass
Interchange 544 Crossing 450748N 1072125W 4006 Wyola NE
Interchange 549 Crossing 450318N 1072015W 4006 Pass Creek East
Ionia (historical) Locale 452155N 1072256W 3310 Good Luck Creek
Iron Spring Spring 455610N 1071110W 3202 Iron Spring
Iron Spring Coulee Valley 455651N 1070911W 3091 Iron Spring
Iron Springs Creek Stream 450135N 1061847W 3711 Quietus
Iron Springs Creek Stream 445959N 1061626W 3858 Box Elder Draw
Iron Springs School (historical) School 455610N 1071152W 3264 Iron Spring
J R Scott Number 1 Dam Dam 454312N 1075638W 3195 Rowley NW
J R Scott Number 12 Dam Dam 453018N 1075838W 3363 Bentonite Flats
J R Scott Number 15 Dam Dam 452606N 1080244W 3560 Mott Creek
J R Scott Number 5 Dam Dam 454006N 1075550W 3274 Rowley NW
J R Scott Number 8 Dam Dam 453906N 1075614W 3317 Rowley NW
J R Scott Number 9 Dam Dam 453836N 1075756W 3323 Rowley NW
Jack Creek Stream 451807N 1064219W 3491 Birney SW
Jeffers Number 1 Dam Dam 452548N 1072208W 3291 Lodge Grass NE
Jess Coulee Valley 451140N 1073325W 3927 Willow Creek Dam
Jimmy Creek Stream 450618N 1073709W 4281 Black Gulch
John Reavis Draw Valley 450201N 1062904W 3619 Forks Ranch
Johnny Creek Stream 451149N 1073346W 3884 Willow Creek Dam
Jordan Ranch Locale 451701N 1065222W 4098 Taintor Desert
Juddy Creek Stream 453453N 1064440W 3353 Lame Deer
Kaiser Creek Stream 460152N 1075036W 2825 Bull Mountain
Kemph Ranch Locale 460008N 1074021W 3530 Waco
Kid Creek Stream 451245N 1071314W 3799 Kid Creek
Killsnight Creek Stream 453535N 1065056W 3268 Painted Hill
Killsnight Spring Spring 452604N 1065024W 4321 Bull Creek Lookout
King Draw Valley 445918N 1061841W 3766 Box Elder Draw
Kingley Populated Place 455355N 1073606W 2831 Foster
Kingley (historical) Locale 455353N 1073607W 2831 Foster
Kirby Populated Place 451957N 1065854W 3875 Kirby
Kirby Post Office (historical) Post Office 451957N 1065854W 3875 Kirby
Kjeldgaard Number 1 Dam Dam 454548N 1075656W 3166 Corinth
Kjeldgaard Number 2 Dam Dam 454448N 1075820W 3291 Rowley NW
Kopac Camp Locale 453429N 1074409W 3097 Hardin SW
Kray Coulee Valley 455519N 1070804W 3120 Iron Spring
Krone Ditch Canal 451734N 1074648W 3396 Mountain Pocket Creek
Kuehn Locale 454905N 1070521W 3438 Wolf School
Lafevers Pond Dam Dam 452754N 1070102W 3615 Thompson Creek
Last Stand Hill Summit 453413N 1072537W 3304 Crow Agency
Lazy Man Creek Stream 454938N 1071912W 3084 Padlock Ranch
Leaf Rock Creek Stream 450822N 1064706W 3428 Tongue River Dam
Lemon Ranch Locale 455544N 1073926W 3002 Lemon Ranch
Lemonade Springs Spring 452357N 1074921W 3179 Lemonade Springs
Lieutenant Draw Valley 450029N 1062559W 3619 Forks Ranch
Lime Kiln Creek Stream 451846N 1075523W 3195 Yellowtail Dam
Limestone Canyon Valley 451043N 1074755W 4124 Limestone Canyon
Limestone Military Reservation (historical) Military 451815N 1075540W 3379 Yellowtail Dam
Liming Reservoir Reservoir 451250N 1071833W 3586 Wyola NE
Liming Reservoir Dam Dam 451248N 1071838W 3592 Wyola NE
Lincoln School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Line Creek Stream 445923N 1074932W 6916 Boyd Ridge
Line Rider Creek Stream 450306N 1071412W 4003 Little Bear Creek
Little Bear Creek Stream 450741N 1071325W 3819 Kid Creek
Little Bear Creek Stream 451107N 1061239W 3520 Otter
Little Beaver Creek Stream 451212N 1071441W 3720 Kid Creek
Little Big Horn Camp Locale 453440N 1072652W 3064 Crow Agency
Little Big Horn College School 453612N 1072722W 3028 Crow Agency
Little Big Horn River Bridge Bridge Unknown Unknown    
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument Park 453355N 1072544W 3143 Crow Agency
Little Bighorn Battlefield Visitor Center Building 453412N 1072547W 3255 Crow Agency
Little Bighorn River Stream 454417N 1073410W 2884 Hardin
Little Bighorn Valley Valley 454416N 1073404W 2884 Hardin
Little Bull Elk Canyon Valley 451348N 1080417W 3642 Little Finger Ridge
Little Bull Elk Creek Stream 451348N 1080417W 3642 Little Finger Ridge
Little Bull Elk Ridge Ridge 451106N 1080227W 6188 Little Finger Ridge
Little Chief Creek Stream 453632N 1064827W 3238 Painted Hill
Little Corral Creek Stream 452203N 1070512W 4042 Spring Creek Ranch
Little Cottonwood Creek Stream 450336N 1073210W 4078 Black Gulch
Little Dry Creek Stream 454518N 1072908W 3025 The Dugout
Little Finger Ridge Ridge 451310N 1080156W 5738 Little Finger Ridge
Little Hawk Creek Stream 453440N 1065350W 3323 Busby
Little Hawk Lake Lake 453551N 1065525W 3425 Busby
Little Horn (historical) Locale 451630N 1072239W 3432 Good Luck Creek
Little Horn School (historical) School 450346N 1073027W 3976 Black Gulch
Little Land Bench 450430N 1075306W 7828 Bear Hole
Little Meadow Creek Stream 455023N 1071908W 3064 Padlock Ranch
Little Mountain Ridge 451823N 1081252W 5646 Bear Coulee SW
Little Ninemile Creek Stream 454854N 1073301W 2923 Ninemile Point
Little Owl Creek Stream 451430N 1071751W 3520 Wyola NE
Little Thompson Creek Stream 452546N 1070350W 3839 Thompson Creek
