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Boise News, March 5, 1864:

Thirteen men hung by Judge Lynch.  The following taken from the Daily Oregonian, is the account alluded to in our last week's issue. We are indebted to Mr Sterns for a slip received by letter from Portland containing the dispatch.

Great Salt Lake City, Feb 5th-Last evening the Bannack express arrived in 13 days from Virginia City and from the Vedette, we hear the

following in regard to the doings of the Vigilance Committee in that region in ridding the country of the band of outlaws who have so long

infested it.

The committee is composed of upwards of 1000 persons exercising jurisdiction over the whole range embracing Virginia, Bannack,

 Nevada City and the surrounding region.  Below is a list of the men hung and the places where executed:

George Ives at Nevada City, Stinking Water Diggings.

At Bannack City, Henry Plummer, Sheriff; Ned Ray an escaped convict from the Salt Lake Penitentiary;

Buck Stinson; John Wagner, alias Dutch John and Spanish Frank

At Stinking Water, Reed and Brown

At Virginia City, Jack Gallagher; George Lane, alias Clubfoot; Haze Lyons, Boon Helm and Frank Parrish.


Boise News, March 19, 1864:


From Beaver Head: Mr J Zumwalt, who arrived here on Friday night 11th inst, furnished us with the following: He and a party of several

others left the Missouri River on the 25th of January and came over the east Bannack and Salt Lake road, until after they passed the Rocky Mountains when they turned off, leaving Ft Hall to their left and came in by way of Boise City.  J M Thurmond, formerly of this city came with them as far as the forks of the road, when he and some others kept on to Salt Lake.  The Vigilance Committee was still at work in the Beaver Head county when Mr Zumwalt left; they had hung 24 and were after some three or four others who if caught it was thought would fare badly; and that then the COmmittee would desist until further occasion for their services should transpire.  The names of those already executed are as follows:

George Ives, Red Jack Gallagher, Brown, Reed, George Lane alias Clubfoot, Haze Lyons, Boon Helm and Frank Parrish.  Henry Plummer, John Wagner alias Dutch John, Buck Stinson, Spanish Frank and --- Reaves, Stephen Marsten, Bill Bunten, Alex Carter, Bob Zaeree, Bill Graves, John Cooper, Bill Hunter, ----Skinner and George Shears.


The Montana Post (Virginia City, MT), 16 Sept 1865:

Administrators Sale: Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an order made by the Probate Court within and for the County of Beaver Head in the matter of the estate of John Burtwhistle, late of Beaver Head County, deceased. 


I, Thomas D Pitt administrator will, on the 3rd day of October next at the Court House door in the ciry of Bannack in said county of Beaver Head between the hours of 9o'clock am and 5 o'clock pm of said day. 


Thomas D Pitt, Administrator, Bannack City Sept 5, 1865


The Montana Post (Virginia City, MT), 24 Sept 1864;

Territorial Convention, Beaverhead County will have 4 representatives to the Territorial Convention

which will be at Virginia City 5 Oct 1864.


The Montana Post (Virginia City, MT), Nov 19, 1864:


House of Representatives: Beaver Head County: A J Smith and William Faulds

From Beaverhead County.  Bannack City, Nov 13, 1864: ...Bannack City has been dull during the past season but during the autumn we have

 been gradually reviving. Trade has improved, more whisky is drank, vacant houses are occupied, "stated preaching" is sustained and we have

a ball, sometimes every night.

Centreville, situated less than a mile down the gulch from Bannack is deserving special mention for there are our quartz mills.  Centreville is only a hamlet but the music of the engines and the ceaseless clatter of the stamps are agreeable to the ear, give encouraging promise of the future, and raise the village to a fixed and important place in the Territory.

There are two quartz mills in operation, one erected by Col Hankins at an expense of over $40,000.  The Col is the pioneer in introducing steam mills into the Territory.  His machinery was brought up the Missouri river, a portion in the summer of 1863, and the balance the present season.  The mill worked successfully during last winter, but has been idle during the summer, being refitted and largely increased in capacity.  It has now twenty-eight stamps, and has recently commenced work.  The other is a twelve stamp mill imported by E D Pitt the past season.

This mill has been purchase by a New York Company.  Last winter, our old and worthy friend, E R Purple, passed the winter in New York City and succeeded in interesting some of the monied men of Gotham sufficiently to induce them to authorize and venture an investment in our quartz lodes.  Mr Walter C Hopkins arrived in thsi territory early in the summer accompanied by Professor A R Eaton, a thorough and competent geologist and mineralogist, as the agents of the New York gentlemen for the purpose of examining the country and the quartz and if circumstances warranted, Mr Hopkins was instructed to negotiate for and purchase such interests as his judgment might determine.  Mr Purple's representations were confirmed by Prof Eaton and Mr Hopkins purchased Pitts mill and an interest in the Dakota lode. He has made an investment of nearly sixty thousand dollars in gold and is backed by any amount of money for further operations.

The mill is now run by the New York Company and they are crushing their own quartz, out of the Dakota, under the superintendence of Sam Batcheler and his younger brother Gov George.  the machinery works admirably and the results are altogether satisfactory.  The quartz lodes in the neighborhood of Bannack and Centreville are in every way promising.

Extensive discoveries have been made in BeaverHead County, near Ball mountain and on the Rattlesnake.  The advent of Prof Eaton to this Territory brought the silver mines of the Rattlesnake into notice since when inductrious prospecting has been done, and a great number of lodes discovered.  These silver lodes are believed to be quite as rich as the silver mines of Washoe.

Administrators Notice: Beaverhead County, Territory of MT.  In the matter of the estate of George Corhart, deceased.  To whom it may concern: Letters of Administration having been granted by the Probate Court of beaver Head County to the undersigned on the estate of George Corhart, deceased, this is to notify all creditors or persons having claims against the deceased to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within six months from this publication to me at my residence in Bannack City, Beaver Head County aforesaid.  John Corhart, Adm. Successor to George Chrisman, late Administrator of the estate of George Corhart, deceased.


The Montana Post (Virginia City, Montana), Aug 5, 1865:


Montana Territory, Beaverhead County.  In probate court of Beaver Head County, Montana Territory.  George Chrisman vs W C Rheem, action

on account.  It this day appearing by affidavit duly made and filed that the above defendant is a non-resident of Montana territory.  Now in pursuance of the law made and provided you, the said W C Rheem are hereby notified that George Chrisman has commenced an action against you in the sum of one hundred dollars and unless you be and appear before said court, and answer the complaint as field at the October Term 1865, of said court, judgment will be taken against you by default.  Given at Bannack City, 10 July 1865, Thomas J Hosford, Probate Judge.


