Beaverhead County



Some Deaths in Beaverhead County

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Tangott Ackerman, born ca 1855, Died 22 Sept 1928, Beaverhead County MT.

Ruby Aiken, died 18 Oct 1903. Infant age 2-1/2 years.  Born Montana. Cause drowning.  (#97)

Nita Ames, died 30 Aug 1901.  11 years old.  Born Bannack.   Cause diptheria (#17)

Sadie Ames, died 20 Aug 1901, age 3 years 7 months.  Born Bannack.  Cause diptheria. (#14)

Samuel Ashbaugh, died 11 Mar 1903.  Ranchman.  Age 75 years, 5 months, 2 days.  Lived in County for 37 years.  Born

Tennessee, married. Residence near Dillon.  Cause: Old age. (#76)


Edith Ball, died 22 June 1907, Sweetwater Basin, Beaverhead.  Age 17 years, born Montana.  Cause: Septicemia following miscarriage.

Parents: Henry Estell (born Canada) and Mary Wimsitt (born England).  Informant: Mary Estell, Alder MT.  Buried Mt View Cem. (#5, book 2)


Theodore Bancroft, died 8 Jan 1903.  Age about 64 years.  Occupation: common laborer.  Lived in county about 6 weeks.  Last place

of residence Beaverhead County Poor Farm.  Cause of death: Paralysis. (#68)


Anthony S Barrett, died 18 Apr 1903.  Ranchman, age 44, single.  Cause: Pulmonary tuberculosis. (#82)


Jessie May Baxter, died 3 Dec 1901.  Age 4 years, born Iowa.  Lived three weeks in Beaverhead Co.  Last place of residence

Dillon.  Cause: Edema of the Glottis. (#27)


Rosalia Bezek, died 6 Nov 1903. Age 4 years, born Glendale, Montana.  Residence: Hecla. Cause: Scarlet Fever. (#100)


Andrew Bracket, died 24 Nov 1901.  Born Norway, age about 30.  Single.  Ranchman.  Cause: abscess of pleural cavity.

Last residence: Dell, Beaverhead Co MT. (born Jan 1874, Norway according to 1900 census) (#25)


George Bruder, died 20 June 1901.  Age about 40 years, born Germany.  Residence about 8 years in Silver Bow Co.

Single.  Last place of residence Butte.  Cause: Heart disease (#38)


P T Bryant, born Davis County IA, 20 Mar 1858.  Died 31 July 1902.  Came to Beaverhead County 7 Mar 1882.

(See Coroners Inquest)


Christopher Burfeind, died 8 July 1903.  Retired merchant.  Age 68 years.  Lived in county 35 years.  Born  Hanover, Germany.

Cause: Catarrhal Gastinitis, chronic. (#88)


John McBride Burt, died 6 Jan 1902.  Age 53 years, 2 months, 2 days, born Greenock, Scotland.  Lived in Beaverhead County

18 years and nine months.  Lived Lima MT.  Cause: Bronchitis.  Deceased received a stroke of paralysis about 7 months ago from

 which he did not entirely recover.  Immediate cause of death was bronchitis.  Deceased remains are buried at Lima Cemetery,

on 8 Jan 1902.  Deceased leaves Hilda Burt, widow; James Burt, son and Katherine White, daughter. (#34)


Kid Walter Carlson, died 28 Jan 1905.  Age 17 days, born Dillon.  Danish.  Heart Failure. (#151)


Tincher Chambers, died 10 Oct 1901.  Sheepherder.  Age 45, lived in Beaverhead Co for 8 or 10 years.  Married, resided

Dillon MT.  Cause: injury to kidneys.  (#23)

Matthew Colins, died 8 Sept 1901. Ranchman, age 65 years.  Lived in Beaverhead County 18 years.  Cause: old age. (#18)

Emma Katherine (Boren) Conger.  Died 13 Jan 1905.  Housewife, age 59.  Resided in County 17 years.  Born Mansfield OH.

Married.  Cause Arterio sclerosis.  Buried: 16 Jan 1905 (#140)

Morris W Coppa, died 14 Apr 1901, age 58, cause: pneumonia.  Residence Dillon.  (#8)

Female child of Mr and Mrs Roy Cox died, 7 Apr 1901.  (#4)

Georgie Craig (female), died 26 July 1903.  infant.  1 day old.  Born at residence of James Phillips, Lima MT.  Cause

"Infant died from effects of 2 days of labor of mother and compression of skull due to use of instruments in bringing

head though contracted pelvis.". (#91)


Kid Creasey, died 15 Sept 1903.  Age 4 months.  Born Dillon, cause: general decline. (#92)


Phoebe Crowell, died 4 Jan 1904.  Age 78.  Widow. Residence: Dell, MT.  Cause apoplexy.  (#108B)



Thomas David, died 6 May 1902.  Sheep herder, age 60 years, born Wales.  Cause: small pox and pneumonia.   (#46)

Leander Day, died 19 Dec 1903.  Age 9 months. Residence Dillon.  Cause: Tubercular Meningitis.  (#106)


Maurice Ranson Day, died 12 Jan 1904, brickmaker.  Age 29.  Resided in County 6 months.  Born Henry Co IA.  Married.