Little Wolf Mountains Range 455033N 1065439W 4800 Sarpy School
Little Woody Creek Stream 453425N 1075601W 3245 Bentonite Flats
Little Youngs Creek Stream 445929N 1065705W 3625 Acme
Lodge Grass Locale 451852N 1072147W 3369 Lodge Grass
Lodge Grass Canal Number One Canal 452122N 1072301W 3327 Good Luck Creek
Lodge Grass Canal Number Two Canal 451533N 1072900W 3655 Good Luck Creek
Lodge Grass Canyon Valley 450155N 1074230W 4915 Willow Creek Dam SW
Lodge Grass Cemetery Cemetery 451927N 1072239W 3451 Good Luck Creek
Lodge Grass Creek Stream 451835N 1072124W 3363 Lodge Grass
Lodge Grass Creek Stream 451840N 1072132W 3363 Lodge Grass
Lodge Grass Feeder Canal Canal 450826N 1073553W 4176 Willow Creek Dam
Lodge Grass Post Office Post Office 451852N 1072147W 3369 Lodge Grass
Lodge Grass Public Schools School 451859N 1072211W 3445 Lodge Grass
Lodge Grass Reservoir Reservoir 451000N 1073602W 4137 Willow Creek Dam
Lodge Grass Storage Reservoir Reservoir 450950N 1073549W 4140 Willow Creek Dam
Lodge Grass Volunteer Fire Department Building 451849N 1072155W 3376 Lodge Grass
Log School (historical) School 451743N 1065918W 3953 Kirby
Lone Pine Creek Stream 450942N 1071555W 3661 Wyola NE
Lone Tree Coulee Stream 454954N 1073612W 2848 Ninemile Point
Lone Tree Coulee Valley 454952N 1073813W 2897 Chimney Creek
Long Coulee Valley 451724N 1065910W 3947 Kirby
Long Otter Creek Stream 452656N 1072415W 3202 Benteen
Long Ridge Ridge 450325N 1075432W 8507 Bear Hole
Lost Boy Creek Stream 455932N 1075710W 2861 Pompeys Pillar
Lost Creek Stream 452459N 1083244W 4134 Pryor
Lost Creek Ditch Canal 452236N 1083041W 4511 Pryor
Lost Creek Spring Spring 452039N 1082641W 6919 Deep Creek SW
Lotties Draw Valley 450056N 1073535W 4314 Black Gulch
Lotties Draw Valley 450100N 1073537W 4281 Black Gulch
Lower Indian Creek Reservoir Reservoir 451621N 1070048W 4108 Spring Creek Ranch
Lower Indian Creek Reservoir Dam Dam 451624N 1070050W 4108 Spring Creek Ranch
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod Church 453606N 1072740W 3038 Crow Agency
Lynch Coulee Valley 453915N 1064300W 3189 Jimtown
Lynch Spring Spring 454016N 1064711W 3333 Black Spring
MacDonald School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Macheta Creek Stream 452533N 1083322W 4071 Pryor
Mallards Landing Fishing Access Site Locale 453117N 1074327W 3012 Hardin SW
Maschetah Post Office (historical) Post Office 455000N 1071002W 3638 Iron Spring SW
Maschetah School (historical) School 454818N 1071450W 3238 Iron Spring SW
McCurdy Draw Valley 455338N 1071853W 3022 Hammond Ranch
McFerran Number 1 Dam Dam 454242N 1080320W 3448 North Telegraph Creek
McFerran Number 2 Dam Dam 454236N 1080038W 3284 North Telegraph Creek
McFerran Number 3 Dam Dam 454106N 1080138W 3353 North Telegraph Creek
McRae (historical) Populated Place 455242N 1070712W 3186 Minnehaha Creek South
McRae Post Office (historical) Post Office 455242N 1070712W 3186 Minnehaha Creek South
Medicine Elk Creek Stream 453132N 1064831W 3635 Painted Hill
Medicine Tail Coulee Valley 453249N 1072456W 3084 Crow Agency
Medicine Tail Creek Stream 453250N 1072455W 3081 Crow Agency
Medicine Tail Ford Locale 453249N 1072458W 3081 Crow Agency
Middle Creek Stream 452728N 1082657W 3937 Deep Creek
Middle Creek School (historical) School 452740N 1082800W 4042 Deep Creek
Middle Fork Bull Creek Stream 452239N 1064534W 3747 Bull Creek Lookout
Middle Fork Buster Creek Stream 452408N 1081131W 3878 Bear Coulee
Middle Fork Davis Creek Stream 452943N 1070116W 3491 Thompson Creek
Middle Fork Fivemile Creek Stream 452514N 1084517W 3816 Edgar
Middle Fork Spring Creek Stream 454748N 1070652W 3343 Wolf School
Middle Fork Tullock Creek Stream 454005N 1071512W 3261 Crow Agency NE
Middle Fork Two Leggins Creek Stream 453751N 1074720W 3163 Rowley
Middle Pine Creek Stream 450814N 1071449W 3717 Kid Creek
Middle Ridge Ridge 451306N 1080022W 5604 Little Finger Ridge
Miller Ranch Locale 454818N 1073452W 3008 Ninemile Point
Miller School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Millers Ranch Locale 451239N 1071305W 3806 Kid Creek
Minnehaha Creek Stream 460111N 1070708W 2979 Minnehaha Creek North
Mission Bottom Bend 460125N 1073015W 2753 Mission Creek
Mission Buttes Summit 452658N 1073751W 3921 Saint Xavier
Mission Coulee Valley 460124N 1072959W 2766 Marsh Coulee
Mission Coulee Valley 451859N 1073712W 3435 Shick Ranch
Mission Creek Stream 460137N 1073047W 2762 Mission Creek
Montana Industrial School (historical) School 460008N 1074020W 3527 Waco
Monument Creek School (historical) School 450745N 1065055W 3668 Tongue River Dam
Monument Hill Locale 451359N 1065955W 4711 Half Moon Hill
Moonshine Draw Valley 452156N 1070520W 4075 Spring Creek Ranch
Mott Creek Stream 452829N 1075915W 3350 Camp Four
Mountain Pocket Creek Stream 452225N 1074904W 3091 Mountain Pocket Creek