The Montana Post (Virginia City, MT), Sept 23, 1865:


Administrators sale: Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an order made by the Procate Court within and for the county of Beaverhead

 in the matter of the estate of John Burtwhistle, late of Beaverhead County, deceased.  I Thomas D Pitt, administrator will on the 3rd of

October next at the Court House door in the ciry of Bannack in said Beaverhead county, between the hours of 9 :00 and 5:00pm of said day

 offer for sale at public auction to the highest bidder, for case, the following described real estate of the said John Burtwhistle and situated in Beaverhead County:

portion of # direction name of lode # of feet
half discovery   Kent 684
half discovery   T 684
half 4 southerly Virginia Silver 100
half 19 northerly Aurora 100
all 13 east Beehive 100
all discovery   Idaho 100
all 1 east Idaho 100
all 3 east Yellow Jacket 200
all 10 west black leg 100
half 4 southerly Washington 100
all 2 west Whopper 100




The Montana Post (Virginia City, MT), Nov 25, 1865:


Notice: The Co-partnership heretofore existing at Bannack City, MT between S F Dunlop and A J Smith, is this day dissolved by mutual

consent.  All persons knowing themselves indebted to the firm will please call and settle.  A J Smith and S F Dunlap. 

The business will be conducted by A J Smith and A F Graeter.  All liabilities will be settled and moneys due the firm of

Smith and Dunlap will be received by A J Smith and A F Graeter.

Bannack City, Nov 20, 1865



The Montana Post (Virginia City, MT), Dec 16, 1865;


Capt Wall, of Virginia City, has purchased a large interest in the Bannack ditch and the Company intends to monopolize the mining business

in this gulch.  The ditch will be raised higher so as to work all the dry gulches west of bannack.  Many of them are rich, and it is believed

that the Company have a "good thing".  Bannack will be more lively next summer than ever.  Messers Smith and Graeter - who are also

heavily interested in the ditch - are opening the largest store in Bannack.


The Montana Post (Virginia City, MT), March 3, 1866:


Bannack Items; Hydraulic Machinery: Mr Fowler has also gone to NY. He intends to form a company and to bring out hydraulic machinery

to work in this gulch.  Rattlesnake Mines: Major Thomas Watson has gone to Pittsburg to organize a company for the Rattlesnake mines.

He will also go to Boston to investigate Dr Ayers method of extracting the precious metal.  Another mill: Prof A G McComb of the "Gold

Hill of Montana Mining Co" has just started for New York for a mill.  He intends to stop a few daysin Denver in order to investigate

the new methods of extracting hold from quartz.  Turn of the Tide: The election, on Saturday last, was the most exciting one ever

held in Beaverhead Co.  The so-called Democratic ticket, engineered by Benjamin Peabody, was badly defeated, the entire anti-state

ticket being elected. Farms: The rush is still to Beaver Head for farms Judge Hosford is putting up a house, and intends moving out as

soon as it is finished.  And many others are building, intending to move out in the spring.  The soil is said to be exceedingly right, being

a deep, loose, sandy loan, warm and inviting to the farmer.  The Men Chosen: Messrs J H Smith and Weed were elected to the house

and E R Phelps to the Council, Dr Leavitt holding over.  The Delegates to the Convention are Messrs Cooper, Wright, King, Batchelder

and the Hon Mr Kelser.  All of them are number one menand all of them will go against a state organization with all their might. 

Roads: Mr W Murphy and the Overland intend making a good wagon road down Red Rock and Beaverhead keeping near the mountains

 to the east and crossing Stinkingwater at Lorains and making it free.  Mr M has a charter for the road from Snake River to the Junction. 


The Montana Post (Virginia City, Montana), Mar 17, 1866:


Summons: Montana Territory, Beaver Head County. Attachment: To the Sheriff of Beaver Head County; You are commanded to summon

 Isaac Garrnett to be and appear before the Judge of the Probate Court, at Bannack City on the first Monday of June 1866 to answer

John C Taylor in his complaint, wherein he claims the sun of $31 of judgement may be taken against him by default for said sum and

costs of suit.  Witness my hand and seal of said court 26 Feb 1866, Thomas J Hosford Probate Judge.


The Montana Post (Virginia City, MT), March 19, 1869:


Assignees sale of Property: Beaverhead Co: Claim # 17, easterly from discovery on the Silver Rose lode.  Also claim #13, easterly

from discovery on the Piritan lode, all located in Bannack Dist.  260' each in Beaver Head Co MT.


Helena Weekly Herald, Sept 12, 1876:


Valuable Property for Sale: The undersigned offers for sale cheap for cash or approved security his entire property in Bannack and Argenta

viz:  The property known as the Harby Brewery in Bannack which consists of a large two story building with saloon and dwelling apts in

complete repair.  The Brewery, a separate building, has ample cellarage, an unfailing well of pure water, iron water pipes, brass valve cocks,

galvanized iron coolers, excellent malt mill, etc.  This establishment has a large run of first class custom.

Also Feed and sale Stables, Wagon House, Corral, Smoke House, Ice House, etc. the whole enclosed with a total frontage on Main St of 300

feet.  Also a find stock of Imported Liquors, Wines, Cigars, a Billiard Table (marble bed), several head of stock. Wagons, sleighs, harness, etc.,

 etc. Also his Saloon and Household Furniture, nearly new.

Also in Argenta, his Saloon Building and Grocery Store 42x60 feet with ample stable and corral.  This property with "good will" is a most

 desirable investment and would not be offered for sale did not the owner desire to remove his family to California.  For further particulars

call on or address James Harby, Bannack, Montana

The Montana Standard, Butte MT, 1 June 1882:

"War in Beaverhead" Agitation of the County Seat Question, Dillon or Glendale?

"A gentleman of this city who is well acquainted with the politics of Beaverhead County received yesterday by mail the following papers,

which to a certain extent explain themselves.  The first was a circular headed "Mass Meeting" and reading as follows: A Mass Meeting

 of the tax-payers and votes of Beaverhead County will be held at the Court House in Dillon on Monday June 5, 1882 for the purpose of

considering and protesting against this proposition of submitting the question of the removal of the County Seat from Dillon to Glendale,

to the voters of the county at the next general election.  Tax payers of Beaverhead county who are opposed to increasing the burden of

taxation are earnestly requested to attend the meeting."