Pulmonary tuberculosis  (#110)


Rachel Day, died 6 Oct 1902.  Housewife, age 69, born Ohio.  Resided in Beaverhead for two months.  Widow. 

Cause Cancer.  (#55)


Lucy (Bacon) Dearborn, died 11 Feb 1904. Age 99 years, 1 month, 4 days.  born Canada.  Lived in Beaverhead County 7 years.

Widow.  Lived in Dillon.  Senile Debility.  Buried 13 Feb 1904. (#114)


Henery Dingler.  Died 21 Oct 1902. Laborer.  Age 55 years, 9 months, 15 days, birthplace PA.  lived in Beaverhead County 1

6 years.  Married.  Last lived Dillon  Cause: Paralysis.  (#56)


L Dowe, died 5 Aug 1901, age 70, born NC.  Lived in Beaverhead County for 35 years.  Occupation sheepherder.  Widower. 

Lived Dillon, MT.  Cause paralysis.  (#11)


William J Dudley, born 4 Nov 1903.  Miner, age 52, born Maine.  Lived in county 30 years.  Resided Birch Creek.  Cause

of death: accident in mine.  (#99)


James Elliot, died 10 Aug 1901, age 69. Lived in Beaverhead County 40 years.  Carpenter.  Single.  Died of old age. (#13)

George W Emerick, died 3 Jan 1904. Ranchman. Age 76, born New York State.  Resided n County 45 years.  Married. Resided Dillon. 

Cause: natural causes, heart failure. (#108A, 109)


Joseph Engle, died 31 Dec 1904. Age 46.  Birthplace unknown, resident of County a few weeks.  Painter.  Cause: lobar pneumonia.

"Found in saloon suffering from lobar pneumonia, condition aggravated by alcoholism.  Died 1/2 hour after being removed

to lodging house." (#111)


Edmund Engleford, died 2 Feb 1904.  age about 55.  Ranching.  Single.  Lived six miles west of Jackson MT.  Cause: Strychnine

poisoning. "This man was found dead in his cabin from everything ---- death by poison. (#113)


Rosman Ericson, died 12 Sept 1904.  Laborer.  Age 23.  Resided in County 4 months.  Born Denmark.  Single.  Resided 15 miles

north of Dillon Montana.  Died General Paralysis induced by Concussion of brain and cord.  Buried 14 Sept 1904. (#130)


Mrs Harriett Olive Estes, died 8 Oct 1904. Housewife, aged 58 years.  Born IL. Married. Cause of death Cancer.  Buried 10 Oct

1904, location not listed.  (#135)


Johnny Ewing, died 13 Aug 1904. Infant, age 4 months, died of stomach trouble.  No parents listed.  Buried 15 Aug 1904, no

location shown. (#133)


Male child of Jos. and Mary E Ferguson, died 4 Dec 1904 age 7 hours.  Birth place 9 miles south of Dillon Montana.  Cause of death

double cleft palate and hare lip. (#132)


Long Foo, died 26 Oct 1902.  Cook, age 38 years, China.  Last place of residence County Poor farm, Dillon.  Cause:

Consumption. (#58)


Kid Ford (male).  Died 27 Apr 1903.  Age 8 days.  Born Dillon. Cause: heart trouble.  (#83)


Joe Friedt died from effects of scarlet fever at Wisdom MT on July 26, 1901. R H Ryburn MD. (#10)


Frank Gallagher.  Died 3 July 1904.  Sheepherder.  Age about 60.  Lived in County since 1882 off and on.  Widower.

Resided in Dillon MT.  Cause: Acute Hemorrhagic Nephritis.  Buried 3 July 1904.  Note; Found in rear of saloon on Main

St 9PM Saturday July 2nd.  Removed to County Hospital where he died about 12 hours later. (#126)


William H Garland, aged 59, died at his residence in Lima on 29 Mar 1901 at 6:20pm of general anasarca, a sequel

of heart disease of 6 years duration.  Signed L C Ford, MD.  (#3)


Guy Glass, died 22 Oct 1902.  Blacksmith, age about 23 years.  Resided in Beaverhead Co about 1 month. Last residence near Dillon.