Mountain Pocket School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Mud Springs Spring 450626N 1061613W 3921 Quietus
Mud Springs Creek Stream 452753N 1072436W 3182 Benteen
Muddy Populated Place 453719N 1064537W 3245 Painted Hill
Muddy Census Designated Place Census 453447N 1064631W 3540 Painted Hill
Muddy Creek Stream 453541N 1064502W 3314 Painted Hill
Muddy Creek Stream 452921N 1075700W 3304 Camp Four
Muddy Creek Cemetery Cemetery 453427N 1064428W 3438 Lame Deer
Muddy Creek Church Church 453244N 1064458W 3468 Lame Deer
Muddy Creek School (historical) School 453440N 1064432W 3379 Lame Deer
Muddy District Civil 453238N 1064739W 3753 Painted Hill
Muddy Lake Lake 452507N 1064958W 4459 Bull Creek Lookout
Muddy Post Office (historical) Post Office 453719N 1064537W 3245 Painted Hill
Muddy Springs Spring 453237N 1064504W 3438 Painted Hill
Mull Draw Valley 450229N 1062257W 3625 Forks Ranch
National Cemetery Military Reservation (historical) Military 453355N 1072554W 3156 Crow Agency
Natural Corrals Basin 450049N 1081446W 4199 Hillsboro
Negro Draw Valley 450228N 1062821W 3599 Forks Ranch
Nerco Locale Unknown Unknown    
Nest Creek Stream 452638N 1072425W 3202 Benteen
Nine Mile School (historical) School 455017N 1073646W 2848 Ninemile Point
Ninemile Creek Stream 454958N 1073536W 2841 Ninemile Point
Ninemile Point Cape 454949N 1073548W 2920 Ninemile Point
North Bench School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
North Branch Slater Creek Stream 445801N 1070801W 4065 Ranchester
North Canyon Creek School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
North Cottonwood Creek Stream 455349N 1073346W 2821 Foster
North Fork Bluewater Creek Stream 451841N 1084725W 4075 Bluewater
North Fork Bull Creek Stream 452239N 1064533W 3747 Bull Creek Lookout
North Fork Butte Creek Stream 453714N 1065656W 3678 Busby
North Fork Canyon Creek Stream 451505N 1064233W 3327 Birney SW
North Fork Dale Creek Stream 451853N 1065613W 4075 Kirby
North Fork Davis Creek Stream 453015N 1070028W 3501 Jeans Fork SE
North Fork Deer Creek Stream 450242N 1064022W 3596 Holmes Ranch
North Fork Fivemile Creek Stream 452557N 1084600W 3730 Edgar
North Fork Fourmile Creek Stream 451407N 1065142W 3989 Tongue River Dam
North Fork Good Luck Creek Stream 451820N 1072848W 3655 Good Luck Creek
North Fork Grapevine Creek Stream 452016N 1080236W 3940 Grapevine Dome
North Fork Indian Coulee Valley 453953N 1065553W 3579 Chalky Point
North Fork Indian Creek Stream 451554N 1070423W 4318 Spring Creek Ranch
North Fork Lodge Grass Canyon Valley 450154N 1074227W 4882 Willow Creek Dam SW
North Fork Mission Creek Stream 460123N 1073354W 2897 Mission Creek
North Fork Monument Creek Stream 450754N 1064940W 3563 Tongue River Dam
North Fork Pocket Creek Stream 455811N 1073033W 2802 Foster
North Fork Reno Creek Stream 453008N 1072149W 3159 Crow Agency SE
North Fork Rosebud Creek Stream 451249N 1070009W 4314 Bar V Ranch NE
North Fork Rotten Grass Canyon Valley 450701N 1074655W 4859 Red Springs
North Fork Sage Creek Stream 451241N 1083039W 5751 Indian Spring
North Fork Sioux Pass Creek Stream 451457N 1071153W 3963 Kid Creek
North Fork Sorrel Horse Creek Stream 455956N 1073541W 3002 Foster
North Fork Spring Creek Stream 450756N 1065534W 3819 Half Moon Hill
North Fork Squirrel Creek Stream 450634N 1070204W 4081 Bar V Ranch
North Fork Trout Creek Stream 445942N 1080041W 5115 Simmons Canyon
North Fork Two Leggins Creek Stream 453837N 1074518W 3081 Rowley
North Fork Waddle Creek Stream 450130N 1062916W 3622 Forks Ranch
North Fork Whitman Coulee Valley 454609N 1074121W 2999 Chimney Creek
North Sand Creek Stream 452309N 1072701W 3396 Benteen
North Telegraph Creek Stream 454309N 1075951W 3268 Rowley NW
North Waddle Creek School (historical) School 450217N 1063307W 3901 Pine Butte School
Northern Cheyenne Division (inactive) Census 453133N 1065140W 3973 Painted Hill
Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation Civil 453156N 1064048W 4288 Lame Deer
Nye-Cartwright Ridge Ridge 453322N 1072348W 3356 Crow Agency
O W Ranch School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Occident Elevator (historical) Locale 454357N 1073643W 2907 Hardin
Ogborn School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Old Flat Top Summit 450542N 1062947W 3930 Forks Ranch
Old Ford Place Populated Place 455414N 1072726W 3655 Dudley Spring
Onion Creek Stream 453335N 1072559W 3061 Crow Agency
Oswald (historical) Locale 452017N 1083452W 4688 Castle Rocks
Ottum Ranch Locale 454737N 1073507W 2864 Ninemile Point
Ottun Number 3 Dam Dam 454924N 1073144W 3002 Ninemile Point
Ottun Number 5 Dam Dam 454706N 1074950W 3284 Blue Spring
Ottun Number 6 Dam Dam 454630N 1075132W 3291 Blue Spring
Ottun Number 8 Dam Dam 454618N 1074832W 3228 Blue Spring
Ottun Number 9 Dam Dam 454424N 1074656W 3123 Rowley
Our Lady of Loretto Church Church 451852N 1072147W 3369 Lodge Grass
OW Ranch Locale 450812N 1062834W 3514 Stroud Creek