The Dillon Tribune, Dec 30, 1887:


Beaverhead County officers: Sheriff Thomas E Jones; Clerk and Recorder Phil. D McGough; Probate Judge R R Melton; Treasurer Robert T Wing; County Atty W S Barbour; Assessor A L Pickett; Supt of Schools Mrs H E Taylor; Public Admin C Mean; Coroner Dr H D Pickman; Surveyor J H Batterton; Commissioners: W M Oliver, Gen M Brown, I M Johnson.  Dillon City officers: Mayor: Benj F White, Aldermen: David Lamont, J E Morse, Geo W Dart, C I Thomsen, R C Halliday, H D Brainard; City Marshal Thomas J Mulaney; City Atty H J Burleigh; City Clerk Thos W Poindexter Jr; City Treasurer Robert T Wing; Street Commissioner E M Murphy.



Surveyor Mead of Virginia City, paid Dillon a call.

J E Morse has gone to the Mormon Kingdom on a business spin.

Mrs George E Tarbell and children of Lion City will remain in the city for this winter.

Joe A Browne in from the Big Hole Valley reported the stock on the range in fine condition.

Rufe Patterson of --- Melrose, is enjoying a holiday lay-off among Dillon acquaintances.

Monsieur Amede Bessette and Mrs Bessette of Argenta attended the Masonic Ball Tuesday Evening.

Tom Martin, ex president of the Glendale Reform Club was in the city and vicinity for several days.

Mayor John Peate came down from Spring Hill to get baptized and receive a Christian Christmas gift.

Prof Knapp, principal of the Dillon schools, is off in Missoula County, presumably on a delicate mission.

Jake Kaufman has gone to St Louis in which city he will remain part of the winter and then return to Dillon.

Prof John Gannon, principal of the Anaconda public schools, is at home agreeably spending a weeks vacation.

Miss Lina Hewitt, the efficient teacher of the Sheridan school, came over Tuesday Evening and is visiting friends in the city for a few days.

George Thexton, as old time resident of Virginia City, came in on Wens evenings coach and after remaining in the city a day went to Butte.

Col Lloyd of the First Regiment of Montana Militia was in the city Wens getting acquainted with out citizens and with the rank and file of Company E.

Miss Millie Coffin who has just finished teaching a term of school at Beaver Canyon, Idaho, is spending holiday vacation at home with Dillon friends, after which she will teach the Argenta school.



Dillon Letter List:

List of letters remaining at the post office:

Miss Rita Bickett; Ira Dodge; I Felten; C Edward Forbes; Oliver Hughes; Mrs Chas Lindsey; James Miller; James R Shade; J B Smith; Wm Tzatt.


Notice of Sale:

In the Probate Court of Beaverhead County, Montana Territory.  In the matter of the estate of Phil. M Brown, deceased.  Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, administratrix of the estate of Phil M Brown, deceased will on Jan 15, 1888 at Argenta Montana receive private bids for the sale of Carbonate --- Mining claim belonging to said person and situated in Montana Mining Dist, Beaverhead County, Montana Territory.  Elizabeth French, Administratrix.


Probate Court:

In the matter of the estate and guardianship of Angela Barrett, a minor.  (Very light print)


Dillon Lodge #30, A F And A M, held at Masonic Hall on Saturday evening Dec 24, 1887 the following officers were elected and installed for the ensuing year: WM: W J Crowell; SW: P E Poindexter; JW: D T Chapman; Treasurer: Otho Klemm; Secretary T M O'Connor; S D: T W Poindexter Jr; JD: Lee Goetschius; SS: D F Reinhardt; J S: Craig Cornell; T: O W W Rote.


K of P Election: At the regular conversation held in Castle Hall last evening by Occident Lodge #8, K of P, the following officers were elected for the ensuing term:  C C: Thomas M P'Connor; V C: W P Layne; Prelate: Jas A Meyers; K of R and S: Jno A Nick---; M of F: W J Cromwell; M of E: Charles Hirschman; M at A: M E Marklem?.  the 24th Anniversary of the founding of this order falling on Sunday Feb 19th it was decided to give a grand ball on Monday evening Feb 20, 1888.


Last Friday the body of a man was found in the brush near a slough on the ranch of James Selway about two miles from the city.  The dead man had a Sharpe's rifle clutched in his hands and the top of his head was blown off.  City Marshal Mahaney brought the body to the city and Coroner Pickman summoned a jury to investigate the matter.  The dead man was recognized and identified by several witnesses as John Doherty, a miner.  The Coroner's jury rendered a verdict that the deceased had accidentally shot himself.  The body was buried in the city cemetery.  No papers were found on the person of the deceased, but a sum of money was found in his pockets.


Railroad Collision, one man killed and another seriously injured in the wreck three miles from Dillon.  At Spring Hill, 48 miles from Dillon, between 3 and 4 o'clock while the railroad men were engaged in switching a freight train, 14 cars heavily loaded with salt and coal broke loose and started on the down grade track.  The detached freight cars, without anyone aboard, gained velocity as they rolled down grade.  On they came.  The track was clear, and the detached train passed rapidly by Red Rock, Grayling and Barrett stations.  Emerging from Ryan Canyon the train was flying by keeping the track.  A ranchman who was up at the time saw the train pass his place and told a Tribune reporter "It was going like the devil beating tan-bark, without any engine!".  The train was heard passing through Dillon, but strange to say no one saw it.  On it went northward, passing the curve and railroad bridge without being derailed and bound for Butte steam or no steam.  About two miles north of the railroad bridge about 5 o'clock, the detached freight and the south bound freight #616 came into collision.  Engines #751 and 752 were pulling the south bound freight and the collision instantly produced a frightful and fatal wreck.  The freight was in charge of Conductor McGee of Spring Hill.  Engineer Sweneey of #751 was badly scalded, cut and bruised.  Fireman McShane of the same engine was found under the tender of the second engine with his hear horribly crushed.  The body of Fireman McShane has brought to the city and is laid out at the round house.  Engineer Sweeney is badly injured but it doing as well as can be expected under circumstances.  The north bound passenger train is side tracked awaiting the removal of the wreck from the track.  The wreck is a bad one.  At the hour of the Tribune going to press this afternoon a gang of wreckers were hard at work removing the wreck, and in a few hours travel and traffic will be resumed over the road.