County Hospital.  Typhoid Fever.  Remains were shipped to Atlantic City Iowa for burial on 24 Oct 1902. (#57)


Clarence Gleed.  Died 9 May 1904.  Age 2 years, six months.  Born Lima MT.  Cause Bronchitis.  Buried 11 May 1904. (#122)


Mrs Agusta H Goodyear, died 26 Feb 1903.  Milliner, dress maker, General Canvassing, housewife.  Age 64 years, 11 months, 27 days. 

Lived in Lima about 2 years.  Birthplace near Augusta Maine.  Widow.  Cause: Capillary bronchitis, peritonitis.  "Deceased

was relect of Hiram S Nickerson who died in Iowa about 1870. Was remarried to James Steveson who died in Deadwood Dakota

about 1884.  Was again remarried to Robert H Goodyear from whom she was separated about 1897 who was last living in Butte when

last heard from-deceased.  Two sons: Forrest L Nickerson and Irvin E Nickerson, Mrs Addie Shaffer nee Steveson, Mrs Mertice Foster

 nee Steveson, Mrs Eva Hunt nee Steveson 3 daughters.  Residence of Forrest L Nickerson unknown. Irvin Nickerson, Hailey Idaho. 

Mrs Addie Shaffer and Mrs Mertice Foster - Sheridan Montana.  Mrs Eva Hunt - Lima Montana.  Mrs Eva Hunt was remarried to

Lillias as recorded  in County Records at Dillon Montana"  L C Ford MD, physician in charge. (#74)


Edith Graeter, died 16 Oct 1902.  Student, age 18.  single, last residence Dillon MT.  Cause: acute anemia.  (#61)


Susan E Gray, died 8 Nov 1903.  Age 64.  Lived in County 48 years.  Born Missouori, married.  Residence Bannack.  Cause

Paralysis (#108)


Kid Green, child of John Green. Died 18 Mar 1901, Dillon.  Age one year and three months.  Scarlet fever.  Oregon Short

Line Railroad Co, transportation of corpse (#1)




Herman Haak, died 19 June 1903.  Laborer.  Married.  Cause Cancer of duodenum. (#86)


Mary Hails, Died 14 July 1904.  Farmer.  Age 31 years.  resided in County about 6 years.  Born Missouri.  Married.  Resided Dillon MT.

Cause: Puerperal Septicemia.  Buried 15 July 1904. (#125)


Mrs Rosanna Hainning.  Died 28 Mar 1904.  Housewife, age 73 years.  Lived in County 20 years.  Born New Brunswick.  Married. 

Residence: Dillon Montana.  Cause: old age.  Buried 29 Mar 1904.  (#118)


Mary Jane Hamilton, died 23 June 1907, Hamilton Ranch, Beaverhead Co.  Age 75 years, 9 months, born Maine.  Parents: Benjamin

 Stanchfield (born ME) and Mary A Carrick (born Canada).  Informant Wm B Stanchfield, burried Dillon (#6, book 2)


Michael Hammond, died 24 Nov 1902.  Sheepherder, age 54 years, born Potosi NY.  Single.  Beaverhead Co resident for 2 years.

Irish, last resident: near Lima.  Cause: Freezing. (#63)


Mrs Christena Hansen, died 23 Oct 1904.  Housewife.  Age 79 years.  Born Denmark, widow.  Buried 25 Oct 1904.  Cause of

death old age.  (#134)


Lars Hansen, died 21 Nov 1903, farmer.  Single.  Born Denmark. Lived Dillon, cause: gunshot wound. (#101)


Annie L Harwood.  Died 11 Apr 1902.  Teacher, aged 39 years, born New York state.  Resided in Beaverhead about 3 years.

Single, lived Dillon. Cause Pneumonia. (#41)


J Frank Harvey died from the effects of a gunshot wound inflicted by his own hands. R H Ryburn MD.  

11 Apr 1901, Bannack.  (#5)


Fred O Hastings, died 28 Dec 1901.  Carpenter, age 34 years, born Greenfield MA.  Lived Beaverhead Co 4 years.  Married.

 Last place of residence Dillon MT.  Cause accident in Mine (Huron) near Bannack MT.  (#33)


Frances Hamilton Hausey, died 5 Oct 1903. Housewife.  Lived in County 22 days.  Born Hamilton, Canada. Married.  Residence:

ISL RR Eatinghouse, Lima.  Cause: Puerperal Eclampsia.  Arrangements made for burial on 7th but may be on 8th interment in

Lima Cemetery.  Convulsions began Saturday morning at 3....convulsions due to ureamic poisons and death from rupture of cerebral

vessels induced by convulsion. (#96)


Juanita Hausey, died 3 Oct 1903, infant.  Born Lima. Cause stillborn.  Mother also died, child buried at side of mother

in Lima Cemetery (#95)


Henning Henningsen, died 15 April 1905.  Age 5 years.  Born Montana.  Cause of death Meningitis.  (#145)


Mrs Nerva Herr, died 23 Apr 1902.  Age 43, born IA.  Lived in Beaverhead 28 years.  Married.  Lived Bannack.  Cause:

Heart disease.  (#45)


Rose Belle Hoffman.  Died 12 July 1904.  Age 9-1.2 months.  Born Dillon.  Cause: Cerebral Hemmorrhage, result of fall on head.

