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P T Bryant, born Davis County IA, 20 Mar 1858.  Died 31 July 1902.  Came to Beaverhead County 7 Mar 1882.

 Justice of the peace was summoned to go to the premises of P T Bryant to ascertain the cause of sudden death of Mr Bryant.

First witness sworn was Harry Hunt, about 4:05 this morning he got up and went outdoors.  When he came back in the cabin he

apparently was alright and told me "Harry it is raining".  About ten minutes after he came back in he apparently choked up and about

ten or fifteen later minutes he died. I was sleeping with him and did not at the time realize what he said.  When he turned and

dropped out of the bed I realized the fact and I spoke to him and received no answer. I then felt of his pulse and spoke to him, getting

 no answer I lit the candle saying nothing more.  Seeing he was dead I went to the first neighbor, Mr Milt Garr, calling him and telling

 him P T Bryant was dead. Cross examination: Did Mr Bryant eat supper last night - yes sir.  Did he work yesterday? yes sir, he

worked all --- cutting hay but did not work in the afternoon. Did he stay home in the afternoon? I think so.  Where were you? Out

in the field cutting hay.  How long have you worked for P T Bryant? Three days. Where are you from? Casey Co NH which is

my home of birth.  When did you come to this sate? about three weeks ago.  When did you first meet Mr Garr? At Dell three

 days ago.  Have you ever had any difficult conversation with Mr Bryant? No sir.  Next witness examined was Mr Garr. 

I was called a few minutes after four am when Mr Hunt rapped at the door and told me Doc Bryant was dead.  I got up

immediately and found him at his cabin in the same position that he is now on the floor.  I found the light burning and grabbed

hold of him and shook him, felt his pulse and at once saw he was dead. Then I told Mr Hunt to build a fire while I saddled my

horse and went to my brother Frank's.  Explaining the circumstances to him I then went to Mr George Hungates telling

them.  From there to Mr Fluirons and from there to Mr Fritters, he not being at home.  Going back to the cabin, then starting

right for town. After the examination of Mr Hunt and Mr Garr, several of these present were asked if there was any

suspicion on the part of any of them of any foul play whatsoever.  The answer was no. Signed 31 July 1902,

J Just, Justice of the peace. (Source: #50 Death Certificates, Beaverhead County)


John Doherty:  Last Friday the body of a man was found in the brush near a slough on the ranch of James Selway about two miles from the city.  The dead man had a Sharpe's rifle clutched in his hands and the top of his head was blown off.  City Marshal Mataney brought the body to the city and Coroner Pickman summoned a jury to investigate the matter.  The dead man was recognized and identified by several witnesses as John Doherty, a miner.  The Coroner's jury rendered a verdict that the deceased had accidentally shot himself.  The body was buried in the city cemetery.  No papers were found on the person of the deceased, but a sum of money was found in his pockets. (Source: Dillon Tribune Dec 30, 1887)


"Old Man McIntosh", After a three days investigation the coroner's jury returned a verdict of justifiable homicide, which gave general

satisfaction. Particulars of the killing of old man McIntosh at Red Rock are at hand.  Alvin DeWitt, the man who

did the killing saved Sheriff Moore the trouble of a trip to Red Rock by coming to town on the midnight train and giving himself up.

  He is out on bail........  Popular sympathy is with DeWitt as he has been "picked on" more of less by McIntosh and the latter was

clearly the aggressor.  McIntosh was an old-timer and father in law of Judge Stapleton of Butte, (Source: Big Hole Breezes, Wisdom,

MT, 15 Sept 1899)


Work of Coroner's Jury, Patrick McShane, the Dead Fireman.

The accident which occurred on the Utah and Northern railroad last week, a few miles north of Dillon has been a matter of investigation. The death of Fireman McShane resulted in the calling of a coroner's jury to examine the matter and Coroner Pickman summoned a jury, composed of W B Carter, John F Bishop. Charles Y Reeder, Richard Deacon, John T Yoe and C L Byther.  The coroners Jury concluded its labors Saturday and judging from the number of witnesses examined the investigation must have been of a thorough character.  The jury returned a sealed verdict and the exact contents and precise findings have not, as yet, been made public.  The accident created so much discussion that its cause, or combination of causes was the subject of free and sweeping comment.  Pending an examination which is now set for a hearing in open court and which may be followed by another examination - the conflicting statements in circulation are not deemed sufficiently reliable to warrant their publication.  However, the substance of the jury's verdict may be given. The jury found that Patrick McShane, the fireman, came to his death through the culpable neglect of John W Cain, yardmaster at Spring Hill and Superintendent C F Ressigule of the Utah and Northern in not strictly enforcing orders.  The jury found and believe both guilty of criminal negligence.  This without giving the wording of the verdict is its substance.  On Sunday the body of Patrick McShane, the dead fireman, was shipped from Dillon, by express to Cheyenne Wyoming at which place the deceased has a daughter living.  The deceased has relatives in Canada, among others an uncle who is the Catholic Archbishop at Toronto. (Dillon Tribune, Jan 6, 1888)



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