New building improvements to Dillon from the year 1887: Eliel-Stiles-Kupfer brick business block on Montana and Helena, erected by Leonard Eliel, N A Stiles and Mrs L Kupfer.  Beaverhead County Jail, in the new Court House Block between Arlantic and Pacific on Bannack St.  Dillon Opera House, on North Montana near Helena St by B F White (also known as the Armory Hall of Company E).  Two story residence of Dr H D Pickman on the corner of Idaho and Sebree streets, Queen Anne style.  Story and a half brick cottage on Atlantic St by John J Cusick.  Charles Y Reeders handsome two story frame house on Idaho St.  A two story frame dwelling house by James Myers on Pacific and Glendale.  Two story frame residence on Pacific St by Frank Defriez.  Story and a half brick cottage in Thomsens addition by T O Depue.  A story and a half brick cottage by Henry Cushing St south of Railroad Ave.  Brooklyn Dairy House, west of Railroad Ave, erected by A S Rife.  One story frame cottage on Railroad Avenue by George Wall.  On Montana St a find two story brick business house by W T Eastman.  New Catholic Church on the corner of Atlantic and Sebree Streets, Gothic in style.  Two story frame dwelling house by Phil E Poindexter on corner of Washington and Orr Avenue.  Two story frame residence by E Rourk occupied by Dr Howard, on corner of Idaho and Bannack Streets.  Story and a half cottage on Washing street by C Conger.  One story frame addition to B Freman's residence on Idaho St.  One story frame addition to W J Crowells residence on Railroad Ave.  One story frame addition to John Forrester's residence on Pacific St.  Isaac Cashmore's handsome two story frame dwelling house on Railroad Avenue.  One story frame cottage by W B Carter on the corner of Pacific and Center.  One story frame next to the Opera House for millinery store.  One store frame building on Montana near Glendale.  Two story frame dwelling house by c L Thomsen in Thomsen's additions.  One story frame cottage for Mrs E M Eastman.  One story frame cottage in Thomsen's addition by Mr Peterson.  Mayor White's new residence at the corner of Idaho St and Orr Avenue.


The Dillon Tribune, Jan 6, 1888:


C L Thomsen is selling apples at a greatly reduced price.

The measles are not spreading much, only two cases are reported.

Charles Hirschman is finishing the Interior of his saloon building off in elegant style and artistic shape.


Work of Coroner's Jury, Patrick McShane, the Dead Fireman.

The accident which occurred on the Utah and Northern railroad last week, a few miles north of Dillon has been a matter of investigation. The death of Fireman McShane resulted in the calling of a coroner's jury to examine the matter and Coroner Pickman summoned a jury, composed of W B Carter, John F Bishop. Charles Y Reeder, Richard Deacon, John T Yoe and C L Byther.  The coroners Jury concluded its labors Saturday and judging from the number of witnesses examined the investigation must have been of a thorough character.  The jury returned a sealed verdict and the exact contents and precise findings have not, as yet, been made public.  The accident created so much discussion that its cause, or combination of causes was the subject of free and sweeping comment.  Pending an examination which is now set for a hearing in open court and which may be followed by another examination - the conflicting statements in circulation are not deemed sufficiently reliable to warrant their publication.  However, the substance of the jury's verdict may be given. The jury found that Patrick McShane, the fireman, came to his death through the culpable neglect of John W Cain, yardmaster at Spring Hill and Superintendent C F Ressigule of the Utah and Northern in not strictly enforcing orders.  The jury found and believe both guilty of criminal negligence.  This without giving the wording of the verdict is its substance.  On Sunday the body of Patrick McShane, the dead fireman, was shipped from Dillon, by express to Cheyenne Wyoming at which place the deceased has a daughter living.  The deceased has relatives in Canada, among others an uncle who is the Catholic Archbishop at Toronto.



George E Tarbell of Lion City is in the city.

Miss Mamie Gannon is at home with the mumps

Phil Shenon was down from Bannack for a day on business.

Miss Jennie Carson is visiting her sister, Mrs M H Lott, at twin Bridges

Roger Page and the misses Page of Pageville, visited friends in Dillon

Chas Peitsch of the Mill Creek Mills, near Sheridan, was in the city a couple of days.

Dr Davidson spent two days at Spring Hill last week, having been called professionally

Miss Maud Coy, teacher of the Duncan school near Sheridan, is visiting her sister, Miss Nellie Marshall

George Layton the well known quartz miner at Virginia City passed through the city on his way to Butte.

Mrs Lou C Fyhrie received New Year Callers at her home on the corner of Washington and Glendale streets and was assisted by

Mrs  J H Brenner.

Mrs Dr H D Pickman received New Year callers at her residence on the corner of Idaho and Sebree streets and was assisted by Mrs S D Hooker and

Mrs F E Foote.

Capt W W Bentley arrived on Thursday mornings delayed passenger train from Colorado, and is waiting a moderation of the weather before shtarting for his home in Big Hole Basin.


very faint print.



Big Hole Breezes, Wisdom, MT 15 Sept 1899:


Local Breezes:

Sam Peterson finished haying Wens.

John Peterson and Miss Walters were visitors from Wisdon Sunday.

Duke Gist and Charley RIchardson went to Miner Lake fishing Tuesday

John Olson left Monday on a pleasure trip to Dillon, returning yesterday.

Bob Blanton and Wilbur Hayes were in Wisdom the first of the week, returning Wens.

Mrs A H Jackson continues to improve slowly but is still confined to her bed.

Louis Garlin drove over to Butte the first of the week for household goods belonging to a family living on his place.

Hugh McInnis is working at the Montgomery Ranch.

Nels Nelson was in town Saturday night. He and his family have returned from Dillon to his ranch in Horse Prairie.

A. Wenger and Gus Dutton of Fox went out to the County Seat Monday.  Robert Anderson went with them en route to Butte

Oliver Dudley and Dayton Donica were in town Sunday from the Montgomery ranch where haying will continue for another week.

A baby came to bless the home of Mr and Mrs Chancey Brown on the 6th of Sept, it is a girl.

Jacob Althauser and Miss Hannah Jergensen drove through town yesterday morning on their way to Dillon.  The young lady has

 been working for her father Jergen Jergenson during the haying season and returns to Dillon to live with her sister.

Jack Romain stole awhile away from his butchering business last week and went to the Dillon fair, returning Monday Morning.

Mr and Mrs Martin Sorenson and two little children drove in from Dillon yesterday morning and will visit among friends in

the valley for a week or two.

Fred Brown, the Gibbonsville watchmaker and jeweler arrived over from Idaho last week and is domiciled at the hotel in Wisdom.

