Beaverhead County


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Schools of Beaverhead County Montana

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Beaverhead County once had 78 rural school, now they have only 19.


Miss Blanche Lamont, schoolteacher and her class at Hecla, October 1893

Courtesy of Library of Congress


Hecla School, date unknown but likely late 1800's from style of dress


Early one room schoolhouse from Jackson, Beaverhead County


Birch Creek School


Millpoint School


Beaverhead High School


Public School, Dillon.



Elementary school in Dillon


Polaris School was established in 1892 as a one-room school house.  Teachers boarded with local families

until the building to house teachers was added.  Fifty eight teachers have taught 94 terms of schools

from 1892-1990.  Average enrollment is six to eight students per year.  Kindergarten through eighth

 grade is taught by one teacher.


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