Buried 14 July 1904.  (#127)


Rose Hunt, died 15 Aug 1907.  Age 1 year.  Parents: George Hunt (born Idaho), and Blanche Drowns (born Texas), informant H A

Bond, Dillon.  Buried Lima. (#14, book 2)






Erma John, died 14 Aug 1902, age 24, born El Paso, IL.  Lived Beaverhead County about 2 years.  Single,

last place of residence Dillon.  Cause Drowning by accident.  (#51)


Charles Johnson, died 29 Dec 1901.  Cook.  Age about 40 years.  Residence in Beaverhead Co about 2 weeks.

Cause: Valvular insufficiency. This man was from Stiner Creek, Madison County MT.  Was a pauper and died about

1 hour after admission to the County House of Beaverhead County MT. (#32)


Arthur Jones, died 25 Sep 1903.  Laborer.  Age 30.  Married.  Resided Dillon. Cause of death pulmonary embolism after injury. (#94)


Moris Jones.  Died 27 Feb1904.  Miner.  Age 65.  Lived in County 30 years.  Born Wales.  Single.  Lived in Bannack.  Cause

Tuberculosis.  Buried 28 Feb 1904.  (#119)


Thomas Judge, died 15 Aug 1903.  Age 15 years.  Born Polaris.  Cause: Infection of the bowels.  (#107)




Mrs Abbie Kerschbaum, died 23 July 1902.  Occupation: Prostitute.  Age 28 years.  Grass widow.  German.

Cause: Inflammation of stomach and bowels.  This was a case of suicide.  Said inflamation endured for one month

cause by corrosive sublimate.  Remains were shipped to Omaha, Nebraska on 25 July 1902. (#49)


John Kerwin, died 16 Nov 1901.  Nurse.  Age about 40 years, Irish.  Lived in Beaverhead County about 2 years.

Resided Dillon.  Cause: Alcoholism. (#36)




Stella Le Marche, died 16 Dec 1903.  Housewife.  Age 35, resided in county since childhood.  Born Lawrence KS.  married. Resided

Glendale, Cause pneumonia. (#103)


James Leddy, died 18 Feb 1905. Farm Hand.  Age 36.  Resided in County seven months.  Born Ireland, single.  Cause:

Exposed to cold freezing feet and hands, delirium set in. Buried 19 Feb 1905. (#143)


Otto Leybold, died 4 Dec 1903.  Age 3 years.  Cause: septicemia as sequela of scarlet fever. (#104)


Thomas Lewis, died 19 Sept 1903. Ranchman, aged 81 years 8 months. Born KY.  Married, resided Dillon.  Cause: old age.  (#93)


Chong Ling, died 2 Jan 1905. Restaurant keeper.  Born China, lived in county 3 years.  Cause of death: homicide, skull

fracture (#137)


Patrick Ling, died 18 July 1901.  Age about 50 years, Irish.  Lived in Beaverhead about 15 years.  Last place of residence

Rochester MT.  Cause: Drowning. Suicide, drink and unsuccessful play. (#35)


George Linkersdorfer, died 10 Nov 1902.  Saloon man.  Age 33 years, born Althonwa IA.  Residence Beaverhead Co for 15 years.

German.  Last residence Dillon.  Cause heart failure.  Found dead in his room alone.  (#60)


Philip Lovell, died 18 June 1907, Dillon.  ranchman.  Age 67 years, 2 months.  Born England.  Parents: Johnathan Lovell

(born Elmswell, England) and Anne Abbey (born England).  Informant Lena Lovell, Dillon.  Cause: Diabetes.(#2, book 2)





Andy McAdams, born ca 1837, died 19 Jan 1929, Beaverhead County MT.


John McClellan, died 9 Jan 1905, miner.  Age 65.  Born Scotland.  Lived off and on in county since 1862.  Buried 10 Jan 1905.