Mrs R P Willard and daughter Miss Lydia have gone to Dillon to remain during the winter.  Will and Jake to look after things on

their places in this vicinity.

Col Albert D Shaw of Watertown NY was elected commander of the G.A.R. at the encampment at Philadelphia last week.

Jim Sorensen came in from Dillon Wednesday evening about 5:00 on his bicycle making a remarkably quick trip notwithstanding

 a heavy wind, trip at about 3 hours duration.

Mrs George Edinger of Dillon is visiting her sister, Mrs George Dart. She was accompanied to Jackson by Mr Isaac ---- who spent a

couple of days in town and returned to Dillon Wednesday

Mark Houston and family of Lost River, Idaho came in from that country this week together with A Larisee and family to whom

 they are related, will soon leave for another part of Montana.

Mrs W W Francis who was stopping with the ---- -- Chauncey Brown for a ------ has returned to her home in Wisdom.  Dick Nedrow

drove down with her returning Saturday evening.

Henry Matteson and wife of Darby were camped in --- several days this week.  Harry and his friend Ben Click got ---- all their money

and on all they could borrow last Sunday, making quite a clean up.

Mrs John N Armstrong returned Wens evening from the Bitter Root country after an absence of several weeks.  She was

 accompanied by her half brother H W Chambers and Allen Baker of Grantsdale.

Johnny, Martin, Junnie and Henry Jackson camped Saturday night at the lake and caught about 150 trout and grayling.  They

could see alot of bull trout in the lake but they would not bite.


Tom Ellis was down from Swamp Creek Mine Monday where Fred Schlegelmiltch is operating extensively.  He says that while

Ralph Radcliff was at work on the cabin Saturday an axe which he was handling glanced and struck him on the wrist, making a

 clean cut to the bone.  Fred took several stitches in the wound with a fish line and with the assistance of a box of camphor ice

and good blood the patient is doing quite well.


Bob Blanton has purchased the Wisdom Meat Market.


W B Fowler, the Photographer of Salmon City, arrived in town yesterday and put up his tent alongside the printing office, to remain

 until Sept 21st when he will go to Wisdom.


For sale a good hay ranch 560 acres, all patented, five recorded water rights, cuts over 300 tons, can be made to cut more, all under

fence with good improvements; also cattle, horses and farming implements.  Two miles from school.  Quitman Owens, Wisdom.


For sale Ranch of 600 acres of government land, buildings, fences, surveyed......M J Allison Reinkeh, Hamilton or Wisdon or call

at Battle Ground.


Rev W W Edmonson and Mrs Lannie Mead all of Bannack were united in marriage Sept 2nd at the Metlin hotel in Dillon.  The groom

 has had charge of the M.E. circuit in Bannack, but was recently transferred to the Livingston circuit.


Alvis DeWitt gave himself up...Particulars of the killing of old man McIntosh at Red Rock are at hand.  Alvin DeWitt, the man who

did the killing saved Sheriff Moore the trouble of a trip to Red Rock by coming to town on the midnight train and giving himself up.

  He is out on bail........  Popular sympathy is with DeWitt as he has been "picked on" more of less by McIntosh and the latter was

clearly the aggressor.  McIntosh was an old-timer and father in law of Judge Stapleton of Butte.  After a three days investigation

 the coroner's jury returned a verdict of justifiable homicide, which gave general satisfaction.



Big Hole Breezes, Wisdom, MT, 1 Oct 1899:

(published by John N Armstrong)


Land Office at Missoula MT, Sept 26, 1899; Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his

 intention to make final proof in support of his claim and that said proof  will be made before Benjamin R Stevenson, U S

Commissioner at Wisdom Montana on Nov 4, 1889.  Henry Kelley who made --- land application #178 for the S 1/2, NE 1/4

and N 1/2 SE 1/4 and N1/2 SW 1/4 Section 13 and N 1/2 and SE 1/4 Section 14, Township 4 South, Range 16 west.  He

names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of sale land via: James Innis of

Wisdom; John Helming of Wisdom, Anton H Jackson of Jackson, Wm N Smith of Wisdom. 


Land Office at Missoula MT, Sept 16, 1899; Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of her

intention to make final proof in support of her claim and that said proof will be made before Benjamin R Stevenson, U S

Commissioner at Wisdom, Beaverhead County, Montana on Nov 16, 1899 viz: Gladdys M Mifflin who made H E #1994 for

the SE 1/4 Section (unreadable), Township 4 South, Range 16 West.  She names the following witnesses to prove her

continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land viz: David E Stephens of Briston, Daniel Tovey of Briston, Charles

E Lewis of Briston, Moses Jardine of Briston.


United States Land Office, Helena Montana, 2 Oct 1898. Notive is hereby given that Mamic Saletsky of Wisdom, Beaverhead

County, Montana has filed notice of intention to make proof on her desert land claim # (unreadable) for the N 1/2 NW 1/2;

SE 1/4 NW 1/4, NE 1/4, SW 1/4, NW 1/4, ME 1/4 Section 5 township 1 South, Range 14 West before Benjamin E

Stevenson US Commissioner at Wisdom MT on Saturday 11 Nov 1898.  The names of the following witnesses to prove

the complete irrigation and reclamation of said land: Elizabeth York, William York, David Low, Marla Bella of Bowen MT.


Local Breezes:

A touch of winter

Sack sugar $6.75 at Lossl's

Go to Lossl's and see his dry goods

A fine line of macintoshes at J P Lossel's

J P Mackenzie was over to Anaconda Saturday

A H McVay was a visitor at the county last week

Dr Rhea has gone to Jackson for ten days or two weeks

For sale cheap-a new Kimball Piano, inquire at this office

Apples per box $2.50 Wisdom Mercantile

Mr Ja--- Geery and daughter were in town Wednesday.

Office and correspondence stationary at Tribune Pub Co's Dillon

Fred Hinsbey and Sorm P Nelson of Fox were in town Monday Evening.

Boot and shoe repairing neatly done by John Cunningham, Jackson Montana

J R Gilleylen was delivering enlarged portraits in this vicinity this week.

Owen Ellis was a very sick man Tuesday night and Wens but is now improving.

Jeff Edmondson and family and George Woods pulled out for Arizona via Jackson Sunday.

James O'Connell is recovering from an attack of LaGrippe and Bob Blanton has a touch of it.

Ed Harper and O P Blose stopped in town over Wednesday night, with freight wagons loaded for Gibbonsville.