Owl Creek Stream 451721N 1072100W 3396 Lodge Grass
Ox Yoke Coulee Valley 452526N 1074052W 3163 Saint Xavier
P K Creek Stream 450803N 1062857W 3455 Stroud Creek
P K School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Packs the Hat Creek Stream 450924N 1074034W 4101 Dry Soap Creek
Padlock Ranch Locale 454859N 1071839W 3107 Padlock Ranch
Paint Springs Spring 450241N 1074758W 6909 Red Springs
Painted Hill Summit 453644N 1065040W 3763 Painted Hill
Parker Creek Stream 453331N 1065516W 3343 Busby
Parkers Pond Dam Dam 453006N 1070026W 3504 Jeans Fork SE
Pass Creek Stream 450734N 1072424W 3707 Wyola
Pass Creek School (historical) School 450210N 1072527W 4160 Pass Creek West
Pearl Post Office (historical) Post Office 450053N 1070112W 4147 Bar V Ranch
Pearl School (historical) School 450033N 1065855W 3776 Pearl School
Pearson Creek Stream 450424N 1064847W 3428 Decker
Percheron Creek Stream 450316N 1074054W 4642 Willow Creek Dam SW
Peritsa (historical) Locale 454310N 1074210W 3002 Walker Hill
Peritsa Creek Stream 454238N 1073935W 2949 Walker Hill
Peterson Number 1 Dam Dam 454018N 1080138W 3396 North Telegraph Creek
Petroglyph Canyon Valley 445808N 1082801W 4278 Cowley
Petroglyph Canyon Valley 445808N 1082801W 4278 Cowley
Peyote Point Summit 450753N 1075524W 7218 Peyote Point
Pine Butte School (historical) School 450728N 1063419W 3983 Pine Butte School
Pine Coulee Valley 451430N 1081705W 4436 East Pryor Mountain
Pine Creek Stream 451127N 1071703W 3602 Wyola NE
Pine Creek Stream 452426N 1065943W 3671 Birdseye Spring
Pine Ridge Ridge 455540N 1074414W 3927 Lemon Ranch
Pine Ridge School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Pitchfork Creek Stream 451356N 1081042W 3914 Dead Indian Hill
Pleasant Creek Stream 455334N 1070718W 3143 Minnehaha Creek South
Plenty Coups High School School 452544N 1083157W 4065 Pryor
Plum Creek Stream 452804N 1082941W 3891 Deep Creek
Plum Creek Stream 454936N 1071849W 3084 Padlock Ranch
Pocket Creek Stream 455820N 1073110W 2782 Foster
Point Creek Stream 452814N 1080130W 3396 Mott Creek
Point Lookout Summit 450653N 1075308W 7247 Bear Hole
Pond Creek Stream 450251N 1065103W 3533 Decker
Porcupine Creek Stream 452654N 1082704W 3986 Deep Creek
Porcupine Creek Stream 450107N 1081456W 3642 Hillsboro
Porcupine Creek Stream 453432N 1065427W 3330 Busby
Porter Ranch Locale 450551N 1063936W 4170 Holmes Ranch
Post Creek Stream 451015N 1064442W 3323 Spring Gulch
Post Creek School (historical) School 451150N 1064912W 3763 Tongue River Dam
Poverty Flats Flat 455310N 1072504W 3655 Dudley Spring
Powell Creek Stream 453333N 1064456W 3396 Lame Deer
Powerhouse Yellowtail Dam Dam 451825N 1075729W 3642 Yellowtail Dam
Powers Brothers Ditch Canal 450151N 1065352W 3615 Pearl School
Powers Cormack Ditch Canal 450226N 1065411W 3629 Pearl School
Powers School (historical) School 450120N 1073530W 4245 Black Gulch
Powers Upper Ditch Canal 450104N 1073529W 4278 Black Gulch
Prairie Dog Creek Stream 451610N 1063727W 3199 Birney
Prante Ranch Locale 453356N 1073258W 3543 Prante Ranch
Pretty Eagle Catholic School School 452745N 1074337W 3068 Saint Xavier
Pryor Populated Place 452547N 1083159W 4062 Pryor
Pryor (historical) Locale 452547N 1083159W 4062 Pryor
Pryor Cemetery Cemetery 452510N 1083042W 4209 Pryor
Pryor Census Designated Place Census 452445N 1083145W 4163 Pryor
Pryor Creek Stream 455315N 1081857W 3022 Huntley
Pryor Creek Boarding School (historical) School 452453N 1083327W 4114 Pryor
Pryor Ditch Number One Canal 452328N 1083233W 4304 Pryor
Pryor Ditch Number Three Canal 452444N 1083305W 4144 Pryor
Pryor Ditch Number Two Canal 452329N 1083330W 4226 Pryor
Pryor Gap Gap 451733N 1083608W 4915 Castle Rocks
Pryor Land Number 1 Dam Dam 452254N 1082038W 4400 Chilkoot Coulee
Pryor Mountains Range 451500N 1083002W 6417 East Pryor Mountain
Pryor Post Office Post Office 452547N 1083159W 4062 Pryor
Pryor Public School School 452543N 1083200W 4065 Pryor
Pryor Valley Assembly Church Church 452547N 1083159W 4062 Pryor
Punch Bowl Creek Stream 451407N 1082012W 4734 East Pryor Mountain
Push Creek Stream 452457N 1081242W 3835 Bear Coulee
Quietus Populated Place 450547N 1061659W 4071 Quietus
Quietus Post Office (historical) Post Office 450545N 1061704W 4055 Quietus
R Downs Number 10 Dam Dam 454342N 1074450W 3051 Walker Hill
R Downs Number 4 Dam Dam 454412N 1074356W 3117 Walker Hill
R Downs Number 5 Dam Dam 454354N 1074326W 3064 Walker Hill
R Downs Number 6 Dam Dam 454400N 1074314W 3068 Walker Hill
R Downs Number 7 Dam Dam 454248N 1075250W 3228 Rowley NW
R E Peterson Number 1 Dam Dam 454006N 1075214W 3261 Rowley
Raglands Number 1 Dam Dam 455048N 1073944W 2959 Chimney Creek
Rattlesnake Butte Summit 451631N 1074008W 4206 Mission Coulee
Red Butte Summit 455155N 1065806W 4445 Sarpy School
Red Butte School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Red Canyon Creek Stream 450019N 1073640W 4344 Black Gulch