Died at poor farm, inmate of same.  (#139) also (#152)


Dan McClosky, died 17 June 1903.  Age 25. In County two days.  Last residence: Butte.  Cause: Gunshot wound of aorta. (#87)


James McCue, died 31 Aug 1902.  Inmate in County Hospital.  Age about 55 years, Irish.  Lived in Beaverhead County 13 or

14 years.  Last place of residence: Dillon.  Cause of death: Accidental shooting. (#52)


Josephine E McGee.  Died 28 Mar 1904.  Age 38. Lived in County 7 years.  Born County Carlow, Ireland.  Widow.  Resided

Dillon MT.  Cause Edema of Lungs.  Body shipped to Kansas City, MO on Thursday 31 Mar 1904.  (#123)


James McLaughlin, died 14 Oct 1904. Carpenter. Aged 51 years, 9 months, 2 days.  Born Ireland.  Married.  Buried 10 Oct

1904 (#141)


Robert McMannis, died 20 Jan 1903. Age 2 years, 10 months.  Born Bannack.  Cause scarlet fever. (#70)


Ethel McNair, died 6 Sept 1902.  Infant, five months, 15 days.  Born Centennial Valley, Madison Co MT.  Last lived Lima. 

Cause: Tetanus (#53)


James McQuilan. Died 9 Feb 1905. Ranchman.  Age 52 years.  Lived in County about 20 years.  Born Ireland, Single.

Died of Apoplexy.  Buried 10 Feb 1905.  (#142)


James Monroe Mann, died 20 Aug 1901.  Age 77years, born Orford NH.  Widower.  Lived in Beaverhead County 38 years.  Lived 10

miles south of Dillon.  Cause Debility.  (#15)


Ernest E Martin, died 13 Feb 1903. Clerk. Age 20 years, 8 months, 17 days.  Lived in county 3 years.  Born in Early, Iowa.  Single

Cause: intestinal necrosis.  Body was shipped to Sioux City Iowa. (#73)


Magaline Mason, died 19 Sept 1902.  Age 5 months, 3 days.  Born Salt Lake.  Black.  Last residence Dillon.  Cause: inflammation

 of bowels. (#54)


Mabel Mast, died 10 May 1902.  Age 12 years, born Dillon.  Resided Dillon.  Cause fever.  (#48)


Rufus Mathews.  Died 18 June 1907, Bannack.  married.  Age 56 years, 4 months, 20 days.  Hotel manager, born Missouri.

Parents: Rufus Mathews (born KY) and Mary E Berry (born KY).  Informant: Mrs Mathews, Bannack MT.  Buried

Bannack. (#4-book 2)


William T Mauldin, died 21 Aug 1907, Dillon.  Age 64 years, 11 months, 11 days, born Maryland.  Ranchman.  Parents:

John Mauldin (born Maryland) and Sofia T Simfers (born Maryland).  Informant James Mauldin, Dillon.  (#12, book 2)


John Meade, died 22 Apr 1902.  Blacksmith.  Age 30 years.  Resided Beaverhead Co for 3 or 4 weeks.  Last place of

residence Red Rock MT.  Cause: Alcoholism.  Remains were shipped to Olathe Kansas on 24 Apr 1902 for burial. (#42)


Kid Metton (male), died 7 Jan 1903.  Age 7 months and 15 days. Residence Dillon.  Cause of death: pneumonia. (#67)


Robert Michelson, died 28 Aug 1907, Dillon.  Single.  Age: 3 years, 2 months, 9 days, born Kansas.  Parents: Luis Michelson

(born Norway) and Clara Lacy (born Indiana).  Informant: H A Bond, Dillon.  Buried Dillon. (#13, book 2)


Paulina M Miene (Meine), 10 Mar 1904, housewife, age 34 years, lived in Beaverhead Co 10 years.  Born Germany.  Married

Lived in Dillon Montana.  Cause: Cerebral hemorrhage.  Buried 12 Mar 1904.  (#115)


Rachel Mifflin, died 10 Aug 1903.  Housewife, 34 years old, born Malad, Idaho.  Married.  Lived in Beaverhead for five years.

Last place of residence is Briston MT.  cause of death: Uremia(#66)


Christiana C Morrison, died 19 Feb 1903.  Student, age 18. Lived in the county for 5 months, single.  Last place of residence

Whitehall MT. Cause acute appendicitis. (#71)


Roy Mudd, died 20 Mar 1901.  Age 4 years 6 months.  Scarlet fever.  Oregon Short Line Railroad Co, transportation of a

corpse (#2)


James Mullany, Died 16 July 1903.  Sheepshearer.  Age 53, Lived in county 20 years.  Single. Born Wisconsin.  Cause of

death: pneumonia. Shipped to Wisconsin for burial. (#89)




Andrew Nelson, died 19 Feb 1903. Ranchman, age 53, born Sweden. Widower.  Cause of death: Paralysis. (#72)


Thomas F Nyhart, died 9 Aug 1901. Single.  Ranchman.  Cause: accidental gunshot wound of abdomen and thorax  (#16)



Rachael Cunard Oar (Orr), 17 Oct 1903.  Age 63 years, born OH.  Lived in County about 30 years.  Widow.  Residence Dillon.