For sale-fifty head of 2 and 3 year old steers and 50 head of fat cows. Inquire of J D Fox and Son, Fox Mont.

J B Moore who has been working for Quit Owen has sold his ranch on the North Fork and pulled out for Yakima Wash.

The Misses Laura and Lena Stanchfield were in town several days this week visiting their sister Mrs C H Strowbridge.

Mark Sandusky, agent for the Union Central Lite Insurance Co of Cincinnati O, Messrs Strowbridge, Terner, Skelton and Mrs

Skelton had their lives insured.

Miss Maud Staley recently of Urich, Mo has located in Wisdon in the Zora building.  She has had a wide experience in

dressmaking and solicits patronage in that line guaranteeing satisfaction.

Silas Di---- of Jackson has business in town with land Commissioner Stevenson Saturday evening.  He was accompanied by

George Plum, his brother in law who lives at Batimer, Lemhi County ID.

Maher and Grosh cuttlery for sale at the Wisdon Mer Co store.

Harry Kanute is runnign the bar for Owen Ellis during the latter's sickness.

Johnny Harbit, the blacksmith, has a bad case of the grippe, and hot lemonades appears to agree with him.

A J Turner returned from Idaho Sunday where he went to look for bargains in cattle without success.

Kinney Campbell, who has been foreman at the Lower S6 ranch has resigned his position and will take life easy for awhile.

Road Supervisor A H Jackson and Charley Majere were down the valley the first of the week, making necessary

repairs in the lane above town.

Charley Francis, Jimmy Paddock and Fred Holman pulled out for the Bitter Root country Tuesday where they will load

up with vegetables for the winter.

Charley Richardson of Jackson drove down the valley Wednesday and the following day, went over to the old Pioneer

diggings to look after some interests which he has there.

The benefit dance Monday night realized only $32, although there was no charge for the music or hall.  This amount

Mr Strowbridge sent to the finance committee on the reception to the returning soldiers.  It was the

smallest dance that ever took place in the hall.

Two ex-printers, W A Armitage of Briston and Jim Fox of Bowen were in attendance at the dance Monday night.  The former

dropped into the print shop Tuesday and slashed up a few thousand ems in which accomplishment he was very swift

in the old days.

D M Wadams went through to Glendale Saturday to see George Howard, his brother in law who is interested with him

in a copper property up the valley.  A deal is on now to bond the property for $20,000 to Bert Lynch who is backed

by Fred Schlegelmiltch.  They put up $3,000 in the bank at Dillon and work the property for 30 days and if

things are satisfactory at the expiration of that time they will complete the purchase.


Another Fine Copper Proposition:  S Saier, a mining man of Butte, was up to inspect the copper property belonging to the

Jhanke Bros on the South Fork of the Big Hole the last of the week.  The property consists of fice claims on which the

croppings can be traced over a thousand feet and the ledge is from 50 to 150 feet wide.  They are contact veins between

property and slate, and as far as prospected show pay streaks 18 inches and two feet wide.  Mr Saier has capital behind him

and thinks well fo the property and it is thought a sale will b made soon and a force of men put to work


Religious: Preaching at Wisdom in the new school house Oct 22, at 11am by Rev M M Miner.  Jackson at 7:30pm at the hall.

Rev Miner had a small audience Sunday night at the school house owing to the inclemency of the weather, but those present

appeared to be well pleased with his style of conducting the services.  He did not wear them out with a long sermon and his

talk was interesting and to the point.


Lumber for sale: We have 60,000 feet of lunber in Weston Canyon for sale. Will be delivered to Wisdom for $15 per thousand

or $13 per thousand at the mill.  Zorn Bros.


Horses Astray: One dapple bay mare, weighing about 1,200 pounds, branded TL combined on the left shoulder and Z on

the right shoulder and a bay horse branded KC on the left side and Z on the left shoulder.  Five dollars for information leading

to their recovery.  James O'Connell.


Jackson Joltings:

Duke Gist and a friend named Hopkins, a mining man from Butte who has a bond on the Ajax mine, were

hunting at the lake near Chance Browns Tuesday afternoon.  They brought in two swans, one brandt and several ducks.  Charley Richardson wanted to ----- to sit up with his partner-------- he couldnt sleep.

Jim Stewart drove out to Dillon with F C Schlegelmiltch Saturday returning Sunday.  Fred went out to meet his father, a

rich gentleman of Boston who is expected to arrive out in a short time.

Dug Busier left for Gibbonsville Wednesday where he expects to spend the winter.  He has a nice property down there on

Spring Creek in the shape of a ranch and a fish pond which is well worth looking after.  Dug is one of the characters of this

county and everyone who knows him wishes him well.


Bowen Notes:

Harry Bender went out to Anaconda last week on business.

Al Covey has gone out to Deer Lodge for his family who have been spending the past two months with Mrs Covey's

parents in the city.

Born near Bowen, Mont, Oct 8, 1899 to Mrs and Mrs Virgil Dunbar, a son, weight ten pounds.

Joe Crain and father went out to Anaconda last week for supplies

Frank Bacon went out to Anaconda last week to brush the hayseed out or his hair and attend to other business.

Jim Fox returned last week from a month's visit with relatives and friends in Deer Lodge and still thinks the "Basin" is good

enough for him.

Charlie Albee returned to Deer Lodge last week from a surveying trip through Western Montana and Idaho.  he intends

visiting friends in the "Basin" in the near future.

Jenkins and Beecock are visiting friends and relatives in Deer Lodge City.

Billy James was over from Deer Lodge Valley last week and purchased a milch cow from Don Albee.

Mrs Stanley Dunbar has gone to Wisdom to teach the winter term of school at the "metropolis of the Basin".

Nate Hobse- has sold his hay to Dick Feiten and hired the latter to winter his cattle.

Albert Smith is selling his North Fork interests and intends to hit the trail for old Missouri in the near future.

Virgil Dunbar was out to Dillon on business last week.


Briston Breezes:

Charley Schulz bought 75 or 80 calves of the Jahnke Bros the other day, paying we are told $14 per head.

Mrs A O Shaw and son Lee went out to Anaaconda Tuesday for a load of vegetables.

Jacob Althauser, Dick Hughes, Chris Rasmussen and John Jergenson have taken up ranches near the mountains south

of here and are getting out fencing to enclose over 1,100 acres.

Mose Jardine is building a new house on his ranch.

David and Maggie Stephens and Mrs Maud and Miss Amy Armitage attended the dance at Wisdom Monday night.