Red Canyon Creek Stream 450010N 1073637W 4363 Black Gulch
Red Gulch Valley 450019N 1073640W 4344 Black Gulch
Red Hill Summit 453713N 1065623W 4019 Busby
Red Hills Summit 455055N 1071557W 3468 Padlock Ranch
Red Spring Creek Stream 451410N 1082005W 4721 East Pryor Mountain
Red Springs Spring 450200N 1075013W 7874 Red Springs
Redding Ranch Locale 455422N 1071912W 3018 Hammond Ranch
Redeemer Lutheran Church Church 454356N 1073642W 2907 Hardin
Rednose Dam Dam 453212N 1065926W 3442 Busby
Rednose Reservoir Reservoir 453210N 1065928W 3445 Busby
Reed Creek Stream 460259N 1074516W 2818 Bull Mountain
Reno Locale 454301N 1073230W 2933 Hardin
Reno Canal Canal 453153N 1072534W 3117 Crow Agency
Reno Creek Stream 453007N 1072244W 3120 Crow Agency
Reno Creek School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Reno Ford Crossing 452959N 1072231W 3146 Benteen
Reno Ford Locale 453001N 1072229W 3143 Crow Agency SE
Reno-Benteen Battlefield Park 453119N 1072239W 3383 Crow Agency
Resettlement FSA Number 1 Dam Dam 450430N 1072356W 4049 Pass Creek West
Retreat Crossing Crossing 453123N 1072324W 3104 Crow Agency
Ridge School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Ridgewalker Creek Stream 453624N 1064847W 3245 Painted Hill
Rim Rock School (historical) School 450540N 1073757W 4390 Willow Creek Dam SW
Robert Miller Ditch Canal 451229N 1073336W 3878 Willow Creek Dam
Robs Coulee Valley 455421N 1073705W 2861 Foster
Rocky Ridge Ridge 450056N 1075243W 8878 Bear Hole
Ronald (historical) Locale 454258N 1080000W 3268 Rowley NW
Rosebud Battlefield State Park Park 451350N 1065952W 4606 Half Moon Hill
Rosebud Creek Stream 461623N 1062835W 2484 Rosebud
Rotten Coulee Valley 451431N 1081628W 4393 East Pryor Mountain
Rotten Grass Canyon Valley 450940N 1074309W 4249 Dry Soap Creek
Rotten Grass Creek Stream 452838N 1074348W 3031 Saint Xavier
Rotten Grass School (historical) School 450954N 1074136W 4278 Dry Soap Creek
Rough Coulee Valley 460202N 1074833W 2821 Bull Mountain
Rough Creek Stream 455854N 1071924W 2923 Hammond Ranch
Rough Springs Coulee Valley 455732N 1072716W 2963 Dudley Spring
Rowley Populated Place 454335N 1074631W 3110 Rowley
Rowley C B and O Number 1 Dam Dam 454324N 1074620W 3084 Rowley
Ryan (historical) Locale 455804N 1073352W 2802 Foster
Sage Creek Stream 445040N 1082435W 3829 Lovell
Saint Charles Borromeo Church Church 452547N 1083159W 4062 Pryor
Saint Charles Mission School School 452452N 1083317W 4124 Pryor
Saint Dennis Parish Church 453606N 1072740W 3038 Crow Agency
Saint Francis Church Church 452106N 1065859W 3829 Kirby
Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church Church 452748N 1074340W 3064 Saint Xavier
Saint Johns Lutheran Church Church 452739N 1074308W 3081 Saint Xavier
Saint Joseph Church Church 454410N 1073628W 2904 Hardin
Saint Thomas Episcopal Church Church 454412N 1073631W 2904 Hardin
Saint Xavier Populated Place 452740N 1074318W 3077 Saint Xavier
Saint Xavier Catholic Mission Cemetery Cemetery 452749N 1074351W 3054 Saint Xavier
Saint Xavier Census Designated Place Census 452726N 1074331W 3077 Saint Xavier
Saint Xavier Coulee Valley 452712N 1074145W 3140 Saint Xavier
Saint Xavier Post Office Post Office 452741N 1074315W 3077 Saint Xavier
Saint Xavier Public School (historical) School 452741N 1074304W 3081 Saint Xavier
Salt Ridge Ridge 450039N 1074058W 5266 Willow Creek Dam SW
San Spring Spring 450420N 1061709W 3816 Quietus
Sand Creek Stream 452406N 1072302W 3241 Benteen
Sand Creek Stream 460022N 1075518W 2851 Big Marys Island
Sand Draw Valley 450019N 1061957W 3720 Quietus
Sand Spring Spring 452159N 1083926W 5085 Section House Draw
Sarpy (historical) Populated Place 454745N 1065710W 3527 Sarpy School
Sarpy Creek Stream 461744N 1070630W 2602 Sanders
Sarpy Creek Mine Mine 454825N 1070439W 3547 Wolf School
Sarpy Mountains Summit 453845N 1065904W 4528 Chalky Point
Sarpy Post Office (historical) Post Office 454745N 1065710W 3527 Sarpy School
Sarpy School (historical) School 454803N 1065717W 3514 Sarpy School
Saw Log Canyon Valley 451054N 1075513W 4347 Peyote Point
Sawmill Draw Valley 455514N 1071856W 2982 Hammond Ranch
Schaak Ranch Locale 452237N 1082036W 4465 Chilkoot Coulee
Schoolhouse Coulee Valley 451746N 1065912W 3907 Kirby
Scott Coulee Valley 452950N 1074107W 3097 Saint Xavier
Scott Creek Stream 452639N 1080941W 3642 Bear Coulee
Section House Draw Valley 451422N 1084027W 4944 Bowler
Seventh Cavalry Memorial Park 453413N 1072538W 3300 Crow Agency
Seventysix Creek Stream 450205N 1062120W 3642 Quietus
Sharpshooter Ridge Ridge 453140N 1072257W 3438 Crow Agency
Shavedhead Creek Stream 453129N 1064847W 3671 Painted Hill
Shavings Creek Stream 452352N 1072250W 3255 Benteen
Sheep Creek Stream 450447N 1071321W 3914 Little Bear Creek
Sheep Gulch Valley 452152N 1065615W 3940 Kirby
Shick Ranch Locale 451613N 1073244W 4111 Shick Ranch
Shively Creek Stream 452035N 1082045W 4760 Deep Creek SE
