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Wills and Probate Abstracts


~John Beach~


Mentions treatment during last illness at Dillon Hospital from Aug 26 to Sept 24 (must be 1889), burial and digging grave.

Administrator James McKay. Request for removal of James McKay as administrator.  Sister was Mrs Louisa Estes of Ceder Keys, FL.

Mentions Lot 13, Block 22 Dillon, Lot 16 and half of block 17 in Block 22 in Dillon. Appraisement by R T Wing, Otho Klemm and N A Stiles.

Copy of deed from 14 June 1889 between Joshua L Ray of Dillon and Alexander Phillips and John Beach of Dillon to the Annie quartz mine claim.

Copy of deed of Grey Horse Quartz Mining claim near Willow Creek dated 8 Nov 1886.   Mentions that he died 24 Sept 1889 in Dillon.

Special administrator Thomas M O'Connor appointed 1892.



~James Davidson~

Will dated 13 Feb 1901, submitted for probate 5 Mar 1901.

James Davidson, formerly of Dillon, Beaverhead Co, now a resident of Denver, CO, being 64 years of age.

Beloved Wife Martha L Davidson, all estate (real and personal) in Montana, Colorado or elsewhere to her.

Martha L Davidson-executrix.

Witnesses: George Henry and W Henry Smith.

Some of the children appear to contest that the will above is the proper one. Children were Charles E Davidson,

Ferbenia J Nichols and Laura W Davidson (married name unknown).

James Davidson died 24 Feb 1901, Martha L Davidson shown as executrix, 7 Nov 1901.

That James Davidson was traveling in the City of Denver, but was a resident of Dillon, Beaverhead County.


Two lots in City of Dillon valued at about $1,500

One house and five lots valued at $2,500

One note of about $500

1/2 interest in the Kentucky Saloon property consisting of fixtures and stock of value $750

Lodging house goods, chattels situated in City of Denver of unknown value

Wife of deceased is Mattie Davidson, and is residing and doing business in Denver.

Other next of kin (children of James Davidson):

Charles E Davidson, aged 34 living in Dillon MT,

Verbena J Nichols, aged 40, residing Cheyenne KS

John H Davidson, aged 33, residing in Dillon

Laura W Jones, aged about 30, residing Anaconda

Special administrator appointed: Lorin T Jones in Beaverhead

Administrator appointed in Denver is widow Martha Davidson

Deceased was part of the firm of Williams and Davidson, who were doing business in

wholesale and retail liquor dealers and saloon keepers.  Frank B Williams is the surviving partner.

Executrix Martha Davidson believes the assets have been squandered since James Davidson died.

Martha Davidson has a small daughter whom she will not permit to be moved to Dillon.

That she sold all real assets.



~Rod B Fraser~

Died intestate in Silver Bow County MT on 27 Oct 1889, a resident at that time of Beaverhead County. 

Left real and personal property with a value of about $830.00.  Heirs: William H Fraser and John W Fraser of Wisdom, Beaverhead Co;

Cole Fraser of Denver CO; Alexander Fraser, Flora Fraser, Christy Fraser, Mary Fraser and Angus Fraser of Artijonish, Nova Scotia - being

siblings of deceased.

William H Fraser applied for letters of administration 21 Dec 1889.

W H Fraser and R B interest in cattle, both signed chattel mortgage for $950.00.  After R B's death, W H took up the note.

Administrator W H Fraser died 17 June 1890 leaving a widow and children residing in Beaverhead County.  Petition of James H Mackay, Public Administrator

taking charge of estate.

Pre exemption claim of 160 acres in the name of John W Fraser

13 May 1892 James MacKay was removed as administrator and Thomas M O'Connor was appointed as Public Administrator.

Thomas O'Connor resigned 24 Sept 1892.

Josephus Rich prays to be appointed administrator Dec 1892, released 16 May 1906

Perishable items sold:

14 Stock cattle (cows), 3 yearlings, 7 fat cows, 1 bull and 14 calves to J K Mallory for $420.00

1 horse to J K Mallory $42.00

1 set of blacksmith tools to J K Mallory $50.00

2 mo--- to E W Pember $61.00

1 wagon old, to J Harper $5.00

1 set heavy harnesses to M. McCormick $19.00

28-1/4 tons of hay to J K Mallory $140.00

Total sales: $737.00

Balance left after expenses: $536.78


~John F Mitchell~

Distribution 2 Aug 1892. Mentions notes from G T Mitchell, Elizabeth Flint.   John F Mitchell died intestate in Silver Bow county, Oct 1890.

Left his mother Elizabeth Flint, and his sisters Maria E Hills, Sarah M Todd and Eliza A Hooper; and his brothers James B Mitchell, Henry A Mitchell,

Adophus Mitchell and George F Mitchell.  (these papers are in John Beach's papers)



~Adie Virden~

Adie L Virden died 21 Oct 1889, Cook County IL leaving no will.  Her residence was Beaverhead County MT

House and lot in Dillon and a distributive share in the estate of her father James Harris, deceased.

Hiram Virdon is Administrator, 29 Nov 1889

Final distribution 13 Aug 1892; Hiram N Virdon (husband of deceased), Charles H Virden (aged 17, son), Edith L Virden (aged 15, daughter)

and Ella C Virden (aged 13, daughter). 1/3 to husband and an undivided 2/3 to the children.

Two lots including improvements, Fraction "C" Reeds addition to the City of Dillon, Easterly corner of Pacific and Sebree, Dillon - valued at $900.

They owe a note to Richard Reynolds in the amount of $1,000 and have not paid anything towards it to purchase the land. Note and and mortgage

were due long before the death of Addie L Virden.  That $1,200 is now due. Petition to remove administrator.


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