George Quinn has sold his personal effects to a man named Smith who has lately taken up land on the Slope and

sold his team to Charley Shulz.  Mr Quinn has an eye on Arizona, the other on some point elsewhere but where he'll

land God only knows and he alone cares, or words to that effect.

We hear Ducks; Messrs Ballard, Honk, Wampler and Horning - the four of them - got an even two dozen ducks on the lake

 in Wampler's field yesterday morning.  Then in the afternoon, the first mentioned gentleman hiked out to the little ponds in

Owen Ellis' enclosure and killed eight but having no retriver along he came to town for a horse.  In the meantime the school

boys sneaked across the field and "swiped" every bird of them.  Mr Ballard tells the story on himself.

Miss Maud Mallon, daughter of Mrs James O'Connell, has returned from Colorado after an extended visit.

Duke Gist, one of the most popular men in the Big Hole basin or in any mans country was a Dillon visitor this week - Tribune.

H B Winter, Des Moines, Iowa and W A Keller and W B Welch, Butte made a party of drummers who came from

Gibbonsville yesterday and continued their travels this morning.


Disgusted; J Jackson Todd and David A Croal, the two English notables who with Vic Smith as a guide have been

wandering through the Clearwater for several weeks past came out last week and have returned home convinced that the

Clearwater is a hard proposition for "sportsmen".  They paid Smith $200 and bought him $200 worth of supplies and he

 contracted to show them game.  When they came out the claimed that Smith had not filled his contract in that he showed

himself unfamiliar with the country and found no game for them, so they had no sport.  They refused to pay him the

balance and he attached their outfit for $175.  They finally settled with Smith on a compromise paying him $80. 

Searchlight Bill Eastman served the attachment papers on the Britishers, invading their room at the hotel and arousing

them from their slumbers at about 2:00 in the morning.  J Jackson Todd was as surly as a British lion could be and he

snarled out "and this is the blawsted tree country where they wake a man up in the middle of the night tot take his

goods away from him."  The gentlemen gave a cash bond, subsided behind their single eye glasses and resumed their

 broken slumbers where they were broken off. Hamilton News.


J P Denning, who lived in Bitter Root valley for a number of years and later in Gibbonsville, was found near the jail in

Missoula in a drunken and deplorable condition.  He was placed in jail and the inmates made a roar on his filth

and he was told to take a bath, which he climbed into with his clothes on.  The next day he died.  That was on

Sunday.  In commenting on his death the Missoula correspondent of the Standard of the 10th says: The

strange death of J P Denning has occasioned considerable discussion in town.  There are those who make it the text for

 a temperance sermon and there are others who assert that it was not the whisky but the bath that killed him.  The

arguments pro and con have been extended and heated and the investigation of the coroner has not convinced anybody.

  It is still an open question.  Mr Denning was one of the best saw-mill men in the country and as especially useful in

setting up a mill.  His services were always in demand...



J P Lossl's, Dry Goods, Wisdom and Jackson

Mrs Hattie m Noyes, lots for sale in Wisdom

Big Hole Saloon, Duke Gist, Chas Richardson

Hotel DeLossl, Mrs James O'Connell Proprietress

Old Glory Saloon, Ballard and Newcomer Proprietors

Silver Saloon, Owen Ellis Proprietor

First National Bank of Dillon, B F White President, Otho Klemm Cashier

Central Pharmacy, Dillon, L J Williams, Proprietor

Dillon Cash Grocery Co, T W Poindexter Manager

Dillon Furniture Co, G T Paul Proprietor

Dillon Real Estate and Investment Co.

Passengers and Express, Wisdom and Jackson, James Stewart Mail Contractor

Wisdom Merchantile

W T Howle, Physican and Surgeon, Office over Losel's Store, Wisdom

B R Stevenson, Civil Engineer and Surveyor, Wisdom.

Sidney C Houk, Barber, Wisdom

J P Mackenzie, painter and house finisher, Wisdom

John Harbit, General Blacksmith, Wisdom

Big Hole Meat Market, R V Blanton and J C Romain Proprietors

MacCallum and Cloutier, 521 and 523 Park Avenue, Anaconda, Wholesale and retail Dry Goods.

Hardware, Groceries, Guns, Stoves.....write John W Morton, Dillon.


The Daily Independent, Helena MT, 26 Mar 1890:

Land Patents for Settlers:

#2379, Heirs of John B Wampler, Beaverhead

#3577, Anton J Jackson, Beaverhead

#174, William Colloway, Beaverhead

#244, Auugst Kobbe, Beaverhead

#267 James P Murray, Beaverhead

#331, George B Edie, Breaverhead

#354, Julia R Lamont, Beaverhead

#385, beattie N Landon, Beaverhead

#393, Mary C Jaggers, Beaverhead

#394, Mary Jane Harkness, Beaverhead

#395, ,Lauren A Harkness, Beaverhead

#406 Jennie F Bishop, Beaverhead

#425 Alonzo J Bennett, Beaverhead

#431, George W Dart, Beaverhead

#432, Wm H Sperin, Beaverhead

#433, Katherine Kirkpatrick, Beaverhead

#436 David Lamont, Beaverhead

#439, Annie B Carter, Beaverhead

#440, Wm H Oliver, Beaverhead

#441, Jasper C Wilson, Beaverhead

#443, James Kirkpartick, Beaverhead

#444, Mary E Mann, Beaverhead

#445, Monroe Mann, Beaverhead

#450 Agnes M Brown, Beaverhead

#451, Joseph A Browne, Beaverhead

#476, John R Lord, Beaverhead

#533, Henry Jacobs, Beaverhead

#595, Royal H Beazley, Beaverhead

#596, R M Arnold, Beaverhead

#696, Thomas W Poindexter, Beaverhead

#699 Patrick Desmond, Beaverhead

#732, John Jack, Beaverhead

#734, John Lynch, Beaverhead

#737, Wm W Bentley, Beaverhead

#741, Maria P Barrett, Beaverhead

#758, Jno W Morton, Beaverhead

#760, James M D Morton, Beaverhead

#770, Ray J Hern, Beaverhead

#778, Rodney D Allen, Beaverhead


Big Hole Basin News (Wisdom, Beaverhead County, MT), 16 Nov 1922:

Renewal of activity of placer claims in the Pioneer district was begun yesterday following the purchase of a large group by

the Guggenheim Company from the O;Rourke-Hennesy estate.  That deal, that is said to have involved between

$150-200,000 was made between Ed O'Rourke representing the estate and CC Zumwalt of the Guggenheim organization.