Short Canyon Valley 445954N 1074023W 4708 Bull Elk Park
Shortys Hill Summit 451758N 1071024W 5121 Wolf Mountain Lookout
Shoulder Blade Camp Locale 452829N 1073320W 3468 Saint Xavier NE
Shoulder Blade Creek Stream 453321N 1072600W 3064 Crow Agency
Siemion Ranch Locale 452109N 1073800W 3323 Mission Coulee
Singgood Cemetery Cemetery 452428N 1083144W 4249 Pryor
Sioux Pass Gap 451452N 1070836W 4813 Kid Creek
Sioux Pass Creek Stream 451507N 1071742W 3501 Lodge Grass
Sitting Bull Rapids Rapids 453747N 1074023W 2943 Walker Hill
Skunk Creek Stream 452424N 1065938W 3678 Birdseye Spring
Slaughter Creek Stream 452230N 1072027W 3428 Lodge Grass
Sloan Ditch Canal 451247N 1072255W 3537 Wyola
Slocum Creek Stream 453155N 1064635W 3543 Painted Hill
Smallpox Creek Stream 452756N 1082935W 3884 Deep Creek
Smith Coulee Valley 451724N 1065910W 3947 Kirby
Smith Coulee Valley 455649N 1071920W 2982 Hammond Ranch
Soap Creek Stream 452329N 1074825W 3084 Lemonade Springs
Soap Creek Canyon Valley 451046N 1074801W 4124 Limestone Canyon
Soap Creek Ditch Canal 452442N 1074325W 3173 Saint Xavier
Soap Creek Oilfield Oilfield 451622N 1074625W 3612 Mountain Pocket Creek
Soap Creek School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Soldier Trail Trail 451400N 1075643W 4455 Peyote Point
Son Prong Stream 450409N 1061738W 3783 Quietus
Sorrel Horse Creek Stream 460059N 1073058W 2749 Mission Creek
Sorrel Horse School (historical) School 455856N 1073202W 2792 Foster
South Branch Slater Creek Stream 445801N 1070801W 4065 Ranchester
South Branch Whitman Coulee Valley 454615N 1074211W 3012 Chimney Creek
South Cottonwood Creek Stream 455333N 1073352W 2821 Foster
South Fork Beaver Creek Stream 460228N 1070501W 3022 Minnehaha Creek North
South Fork Bull Creek Stream 452153N 1064444W 3684 Birney SW
South Fork Busby Creek Stream 452911N 1065509W 3717 Birdseye Spring
South Fork Canyon Creek Stream 451505N 1064233W 3327 Birney SW
South Fork Corral Creek Stream 450442N 1063009W 3563 Pine Butte School
South Fork Cottonwood Creek Stream 455406N 1072056W 3100 Hammond Ranch
South Fork Dale Creek Stream 451853N 1065613W 4075 Kirby
South Fork Dawussuua Ashkaate Stream 453311N 1073055W 3241 Prante Ranch
South Fork Deer Creek Stream 450241N 1064022W 3596 Holmes Ranch
South Fork Deer Creek Stream 450241N 1064022W 3596 Holmes Ranch
South Fork Dry Creek Stream 452118N 1065514W 4009 Kirby
South Fork Fourmile Creek Stream 451407N 1065142W 3989 Tongue River Dam
South Fork Good Luck Creek Stream 451821N 1072848W 3655 Good Luck Creek
South Fork Grapevine Creek Stream 452016N 1080236W 3940 Grapevine Dome
South Fork Hay Coulee Valley 452634N 1075013W 3297 Lemonade Springs
South Fork Indian Coulee Valley 453841N 1065227W 3402 Black Spring
South Fork Leaf Rock Creek Stream 451002N 1065108W 3701 Tongue River Dam
South Fork Mission Creek Stream 460123N 1073354W 2897 Mission Creek
South Fork Monument Creek Stream 450737N 1064744W 3435 Tongue River Dam
South Fork Pocket Creek Stream 455801N 1072900W 2874 Dudley Spring
South Fork Reno Creek Stream 452910N 1071727W 3261 Lodge Grass NE
South Fork Reno Creek School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
South Fork Rosebud Creek Stream 451248N 1070007W 4321 Bar V Ranch NE
South Fork Sorrel Horse Creek Stream 455955N 1073541W 3002 Foster
South Fork Spring Creek Stream 450512N 1065027W 3497 Decker
South Fork Two Leggins Creek Stream 453837N 1074518W 3081 Rowley
South Fork West Soap Creek Stream 451515N 1074756W 3606 Mountain Pocket Creek
South Sand Creek Stream 452309N 1072701W 3396 Benteen
South West Park Park 454344N 1073706W 2913 Hardin
Spang Creek Stream 453507N 1064448W 3330 Lame Deer
Spear Populated Place 451159N 1072245W 3576 Wyola
Spear (historical) Locale 451159N 1072245W 3576 Wyola
Spear Ranch Locale 452300N 1070136W 3819 Thompson Creek
Spirit of Life Foursquare Church Church 453606N 1072740W 3038 Crow Agency
Sport Creek Stream 450314N 1073332W 4114 Black Gulch
Spotted Tail Coulee Valley 453437N 1072808W 3061 Crow Agency
Spring Creek Stream 450215N 1073455W 4176 Black Gulch
Spring Creek Stream 453142N 1064746W 3606 Painted Hill
Spring Creek Stream 450658N 1073638W 4239 Black Gulch
Spring Creek Stream 454957N 1070656W 3274 Wolf School
Spring Creek Stream 460303N 1074710W 2802 Bull Mountain
Spring Creek Stream 450458N 1064900W 3428 Decker
Spring Creek Stream 451421N 1081427W 4190 Dead Indian Hill
Spring Creek Stream 451803N 1065904W 3898 Kirby
Spring Creek Stream 453006N 1074437W 3025 Hardin SW
Spring Creek Stream 454652N 1075637W 3159 Corinth
Spring Creek Ranch Locale 451807N 1070330W 4281 Spring Creek Ranch
Spring Creek School (historical) School 455002N 1070737W 3317 Iron Spring SW
Spring Gulch Valley 451104N 1064233W 3383 Spring Gulch
Spring Gulch Valley 452203N 1065717W 3888 Kirby
Squirrel Creek Stream 450014N 1065111W 3448 Decker
Squirrel Creek School School 450053N 1065118W 3579 Decker