Cause: Typhoid fever.  (#105)


William C Orr, died 11 May 1901, Dillon MT, age 72 years.  Cause: Myocarditis and "Arterio sclerosis." (#9)


Charles Orth, died 14 July 1907, Dillon.  Single, prospector.  67 years old.  Parents unknown, birthplace unknown.  Informant

M A Walker, Dillon.  Buried Mountain View, Dillon.  (#7, book 2)



Isaac F Page, Died 6 June 1904.  Age 61 years.  Farmer. Resided in County 2 years.  Born Ohio.  Widower.  Resided Dillon MT.

Cause: Senile Debility), Burial 8 June 1904.  (#124)


Charles Parker, died 28 July 1907, Wisdom.  Age: 44 years, 10 months, 20 days.  rancher.  Parents and birthplace unknown.

Cause: a derrick pole fell on his head.  Buried Wisdom.  (#10, book 2)


William Clay Patterson, died 17 Apr 1905.  Sheep raiser.  Age 24 years, four months, 2 days.  Born Clay County TX. 

cause pneumonitis.  Parents: Thomas B Patterson and Lois Ada Patterson. He was raised in the vicinity of Big Sheep Creek

near Dell.   Generally known as Bud Patterson.  Buried in Lima Cemetery.  (#147)


Frederick E Patton, age 30, died 25 Sept 1901 at 5:45pm at Grants Lodging House in Lima.  Residence: Lake View, MT.  Occupation:

Ranchman and stage driver.  Cause gastroenteritis. Buried Lima Cemetery, Rev Burton officiating.  Deceased had no relations

within the state of Montana, all personal effects were turned over to Con Bray Esq, Justice of the Peace, Lima Precinct and his

father J W Patton of Macedonia, Iowa notified by wire 25 Sept 1901.  L C Ford MD, attending physician. (#21)


Oscar Kay Paul.  Died 31 July 1904.  Merchant.  Age 40 years, 3 months, 16 days.  Resided in County 13 years.  Born Marion IA.

Married.  Resided Lima, MT.  Cause: Accidental gunshot wound penetrating abdomen.  Buried 2 Aug 1904.

Remains interred in Lima County.  (#128)


Pierre Petre, died 18 Sept 1901.  Teamster, age 29 years, born Valley Field, Quebec.  Single.  Lived Bannack.  Cause:

inflammation of stomach and bowels. (#20)


Thomas Watson Poindexter, died 10 Apr 1903.  Merchant, age 74, lived in County 22 years.  Born Danville, VA.  Married.

Cause: Senile Debility (#81)


Samuel Powell, died Nov 29, 1901.  Ranchman, age about 66.  Lived in Beaverhead County about 20 years.  Single. 

Lived Dillon.  Cause: Paralysis (#26)


William Evans Purdue, died 29 May 1903.  School boy.  Age 14 years, 9 months, 13 days.  Lived in County about 13 years.  Birth place:

Logan UT. Cause of death: Pneumonitis.  "Deceased was taken to Logan UT on train #8 on 5/29/1903 to be buried in Logan Cemetery

 tomorrow if arrangements can be made that soon otherwise as soon thereafter as can be. (#85)




Charles A Rand, died 28 Dec 1901.  Sheepherder, aged 55.  Widower.  Lived in Beaverhead about 2 years.  Last

residence: Dillon MT.  Cause pneumonia. (#31)


James Albrene Rash. died 11 Jan 1905. Age 9 months, born in Madison Co MT.  Buried 13 Jan 1905. Cause: Intuscaption

of bowels. (#138)


David Frederick Reinhardt, died 5 March 1903.  Merchant and mining engineer.  Age 57 years, born Germany.  Resident of

County for 23 years.  Married.  Cause of death: Apoplexy. (#75)


George Fred Renner, verdict of Coroner's jury: 29 Apr 1901, came to his death on the 29 Apr 1901 from natural causes

the result of neglect and indifference to his health and comfort that no blame can be attached to any one but himself. (#7)


Richard A Reynolds, died 8 Jan 1904.  Ranchman and stockman, age 62.  Lived in County 38 years. Born Wales.  Married.

Cause Cerebral hemorrhage.  (#112)


Samuel Rhodes, died 8 Sept 1901.  Age 58, born Stringtown PA.  In county 18 years.  Freighter, widower.  Residence

Dewey, Montana.  Cause Paralysis of throat and pneumonia.  Buried 9 Sept 1901. (#19)


Emma A Rivers, died 5 Dec 1901.  Housewife, age 24.  Resident of Beaverhead Co 14 years.  Married, black.  Last residence:

Dillon MT.  Cause: Blood Poison (#28)




Frederick Schiffman, died 17 Mar 1903.  Ranchman, age 36 years,, born Brooklyn NY.  Lived in County about 20 years.  Single.