The pioneer district was discovered in 1868 by Morgan Jones, has been rich in channel gold and has been

an active producer for almost half a century.  The article goes on to say Morgan Jones, "a man who can't be

bluffed or bulldozed and its mighty easy to rub the fur the wrong way on the old prospector".


T Lee and Gaines W McCracken, proprietors of the Men's Store in Dillon are reaching out for the Big Hole trade.


The Dillon Examiner has published a table of wool clips every year since 1900.  This year practically all of the Beaverhead

County wool went to Boston and the Hallowell, Jones and Donald Company received the largest portion, with Dewey-Gould

Company, Silberman Brothers and the Jeremiah William Companies coming next.  This year a total of 2,156,908 pounds of

wool came from Beaverhead County sheep.


Jackson Jottings: Mrs Harrington and children and Mrs Brown spent Sunday with Mrs Fullerton.  Charley Holman and Carl

Linder brought in a nice bunch of cattle to feed this winter.  Flea ONeal and Rex George just returned from a hunting

expedition and each bagged a deer.  J E Morse of Dillon has been visiting his ranches.  Dan Pendergast is bringing in a

nice bunch of steers from Idaho for winter feeding.  Harry Davis is home with a very choice bunch of feeder steers.  Roy

Ford has been sawing wood for Henry Olsen.


It is reported that O A Onserud has sold his ranch near Wisdom to Spokane parties who intend cutting the big ranch up and

establishing a number of dairy ranches.


Successful Social: Saturday nights card party and basket social given by the Ladies Aid in the Community building.  Mrs

Stevenson played the piano. Prize in Progressive Whist goes to Mrs W D McKevitt and Hans Jorgenson.  Joe Canfield

gathered in the booby prize.


County Officials: Senator-F A Hazelbaker; Representative: H G Rodgers; Judges Fifth Judicial Dist: Joseph C Smith, Lyman H

Bennett; Commissioners: J E Shaw, A L Anderson, O C Gosman; Clerk and Recorder: John S Baker;  Treasurer: Georgia

Mathews; Sheriff: Dan Mooney; Prosecuting Atty: T E Gilbert; Clerk of the Dist Court: W E Stephenson; Assessor: B W

Emerick; Auditor: W F Cashmore; Superintendent of Schools: Elizabeth Sutherland; Coroner: W A Lovell; Surveyor:

Wm E Chapman; Administrator: George Banks.


Notice of Sale of Hay. J H Robert, plantiff vs Hugh W Morrow, Susanna Morrow and Margery B Briggs defendants,

pursuant to an order of the District Court will sell at private sale all hay raised on what is known as the Highland

Ranch, consisting of 200 tons mor or less.  Sale will take place on 10 Nov 1922.  Carl Huntley, Receiver.


Deer Lodge Valley Farms Company; (shows their brands) Chas. E Miller, Wisdom; Spokane Ranch-A O Onserud proprietor,

Wisdom; Tope Brothers (Jesse and John), Wisdom; Ira Walker; O B Canfield; B B Lawence; Clarence Morrison, Wisdom;

Hans Jorgensen, Wisdom; Jahnke Brothers; Silas C Dishno; J C Wharton; Anderson and Johnson; F H Pendleton; C A Pruitt;

JE Shaw; Huntley Cattle Company; Thos Pendergast; Peterson-Olson; Dan Pendergast; Wm Montgomery; Max C Lewis; Harry G

Davis; W A Armitage;  George Parsons; W S Tash; E N Jones; Jorgen Jorgenson; Leroy Arnott.


Mr and Mrs Stevenson went to Butte Monday; Sweet apple cider 50cents a gallon at Woodworths pool hall; Mrs O B Canfield

was a Butte visitor last week.  Ranchers bring your green hides to Jakie Louk.  D F Wampler is taking five in the bright

lights of Butte.  For sale cheap or will trade a remington rifle-O J Woodworth.  Mrs John M Baird was a business caller

on the News Saturday.  Mr and Mrs Frank Husted visted friends in Wisdom Saturday.  Mr and Mrs Charles Quist were

Sunday dinner guests of Mrs and Mrs H T Hendryx.  Charley Bell drove his Ford over the hill to Gibbonsville Saturday

to spend the weekend with his family.  C E Miller and son Jack have gone on a sight seeing trip, Salt Lake and Ogden among

the cities they visited.  H A Stewart (our Bob) coaxed his Dodge over the hill last week for a visit with his family in Missoula.

Burt Canfield has returned to the oil fields where he is interested in some good leases.  Preaching services at the Tope

School this coming Sunday.  Will Brown suffering from an attack of acute lumbago and the patrons of Woodworth's pool hall

miss his sunny smile.  Charley Anderson is operating the Chris Lauesen wood saw.  N L Atkins is offering some choice Leghorn

bargains.  Mrs Watten Flager has been seriously ill for several days but we are reliably informed the crisis has passed and

 she is on the road to recovery.  John Jahnke was down Saturday.  Professor Squires of the Wisdom School has consented

to keep the weather record.  Fred L Hirschy stopped in Friday. W R Huntley of the exchange National Bank in Spokane

arrived Friday to look over his interests in Big Hole.  Mr and Mrs W A Armitage, Mr and Mrs J T Armitage, Mr and Mrs

J A Louk and Mt and Mrs "Chick" Faulkner enjoyed a radio concert at the U-U Ranch Sunday.  Fred Schultz is home from a

trip to Gibbonsville.  Mr and Mrs Dewey McKevitt had a little fire scare at breakfast.  Charley Ralston has been feeding from

sleds for a couple of weeks down in the orange belt of the Basin.  Walter Hansen was up from Butte.  Mr and Mrs Dan Tovey Sr

were agreeable surprised last Thursday by a crown of friends in memory of the 40th wedding anniversary of the pioneer couple

 whose 30 odd years of residence in the Basin has endeared them to all.  Don Anson was one those at a radio party at the U-U ranch

Thursday.  Mrs Cairns received a letter from Mrs C E Miller whose home is now in Silver Plume, Colorado that a baby girl

was born to them on the 9th of this month.  Mr Miller will be remembered by the old timers as one of the best skinners.  John m Baird of Wisdom brought in four double decks of lambs. 


Dr W P Ogden, Resident Dentist, Office over the Post Office, Wisdom.

B R Stevenson-Civil Engineer, Wisdom.

C C Bliven, painting and paper hanging, Dillon.


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