Stagmire Draw Valley 450412N 1062124W 3648 Quietus
State of Montana Civil 470001N 1094504W 3944 Kolin
Steinhelber Reservoir Dam Dam 451236N 1071502W 3704 Wyola NE
Steinhilber Reservoir Reservoir 451239N 1071506W 3701 Wyola NE
Stevens Ditch Canal 450203N 1072541W 4209 Pass Creek West
Stevie Creek Stream 450812N 1073532W 4131 Willow Creek Dam
Sticking There Dam Dam 453600N 1071102W 3412 Jeans Fork SW
Stroud Creek Stream 451051N 1062938W 3353 Stroud Creek
Summit Creek Stream 451416N 1084033W 4928 Bowler
Sunday Creek Stream 452102N 1072214W 3317 Lodge Grass
Sunset Village Locale 454328N 1073725W 2920 Hardin
Sweeney School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Taintor Desert Plain 451813N 1065112W 4360 Taintor Desert
Taintor Fork Canyon Creek Stream 451633N 1064526W 3527 Taintor Desert
Tanner Creek Stream 450114N 1065853W 3753 Pearl School
Teeth Creek Stream 453356N 1065521W 3366 Busby
Telegraph Creek Stream 454334N 1075629W 3202 Rowley NW
Telephone Ridge Ridge 450221N 1075335W 8546 Bear Hole
Tenmile Creek Stream 455104N 1075724W 3084 Corinth
Tepee Pole Ridge Ridge 450102N 1074621W 7182 Red Springs
Tepee Pole Spring Spring 450039N 1074932W 8107 Red Springs
The Beaver Slide Basin 450205N 1074026W 4915 Willow Creek Dam SW
The Buffalo Pasture Flat 451155N 1075901W 5886 Peyote Point
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church 454415N 1073637W 2904 Hardin
The Dugout Locale 454527N 1072541W 3195 The Dugout
The Forks Cow Camp Locale 452023N 1080302W 4006 Grapevine Dome
The Mesa Summit 450042N 1074212W 5777 Willow Creek Dam SW
The Pyramid Summit 450452N 1061921W 3989 Quietus
The Rocky Bottom Basin 450033N 1073637W 4334 Black Gulch
The Roundhouse Building 453552N 1072711W 3025 Crow Agency
Thompson Creek Stream 452814N 1065955W 3501 Birdseye Spring
Three Springs Spring 451234N 1075359W 5387 Peyote Point
Three Springs Trail Trail 451123N 1075423W 5469 Peyote Point
Thurmond Coulee Valley 460503N 1074035W 2802 Waco
Tidwell Draw Valley 450341N 1061949W 3704 Quietus
Toluca Populated Place 454450N 1075219W 3251 Rowley
Toluca (historical) Locale 454450N 1075219W 3251 Rowley
Toluca Post Office (historical) Post Office 454450N 1075219W 3251 Rowley
Toluca School (historical) School 454450N 1075219W 3251 Rowley
Tommy Tee Dam Dam 454300N 1071120W 3317 Jeans Fork NW
Tongue River Stream 462433N 1055200W 2342 Miles City
Tongue River Stream 462430N 1055202W 2356 Miles City
Tongue River Dam Dam 450751N 1064558W 3432 Tongue River Dam
Tongue River Dam Dam 450748N 1064614W 3428 Tongue River Dam
Tongue River Division (inactive) Census 450800N 1064151W 3566 Spring Gulch
Tongue River Mine Mine 450520N 1065029W 3501 Decker
Tongue River Post Office (historical) Post Office 450822N 1064712W 3471 Tongue River Dam
Tongue River Reservoir Reservoir 450750N 1064558W 3428 Tongue River Dam
Tongue River Reservoir Campground Locale 450655N 1064747W 3550 Decker
Tongue River Reservoir State Park Park 450655N 1064747W 3550 Decker
Town of Lodge Grass Civil 451851N 1072202W 3383 Lodge Grass
Trail Creek Stream 450447N 1062709W 3524 Forks Ranch
Trail Creek Stream 452518N 1065944W 3648 Birdseye Spring
Trout Creek Stream 445951N 1080636W 4239 Simmons Canyon
Tullock Creek Stream 460848N 1072749W 2697 Bighorn
Tullock Creek School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Turner Bottom Bend 455513N 1071845W 2969 Hammond Ranch
Twentymile Creek Stream 450630N 1081113W 3638 Hillsboro
Twin Creek Stream 450246N 1072203W 3957 Pass Creek East
Twin Peaks Summit 452747N 1075841W 3520 Camp Four
Two Leggin Bridge Bridge Unknown Unknown    
Two Leggins Canal Canal 455104N 1073730W 2887 Ninemile Point
Two Leggins Creek Stream 453831N 1074001W 2943 Walker Hill
Two Leggins Fishing Access Site Locale 453847N 1073944W 2940 Walker Hill
Two Leggins Tunnel Tunnel 455822N 1073213W 2785 Foster
Two Moon Creek Stream 453448N 1065239W 3307 Busby
Two Moon Reservoir Reservoir 453359N 1065211W 3386 Painted Hill
Two Point Cape 450255N 1080048W 7798 Two Point
United Methodist Church Church 454358N 1073630W 2904 Hardin
United Pentecostal Church Church 454422N 1073637W 2904 Hardin
Upper Indian Creek Reservoir Reservoir 451613N 1070118W 4131 Spring Creek Ranch
Upper Little Bighorn Canal Number Two Canal 450422N 1072646W 3940 Pass Creek West
Upper Pryor School (historical) School 452423N 1083202W 4216 Pryor
Upper Rotten Grass School (historical) School 451355N 1073457W 3884 Willow Creek Dam
Upper Spang Creek Stream 453206N 1064433W 3481 Lame Deer
Upper Spear Ditch Canal 450455N 1072213W 3878 Pass Creek East
Upper Spring Creek School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Vale Creek Number 1 Dam Dam 453724N 1080356W 3399 Woody Mountain SE
Valley Center School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Victory Ditch Canal 460652N 1072941W 2736 Marsh Coulee
Waddle Creek Stream 450259N 1062655W 3560 Forks Ranch
Wagon Box Canal Canal 455409N 1073704W 2861 Foster