Cause: Endocarditis. (#78)


Baby Schwartz, died 5 Apr 1903.  Age 16 days, born Dillon.  Cause: Heart disease.  (#79)


George B Scott, Died 24 Oct 1904.  Age 77.  Born PA, married.  Resided Dillon.  Cause: Accident.  Buried 25 Oct 1904.  (#131)


John R Selway, died 11 May 1902.  Ranchman. Age 66, born England.  Resided Beaverhead Co 35 years.  Married.  Last

residence: Dillon. Cause heart failure.  (#47)


Thomas Maidment Selway, died 21 Aug 1907, Dillon.  Age 67, born England.  Parents: James Selway (born England) and Eliza

Maidment (born England).  Informant: Mrs T M Selway, Dillon.  Buried Dillon.  (#11, book 2)


Charles H Seybold, died 21 June 1907, Vipond Park, Melrose, Beaverhead.  Cause: Fractured skull from fall from horse.  farmer,

born IL.  Parents: Dotson Seybold (born KY) and Polly Hardesty (born KY).  Informant: L B Seybold, Dell MT. 

Buried Lima.(#3,, book 2)


Clessie Irene Shaw, died 20 Apr 1904,  Age 3 months and 36 days, born Briston MT.  Cause: Acute Nephritis. 

Buried 22 Apr 1904. (#120)


John Sinclair, died 2 June 1928, Beaverhead County. Born ca 1891.


Martha May Philips Singer, died 18 Sept 1902.  Occupation: Housewife.  Age 21 years, 2 months, 23 days.  Resided in county 18 years. 

Born Malad City ID.  Married.  Resided Lima MT.  Cause: Peritonitis.  Buried 18 Sept 1904.  Buried Lima Cemetery.

Was married to Arthur J Singer, 17 Feb 1903. (#129)


Samuel S Sloss, died 12 Apr 1903.  Harnessmaker, age 48.  Single.  Cause: Cancer right kidney. (#80)


Child of Martin and Mary Sorenson, stillborn.  Born four miles south of Dillon MT.  Buried 11 Dec 1901.  Child stillborn at

8 months.  Had evidently been dead 3 or 4 days before birth. (#29)


Mrs Tucebe Sparrow.  Died 18 Feb 1905.  Housewife, age 27 days.  Born Colorado.  Cause Pneumonia.

Buried 21 Feb 1905.  (#150)


Laurin H Spencer, 14 Apr 1905.  Infant.  Age 7 months.  Born Jackson.  Cause, natural causes.  (#146)


Milo Starr, Died 7 May 1904, farmer, age 73.  Born Ohio. Married.  Residence Dillon MT.  Cause Kidney and Bladder disease.

Buried 9 May 1904. (#121)


Margaret M Stephens, died 30 March 1904, housewife.  Age 49, residence in County 11 years.  Born Ogden UT.  Married.

last residence: Briston Montana.  Cause: Strangulated hernia.  Buried 1 Apr 1904. (#117)


Female infant of W M Stewart, died 24 Mar 1904.  Infant.  Age 12 days, born Dillon.  Congenital heart disease. (#116)


Mrs Harriett M Stout, died 17 Nov 1904.  Housewife, age 70 years, 8 months, 8 days.  Born Michigan.  Widow.  Old age.

Buried 19 Nov 1904.  (#136)


Henry Stover age 56 years, died at his residence in Lima, MT on 15 Apr 1901, cause pneumonia.  L C Ford MD. (#6)


John Marion Stover, died 18 May 1903, age 34 years, 2 months, 23 days.  Resided about 3 years in Madison Co, 17 years in other

areas of Montana.  Born Shawneetown, Johnson Co KS.   Married.  Rancher in Centennial Valley, Madison Co MT.  Cause

cerebral hemorrhage.  "Deceased has been afflicted with hemophilia for years.  About 6 years ago was struck by a pole on the

head producing a concussion of the brain.  Last summer was again struck in same place and has been an invalid all winter.  Became

nearly blind through pressure of cerebral tumor on optic commeasure (presumably) while apparently improving had two severe attacks of

epistaxis on May 17 and 18 and died suddenly in night of the 18th while lying asleep in bed.   His remains are interred in family lot

adjoining Lima Cemetery at Lima MT. (#84)


Ruth Sullivan, died 15 Dec 1902, housewife, aged 78, born in Indiana.  Resided in Beaverhead for 30 years.  married.

