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Petition for Naturalization, Vol 1, 1906-1911

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Gadboid Mailhoit, Resides Polaris.  Laborer, born 9 Aug 1874, South Dunham, Canada.  Emigrated from Canada on 22 Apr 1891, arriving

at Hamilton MN on the Great Northern Railway.  Declared intention to become a citizen of US on 29 March 1902. Wife is Ida L

Archenbaut Mailhoit. She was born at St Asauret, Canada and lives in Polaris.  Has 5 children: Napoleon Mailhoit born 28 Aug

1895, Canada; Juliet born 20 Nov 1899, Canada; Lucy born 19 Oct 1901, Montana; Reginia, born 18 Nov 1903 in Montana; Josephine,

 born 25 Jan 1906 in Montana.  Residence of all children in Polaris.  Renounces fidelity to Edward VII of Great Britain and Ireland.

Has resided in Montana since 22 Apr 1901.  Dated 7 Nov 1906.  Witnesses: M Mailhoit, rancher residing at Bannack and William S

 Tash, rancher residing at Dillon.  Oath of Allegiance: 1 May 1907.  Admitted as citizen 1 May 1907.


Page 2:

Matthias Thomas, Resides at 406 Kentucky Ave, Dillon.  Laborer, born 15 Aug 1872, Markopoly, Austria. Emigrated to US from Markopoly

 Austria on the 25 Jan 1899, arrived on the "Champaign" at the port of NY.  Intention to become citizen 5 Nov 1904.  Wife is Matilda

Thomas, born Markopoly Austria and resides at Dillon.  Four children: Albert, born 15 Dec 1902, Dillon; Victor, born 26 Nov 1903,

Dillon; Emily, born 28 Sept 1904, Dillon; Elizabeth born 20 Sept 1906.  All children born in Dillon, all reside in Dillon. Renounces

fidelity to Francis Joseph Emperor of Austria.  Has continuously lived in Montana since 14 Feb 1899.  Dated 8 Nov 1906. Witnesses:

 John W Morton, merchant of Dillon and George R Metlen, surveyor, of Dillon. Oath of Allegiance: 1 May 1907.  Admitted as citizen

1 May 1907.


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