Wagon Box Coulee Valley 455450N 1073653W 2861 Foster
Walker Hill Summit 454200N 1074251W 3261 Walker Hill
War Man Creek Stream 452003N 1075158W 3169 Mountain Pocket Creek
War Man Mountain Summit 451503N 1075347W 5184 Yellowtail Dam
Warman School (historical) School 452017N 1075127W 3176 Mountain Pocket Creek
Washington Hall School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Water Holes Creek Stream 453732N 1065014W 3294 Black Spring
Weir Point Summit 453203N 1072334W 3415 Crow Agency
Weltner School (historical) School 450426N 1070000W 4275 Pearl School
West Burnt Creek Stream 460214N 1072140W 2858 Hope Ranch
West Cabin Creek Stream 454759N 1071820W 3123 Padlock Ranch
West Dipping Vat Coulee Valley 452344N 1074005W 3218 Saint Xavier
West Fork Big Woody Creek Stream 453227N 1081237W 3691 Woody Mountain
West Fork Brant Coulee Valley 455557N 1073033W 2979 Foster
West Fork Buster Creek Stream 452457N 1081017W 3763 Bear Coulee
West Fork Little Bighorn River Stream 450005N 1073740W 4475 Willow Creek Dam SW
West Fork Muddy Creek Stream 453217N 1064505W 3465 Painted Hill
West Fork Tullock Creek Stream 454340N 1071733W 3182 Crow Agency NE
West Lightning Creek Stream 460414N 1072330W 2805 Marsh Coulee
West Pass Creek Stream 450223N 1072438W 4091 Pass Creek West
West Pine Creek Stream 455650N 1071855W 2956 Hammond Ranch
West Prong Hanging Woman Creek Stream 450004N 1062533W 3632 Forks Ranch
West Pryor Mountain Summit 451915N 1083644W 6680 Castle Rocks
West Soap Creek Stream 451820N 1074622W 3317 Mountain Pocket Creek
West Soap Creek School (historical) School 451420N 1074859W 3871 Limestone Canyon
Westside Playground Park 454348N 1073736W 2913 Walker Hill
Whiskey Coulee Valley 451138N 1080142W 5161 Little Finger Ridge
Whiskey Coulee Valley 453701N 1074041W 2956 Hardin SW
Whiskey Coulee Spring Spring 451041N 1080149W 6073 Little Finger Ridge
White Arm Park Park 451843N 1072145W 3369 Lodge Grass
White Man Runs Him Creek Stream 451402N 1072254W 3504 Wyola
White River Mennonite Church Church 453214N 1065720W 3422 Busby
Whitedirt Creek Stream 453624N 1064519W 3274 Painted Hill
Whitman Coulee Valley 454540N 1073458W 2874 Ninemile Point
Wight School (historical) School 455355N 1070742W 3169 Iron Spring
Wild Hog Basin Basin 452608N 1064536W 4291 Bull Creek Lookout
Wild Horse Coulee Valley 453405N 1074242W 2989 Hardin SW
Wild Horse Ridge Ridge 453157N 1081018W 4009 Woody Mountain
Wilfred Creek Stream 453541N 1064510W 3307 Painted Hill
Willard School (historical) School Unknown Unknown    
Willcutt Ranch Locale 451941N 1075656W 3271 Yellowtail Dam
William Miller Ditch Canal 451152N 1073415W 3930 Willow Creek Dam
Williams Coulee Valley 454238N 1073934W 2949 Walker Hill
Williams Coulee Valley 454331N 1073509W 2894 Hardin
Williams Prong Indian Coulee Valley 453909N 1065327W 3438 Chalky Point
Willoughby Coulee Valley 455710N 1070826W 3064 Iron Spring
Willow Creek Stream 450005N 1080313W 4770 Two Point
Willow Creek Stream 451010N 1073456W 3996 Willow Creek Dam
Willow Creek Stream 452528N 1083437W 4121 Pryor
Willow Creek Stream 453840N 1071403W 3304 Jeans Fork NW
Willow Creek Dam Dam 450950N 1073549W 4140 Willow Creek Dam
Willow Creek Dam Dam 451000N 1073602W 4137 Willow Creek Dam
Wilson Park Park 454417N 1073637W 2904 Hardin
Wilson Ranch Locale 455957N 1070058W 3287 Minnehaha Creek South
Windy Point Lookout Locale 450108N 1075503W 9137 Bear Hole
Witham Coulee Valley 460501N 1074109W 2772 Waco
Wolf Creek Stream 450625N 1071355W 3802 Little Bear Creek
Wolf Creek Stream 452626N 1065952W 3566 Birdseye Spring
Wolf Mountain Lookout Tower Tower 451845N 1071019W 5223 Wolf Mountain Lookout
Wolf Mountains Range 451146N 1070827W 4842 Kid Creek
Wolf Ranch Locale 451513N 1074501W 3533 Mission Coulee
Wolf School (historical) School 454805N 1070226W 3622 Wolf School
Wolfe Ranch Locale 460207N 1073013W 2753 Mission Creek
Wood Gulch Valley 453627N 1065149W 3291 Painted Hill
Wood Gulch Dam Dam 453724N 1065244W 3438 Busby
Woodley Ditch Canal 450034N 1072737W 4377 Pass Creek West
Woods Draw Valley 450125N 1062037W 3681 Quietus
Woody Creek Stream 453242N 1074343W 2999 Hardin SW
Woody Creek Camp Locale 453242N 1074836W 3120 Woody Creek Camp
Wrench Creek Stream 451006N 1062948W 3386 Stroud Creek
Wyola Locale 450745N 1072337W 3720 Wyola
Wyola Baptist Church Church 450746N 1072335W 3720 Wyola
Wyola Census Designated Place Census 450652N 1072221W 3868 Pass Creek East
Wyola Creek Stream 450816N 1072345W 3678 Wyola
Wyola Post Office Post Office 450745N 1072346W 3711 Wyola
Wyola School School 450752N 1072347W 3704 Wyola
Yellowtail Afterbay Dam Dam 451906N 1075526W 3209 Yellowtail Dam
Yellowtail Afterbay Reservoir Reservoir 451906N 1075526W 3209 Yellowtail Dam
Yellowtail Dam Dam 451824N 1075729W 3642 Yellowtail Dam
Youngs Creek Stream 445809N 1065438W 3514 Acme
Youngs Creek School (historical) School 450150N 1065537W 3963 Pearl School