Last a resident of Dillon.  Cause: old age. (#64)




Pearl Tash, died 21 Jan 1903.  Age 13 years, lived Bannack.  Cause: Scarlet Fever. (#69)


Russell Wells Taylor, died 7 Dec 1903. Painter.  Age 70.  Born MA.  Lived in county 4-1/2 years, widower.  Resided Dillon.

Cause Arteriosclerosis.  (#102)


Dora Mattie Thompson, died 25 Apr 1905. Housewife. Age 24 years, 9 months, 13 days.  Born Andrew County, Missouri.

Married.  Last place of death James McKnight's ranch.  Died of Tuberculosis.  Remains are to be shipped east

to St Joseph MO, her former home to be interred there. (#148)


Arthur Truman, died 15 Oct 1903. Ranchman, age 23, born Divide MT.  Residence Dewey's.  Cause: accident (#98)


Geneva Tufts, died 25 Dec 1902.  Age 17, born UT.  Lived in Beaverhead Co for five months. Last residence Dillon.  Cause:

miscarriage.  Shipped to Salt Lake UT for burial.  (#65)



M Tukenitsch, died 21 Nov 1902. Age 62, born Austria.  Lived Beaverhead Co three months.  Last resided Dillon.  Died

of old age.  (#62)




Unknown male white person.  Died November 1901, aged about 35. Buried 7 Nov 1901.  This man was an utter stranger and

committed suicide by cutting his throat.  Remains found about 3 miles south of Dillon Montana, and about 1/2 mile from

the closest house. (#24)


Unknown male white person, age about 35 years.  Buried 9 Apr 1901.  Cause: Burning.  Man found burned to death

9 miles south of Dillon.  Coroners jury could not say whether it was murder or suicide. (#37)


Unknown white male, age about 35 years.  Buried 7 Nov 1901.  Cause Suicide.  Body found with its throat cut about

 2 miles south of Dillon. (#40)






John R Ward, died 21 Mar 1905.  Age 44.  Born Wisconsin.  Married, cause of death: Osteosarcoma of orbit. (#144)


Charles Watson, died 6 Mar 1905.  Placer miner.  Age 62 years.  Lived in county 16 years.  Widower.  Last residence

Bannock, MT.  Cause: Cancer of stomach.  Buried 7 Mar 1905.  Died at County hospital after illness of 9 months.  (#153)


George White, died 17 Dec 1901.  Laborer, age 63 years, born Galena IL.  Resided Beaverhead County 16 years.  Single.

Last residence Bannack MT.  Cause: Alcoholic poisoning.  (#30)


John E Williams, died 28 or 29th October 1902.  miner.  Aged about 70 years.  Lived in Beaverhead County about 38 years.

Last resided Grass Hopper Creek, Beaverhead Co.  Cause: cancer and kidney trouble.  This man was seen alive on 27 Oct 1902 alive

 and found dead alone on 29 Oct 1902. (#59)


Ruth Williams, died 3 May 1902.  Age 5 years, born Missouri.  Lived in Beaverhead for 2 years. Last residence: Dillon MT.

Cause Inflamation of kidneys.  (#44)


N S Willspaugh, death 1 Oct 1901.  Age 58, birthplace unknown.  Residence about 3 months.  Occupation: mine superintendent. 

Last place of residence Stone Creek Mines, MT.  Cause: Blood clot on brain caused by blow on head.  Body was shipped from

Dillon MT to Chicago IL for burial on 2 Oct 1901. (#22)


Mrs Alice Wilson, died 11 Aug 1903.  Housewife. Lived in County six years, married.  Born Fortville Wisconsin.  Cause:

Consumption (#90)


Peter Wilson, died 17 July 1907, DIllon.  Age 75 years, 3 months, 17 days, born England.   Farmer.  Parents: Peter Wilson

and Anna Stringfellow, both born in England.  Informant: Mary Wilson, Dillon.  Buried Mountain View Cemetery (#9 book 2)


William Wilson, date of death unknown.  Laborer, aged about 37 years.  Resided in Beaverhead County about 8 or 10 months.

Last residence near Argenta MT.  Cause: Suicide.  Buried Mar 16, 1902. (#39)



Robert Winters, died 9 Aug 1901, Beaverhead County.  Age 55, laborer. (#12)


John William Woods, died 19 March 1903.  Age 2 months 8 days.  Born Beaverhead County.  Cause bronchitis (#77)




Alice Yeo, died 6 Apr 1902.  Housewife, age 42, born Ohio. Lived Beaverhead, ten years. Last residence 7 miles south of Dillon.

Cause: Pyosalpinx? (#43)


Mary Young, died 16 July 1907, Dillon.  Age 61 years, 3 months, 24 days, born Missouri.  Cause: Cancer.  Father blank Hill. mother

unknown.  Informant A D Young, Dillon.  Cemetery: Mountain View, Dillon.  (#8, book 2)



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